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Thumbs up Bible and Illuminati secrets, c/o Len Horowitz

The video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsl7LOkJ9og is a great presentation where Dr. Leonard Horowitz exposes that there truly is a Bible Code (but not the Bible Code we often think of.) He also exposes bio-warfare and spiritual warfare in this video.

One major flaw with this video is that Horowitz insists that David Icke cannot be right about the reptilians because he thinks that if the reptilians wanted to keep humanity in fear, they wouldn't masquerade as humans and would just rule Earth in their reptilian form. Well, Horowitz obviously doesn't understand that the reptilians cannot do that because if they tried to exist in this reality without a conduit, then they would disintegrate as their DNA is incompatible with this reality.
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Horo witz. The man who brought to us the 666 frequencies, also known by the unaware as the Solfeggio-DNA-Healing-Codon-Activating-Pineal Gland-Super Booster-New Age Wet Dream-Frequencies. Nuff said.

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