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Default "I understand that most of them were white"

Even tho you're a David Icke fan, a truther too perhaps and quite possibly an anti-NWO activist, but you might not be totally aware of the NWO's multicultural experiment?

The idea is to gather round a load of namby pamby muppets ('politicians') and get them to de-stabalize an area of land so the natives lose their community spirit.

But when the multicultural experiment naturally looses its drive, the idea is to get your media outlets to blame all that is wrong in the world on the natives.

The thread title is a quote from the NWO's government run BBC reporter Robin Denselow for wednesday nights Newsnight program, who did a report on the minimal riots in Gloucester where a staggering 24 arrests were made, most of those were bad natives.

The question you have to ask yourself to prove my point is, would he have ever in 500 million years said, "I understand that most of them were blac/asian", not on your nelly.

Question, where would you feel safer, London or Gloucester? The latter, yet Mr Dense found someone in Gloucester that feels more of a threat in Gloucester than any other city in the country. This lady is stark raving bonkers, and Mr Dense will earn a NWO bonus for reporting such nonsense.

As if this report couldn't get any worse, he then shows the area where some shop windows had been smashed, tis a lovely mix of all humans with a clip of non white kids kicking a football then says, "it is here where the rioters (those nasty white natives) caused damage".
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Is this feeling deja vu?

Am I going mad or have you made a similar thread at least three or four times already?

I follow the logic of your conspiracy theory, but there's something not quite right about it. I'll let you know when I've put my finger on it...

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Originally Posted by lens View Post
Is this feeling deja vu?
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