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Default Greek fires blamed on 'culture of arson'


was it really HAARP??
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Originally Posted by king View Post
i don't think it was HAARP or organized terrorists. they could be terrorists of some kind, but the kind of insiders, Greek citizens who are just too stupid to be allowed to live.

dude who said "assymetric threat" needs an assymetric dick in his ass ASAP. if these sons of bitches turn this national disaster to a political battle, they are going down, the people don't want that kind of talk right now.

there should have been a strategy for protection of the forests, no matter if there are terrorists, land claimants or simply madmen. the laws should have been changed many years ago that would not allow these people to use destroyed forests as they wish. these people use a few "windows" in the law system, so they can do what they do with the support of the authorities. all this nonsense should have been prevented long ago, before such a disaster happened.

the same politicians who now talk about terrorists and "asymmetric threats", should first look at themselves and what they have done to prevent all this to happen and not create an alibi. there are 2 major political parties here, who are exactly the same. they appear to fight each other in front of the cameras and each blames the other, without doing anything significant for a significant dealing with the real problems. needless to say that in 15 days, elections are going to be made here and a new government is going to be established, whatever that means. no one has the right to take advantage of the situation for their own gain. the people are not so stupid as they may think, everyone knows their game. this event can function like a "wake up call" in similar proportions of the 911, so that a significant change should be made and i trust that something good is going to be born out of all this horror. we will just have to wait and see.
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On one news program it was saying that the fires may have been started by property developers who wanted to increase there chances of the government letting build houses there.
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