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Default Are they asleep

The reason why we haven't seen aliens publicly could be because their are too far away, not yet in existence or all dead.

Or sleeping. The likelihood that most civilisations die is high, the certainty that they upload their memories and their essence into machines is a certainty given that they last long enough. Indeed, the transition from the biological to the mechanical is a certainty when it comes to civilisation after a certain level of development.

However, with the present temperatures of the universe the universe is too hot for efficient calculations to occur, when everything else is dead in trillions of years and the only light is from exploding black holes that is the time when the universe has cooled enough for superconductive effectively free energy.

However, they will still exist, they will still be around if they are here, they may also have sent Von Neuman self replicating probes all over the universe. But why?

Maybe, just perhaps to nudge us into continuing the work of their own long dead biological ancestors, to show us the path to follow to immortality. Many people have been known to have visions, wake up having dreamed of a solution to a problem. The dream of Descartes in which who he assumed was god guided him to rethink the universe and thus he kicked off modern science.

Einstein's dream of cows jumping at once and the farmer seeing them jumping at different times leading to the beginning of the theory of relativity.
Many more discoveries have been started, solved or embarked upon starting with a dream or a daydream or a vision, for instance.

Are humans coming up with ideas spontaneously or is there some "help from afar?

As a message from the stars could well say, not "hello," but "we are here, just close your eyes and open your mind." They could be mostly asleep but are their dreams also hours?

Edit. On the Kardeshev scale there are numbers above 3, it is thought that there may well be civilisations that have transcended time and space and become literally inter dimensional beings whose work would be indistinguishable from natural process.

Anyway, that's my probably uninformed take on it.
Man is a tool created by the Universe to mark time.

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