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Default Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive, He Is President !!

Osama Bin Laden is not Dead, because he is OBAMA the President Playing that ROLE also as a ACTOR.

Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive, He Is President !!

What is the only question that is being asked again and again even after the news of Bin Laden's death and sea burial comes out - Is Osama Bin Laden Dead or Alive ?

When Barack Obama spoke to channels from White House, claiming that Usama Bin Laden is Dead, everyone believed it.

Then suddenly news comes about the sudden burial of Bin Laden's dead body in sea in some unknown place.

Everything about the death of Bin laden is being kept secret.

Few years back America captured Saddam Hussain and his photos was released and up on hanging him to death also his death pictures was released.

Also the dead body of Saddam Hussain was given for funeral ceremony.

Even though the photos of Saddam Hussain's dead body was shown to the world, no terrorist attacks took place as a revenge against America.

Now in May 2011, America has done a good thing by killing a deadliest terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

Then why United States think twice about releasing the images of the dead body.

ISI has released the photos of guards, courier and other people who were killed along with Bin Laden.

Now comes the Big Question i have to ask.

Is Bin Laden Alive and being questioned by the United States and kept in some unknown location?

There are lot of chances that Osama Bin Laden was actually not killed. Only his associates were killed.

Some kind of sedation bullets was fired at Bin Laden and he was taken by the SEAL's commandos to some unknown location where he is kept under tight security.

The reasons for my doubts are - If Bin laden was killed, his dead pictures could have been released.

If not at least funeral (burial) pictures in which his wounds are dressed and blood stains removed, could have been released.

Yet he doesn’t want to prove to the American people who lost so many and suffered so greatly the proof of the terrorist’s death. Much like he doesn’t want the American people to know his bona fides. How much are Americans willing to take from the less than transparent administration? No proof. No accountability. How many different and multiple confused stories from the White House will we hear? When will the truth be told?

An explosive backlash from the Muslim world is the reason they are giving for not releasing the photos. They believed the jihadists would use the photo as a recruiting tool, and they wanted to protect Americans, our troops, and diplomats across the world. They think a photo would incite radicals worldwide and didn’t want to give them any further ammunition (as if they needed any!).

We saw Saddam hanged and we saw photos of his sons laying dead. Why would this photo be any worse? With all the conflicting stories coming from this administration, the conspiracy theories will begin. The media added to this by saying that Osama’s DNA was proof of death, yet the results of DNA aren’t in. Too many conflicting stories. With all the lies that come from this administration, who should we believe? Who made the final decision not to show the photos? Leo Panetta said yes; Gates and Hillary said no. Obama was pondering. I guess Valerie said no.

Judge Napolitano said earlier that the photos are covered by a law that protects them as a matter of national security, so no FOIA requests will get them released, nor will any lawsuits. The release is totally in the power of the President.

By the way, if you don’t believe the stories about Osama, you are now titled the “Deathers.” Jokingly, there are now the “Truthers,” “Birthers,” and now the “Deathers.”

As many inconsistencies as the White House has put out on the Osama raid I'm thinking they may be trying to cover up something else.

Experts everywhere are expressing regret over the killing of Bin Laden and losing a possible treasure trove of intelligence from him.

Might the commandos really have not killed Osama but ushered everyone out of the room, given him a knockout shot, put him in a body bag, fired two shots in the room and spread some human blood and tissue to make it look like he was killed? Pakistan isn't going to do any testing to see if the blood and tissue belong to Osama.

The U.S. could then keep him in secret custody for questioning and just hold a mock burial at sea with a cadaver.

If they eventually release photos of a dead Osama those could always have been photoshopped by the CIA.

Its all nice and neat.

Bin Laden Alive in America in their Custody and Prorection



Osama Bin Laden, he is dead ? don't buy it, keep believing the media remain asleep where is the body ? DNA we are suppose take that at face value common Obama the hero 2nd term 2012 YES HE CAN 10 yrs later captures the most wanted in the US urban legends keep believing sheeple ! @ where's the body? Adolf Hiler was announced to the world dead May 1, 1945. May 1, 2011,

cont from first comment James Cameron said it so easy to manipulate the masses there alot of talented actors out there one of them is Gary Oldman he has played many different characters and different roles that with the make up and
Hollywood magic you would not know its him one example is the movie Dracula another would be True Romance he plays the pimp with dread locks? its called make up how about Whitney Houston dead ? she is now Gayle King ! peace
if you all think this stupid and not real why don't you research the Arizona Shootings hell research it all even JFK we are being duped there all alot of actors out playing a role or different roles WAKE UP, wellaware1 look it up its true George Carlin said it well you cant trust the Govt there all bunch of actors & liars and they are doing a pretty good job most of you are conditioned to believe what your told and see its called social engineering I believe it was James Cameron that said


George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was a Grammy-winning American stand-up comedian, actor and author, noted especially for his irreverent attitude and his observations on politics, language, psychology and religion as well as some taboo subjects.



Obama Corrects 'Obama bin Laden' Slip

Osama Bin Laden Is Still Alive, He Is President !!



Know that you know the TRUTH, don't believe me, but ask your self the question why is OBAMA
SCARED and the NSA scarred of EDWARD SNOWDEN, to expose this TRUTH.
And also why the NAVY SEALS were KILLED, because they knew that their PRESIDENT was

OSAMA BIN LADEN, and to not expose they were KILLED.

As your self why the PRESIDENT (BOLIVIA)of South America his plane was stopped, to look for EDWARD SNOWDEN, because he knew this Information.

THE NSA also knows this and they are afraid that this message will come out because this will
show that they are supporting TERRORIST Lies and all those SCRIPTS which they have been
providing us in their controlled MEDIA.

What will happen to the WORLD if this would LEAK out??????

WHAT will happen to all those people in the GOVERNMENT who knew the Truth and kept it Hidden.
What will the world think about the United Nations and all those groups which have planned this for WARS and Profits.

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