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Default Good Link on Vaccine 'Ingredients'


Worth a read.
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Surely it goes against all logic to inject a neuro toxin such as Mercury and a cocktail of other poisons directly into your blood stream. Usually exposure to such poisons would be by ingestion which means at least it would have to pass through various membranes and barriers in your body. Even then the effects can be really serious.
To add to this, on one hand the government advise pregnant women to limit fish consumption (due to mercury contamination) yet in the next breath they are reccomending that pregnant women should inject it directly into their blood stream! That's just insane. It is impossible to inject a poison directly into the blood stream and not see some negative effect. How much do you want to gamble?

If infants or fetuses are exposed to mercury, it can cause:

• Mental retardation
• Cerebral palsy
• Deafness
• Blindness

And even in low doses mercury can interfere with a child’s development, leading to shortened attention span and learning disabilities. These risks are incredibly prevalent, as a 2005 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one in 17 women of childbearing age have mercury levels (above 5.8 micrograms per liter) that could harm a developing fetus.

In adults, mercury poisoning can be a serious risk as well, and has been linked to fertility problems, memory and vision loss, and trouble with blood pressure regulation. It can also cause extreme fatigue and neuro-muscular dysfunction
Apparently the UK has been 'phasing out' high levels of mercury in it's vaccines but the US government is still happy to include mercury at levels way higher than the safe levels they themselves set. I can't see any listing so far of exactly what they are going to include. Who knows they may make one batch of flu virus and then change the ingridients after you've signed the consent form a la the 'swine flu 1976 episode'. No way would I trust our governments on this one.
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Originally Posted by bendelapidate View Post
Today I viewed several videos on the subject. One thing that jumped out at me as odd was the recommendation that the elderly hold off on getting the vaccine.

Then I thought, what if the authorities are trying to cull the ageing population in an attempt to try and reduce the burden on the working population?

It's just another angle. I'm open to the idea that it is about mass genocide but if this was the case, why are they saying that pregnant women and children should receive the vaccine first?

A bunch of people over 60 won't be of much use to the NWO.
Other than being weaker and more likely to have some who are senile.
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