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Default Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue???

We were out walking the dog and took these dreadful photos. The skies are riddled with chemtrails and there is a strange amber murk reflecting through the trash on the horizon. Also the land is incredibly dim for the time of day. And tell me if you spot the chembow?

Fools speak because they have to say something, wise men speak because they have something to say. PLATO. And then... there is Tony Blair.

It doesn't matter if this world is real or an illusion, the effects are still the same.

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just a sundog, a perfectly natural phenomenon
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Thank you for the photo. A natural phenomenon.
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Even where you look and see what you now believe is blue sky, it is off white. Did they put that crap they spray in orbit? The sky used to be azure, you can look up the color azure on line. In the evening you could look away from the direction of the setting sun and the color would be even darker. Now when the sun is setting you look and it is off white on the horizon.
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