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Default Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophi

Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations – Joachim Hagopian

Another fantastic post from Joachim Hagopian of American Empire Exposed blog from Thursday, November 9, 2017. This post can be found on his blog here [1] 2017 Nov 9 American Empire Exposed Joachim Hagopian Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations.

Joachim covers Sue Arrigo, the CIA and child sex trafficking and ties in other subjects in this post.

Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations by Joachim Hagopian

Forty-year Monarch mind control sex and spy slave-survivor, longtime CIA insider whose job title was “Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence,” and also a medical doctor, the remarkable Sue Arrigo provides a compelling firsthand account of her tortuous life inside the CIA.[i] Her exposé uncovering the infamous agency’s central role in global child sex trafficking, as incredible as it may sound, is feasibly corroborated by tons of supplemental verifiable evidence. And though her own sister, a psychologist in Taiwan, claims Sue is a paranoid schizophrenic whose stories are not to be believed, coming from a military family and father whose career was in military intelligence, discrediting Sue as mentally ill falls clearly in the self-serving interest of both the sister protecting her own professional reputation as well as the US government. In the same open forum, Dr. Sue refutes her sister’s allegations making the cogent point that they separated in youth when the sister moved with her father to Taiwan and has had next to no contact ever since and that Sue’s long involvement in the CIA by requirement forced her to keep that confidentially hidden even from her own mother.[ii] So with that caveat out of the way, here are some of Dr. Arrigo’s extraordinary, yet highly disturbing revelations.

As a gifted young child of three she became a trauma induced multiple and by age 12, Sue Arrigo was sent to have sex with General Westmoreland as a means of learning why he wasn’t winning the Vietnam War. Arrigo was a child sex slave servicing presidents starting from LBJ, then Nixon, Ford, VP Rockefeller (as well as his brother David), Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton to Bush junior as well as every Director of Central Intelligence from Richard Helms to George Tenant.[iii] The only president that she was not forcibly intimate with was Jimmy Carter during her forty years as a government slave. Her psychic abilities made her a highly skilled asset as a remote viewer. Thus her unique talent and expertise placed her in constant demand for four decades. From 1993 to 2004 Sue worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence training naval officers in remote viewing. She states that she was able to work with the US Navy brass to keep our naval fleets from participating in the booming global sex slave trade.

Children in war zones susceptibly fall prey to abduction and trafficking every single day. Women are customarily raped in combat zones all the time, often abandoning their babies at birth. Never missing an opportunity, the predatory CIA quickly moves in helping to finance children’s orphanages in US Empire war ravaged nations, tapping the fresh supply of “cute” parentless kids for the pedo-pipeline.[iv] Dr. Sue Arrigo maintains that masquerading as “humanitarian relief,” the CIA funds major orphanages, often working jointly with UNESCO, along with the Rockefeller Foundation and other front organizations to set up in effect concentration camps for homeless kids in nations where the US and CIA provoke wars. In the early 1990’s as a CIA operative, Sue witnessed in the former Yugoslavian Republic the CIA construction of three orphanages and Rockefeller money pouring in for four more.[v] A week after the Rockefeller reps left, in came the wave of CIA “talent scouts,” explaining to the nuns that they were setting up a comprehensive program with large adoption agencies in the United States to find good homes for children at orphanages bursting at the seams from so many rape babies and dead parents caused by US-NATO bombing raids. Pulled from the rubble, many kids were still suffering from trauma shock, making the job of CIA mind control torturers that much easier and quicker for developing multiple personalities.

CIA scouts would bring along a psychologist to test the orphaned children using the excuse that they were testing for postwar adaptability when they were tapping for special trauma based skills like their capacity to dissociate, their intelligence, photographic memory, psychic abilities, and sex kitten charm. The CIA would take kids out on “special outings” so they could assess how much charm children displayed while forced to give blow jobs to local officials on the pretext that they might “win” a trip to America – as a sex slave of course.[vi] They’d grab dozens and even scores at a time, another tipoff they were up to no good. Under the guise of charity foundations posing as CIA trafficking fronts, in cahoots with corrupt officials at the UN, Girl Scouts of America and the Catholic Church, the predatory CIA aggressively recruit victims for their child trafficking rings in the US.

Those that shined in this system are/were groomed to later return to their native lands and take over as readymade puppet leaders of foreign governments.[vii] This long term investment has been going on for some time. The OSS and CIA toward the end of World War II and afterwards were pulling Jewish and Slavic kids out of war zone camps even when they had parents just to be mind control guinea pigs in America. The self-replicating, Luciferian system has been built to last for centuries.

Having personal access to CIA archive records, Dr. Arrigo learned of the CIA’s long history starting right after WWII training foreign children to be spies. First as dissociative mind controlled child musical prodigies sent back to Eastern Bloc nations to spy on cold war embassies, then pushed out of airplanes over North Korea and onto infiltrating North Vietnam and back to full circle in the Balkans.[viii] Once sent behind enemy lines, these poor kids were never heard from again and because in every instance the CIA cover had already been blown, the enemy quickly scooped them up and killed them. Yet in each case even after the CIA knew their covert operation had been detected, the agency continued sending wave after wave of these expendable children to their sure deaths. The Luciferian controllers wouldn’t want their coldblooded private army any other way. And for all their blood soaked failures, these worthless espionage programs produced zero information, just like CIA’s ineffective worldwide black site torture operations still going on.[ix]

As a CIA operative Sue Arrigo was initially dispatched to Yugoslavia before the war to purchase a plot of land near railroad tracks that would become the Balkan War’s Auschwitz for children. She knew it would merely be a holding tank for thousands of kids to be shipped off around the globe as CIA sex slaves, so she purposely returned to the States emptyhanded.[x] A month later her replacement was sent and of course he purchased a 14-acre tract of land where dorm after dorm was built to house 5,000 kids. The brand new facility just sat empty for six months waiting for the CIA to light the match that would ignite the bloody conflict pitting mostly Muslim against Muslim. During the ensuing war, Sue learned that it swelled to holding 12,000 young children. It really was a concentration camp, complete with barbed wire fences and control towers armed with machine gun toting guards. So the big CIA moneymaker for pedophile kingpins like the Bushes and the Clintons became a smashing success. From 1992 to 1999 over a million kids were processed into an international sex ring and sent by rail to the sea where they were packed in inhumane conditions on slave ships sailing to America to their child raping slave-owners. Because they were so abused and neglected, some children would succumb en route across the ocean, reminiscent of the horrific tragedy of the African slaves, except these are thousands of traumatized kids suffering and dying in modern times right up to today. Right now this despicable shit’s still going on! It’s imperative we must come together and stop this brutal human affliction.

Sue Arrigo explains how upon reaching harbor ports, ships carrying human cargo use the code-word phrase “by the way” to signal to dockworkers which ships to inspect and which not. Ships illicitly transporting human slaves are customarily unloaded first. US port authorities across the nation of course have all been bought off to play their accommodating, look the other way role to ensure that child slaves discreetly get unloaded as quickly as possible from cargo containers into dock warehouses, a distance away from the regular cargo traffic loading and unloading areas mainly due to the intense foul stench of urine and feces that are the giveaway to this heinous criminal operation.[xi] “Spoiled goods” is code word for dead bodies on board. An expected percentage of child slave deaths is routinely calculated and accounted for, intended to further traumatize surviving children. Most often a few miles out from port child corpses are dumped overboard, often weighed to sink to the bottom of the sea, out of sight, out of mind.

Powerful pedo slave owners have specially built vans waiting at the ports, all Chevrolet manufactured with special specifications in Atlanta to include easy drainage capacity and soundproof insulation. Each vehicle transports anywhere from 20 to 100 children.[xii] Kids are routinely drugged before disembarking ships so they can be quietly herded like cattle, transferred and contained from one from one closed off prison to the next, except once on dry land, in transit cattle have the luxury of vents, windows and breathing space on the way to their slaughterhouse.

Arrigo states that the CIA and UN regularly work together in war zones like Bosnia all over the world to “enslave the children and not rescue them.” Because the first assigned UN Peacekeeping Force Commander in Bosnia, Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie, actually was there to try and keep peace, the CIA trained about 30 child soldiers to attack his headquarters.[xiii] But Sue Arrigo called the general and forewarned him, and because the CIA recorded their conversation, it was called off. Sue was then sent to the CIA basement for a severe beating as her punishment. MacKenzie was complicit in his failure to report the CIA’s criminal operation, cowardly taking the easy way out. When Sue attempted to report what the CIA was doing to kids to the UN herself, they wouldn’t listen, claiming that the protocol required the general to report such illicit activity. Just like the kids she tried to save, Sue was hopelessly trapped and surrounded by evildoers.

Under the fake, overused pretense of “humanitarian intervention,” the CIA-MI-NATO led breakup of the Balkan nation bloodily erupted as the Bosnian (1992-95) and Kosovo (1997-98) Wars with deployment of CIA-Saudi jointly financed US proxy war ally Osama bin Laden’s Mujahedeen terrorists (soon to be relabeled al Qaeda).[xiv] Fresh off the victorious battlefields against the Soviet army in opium-rich Afghanistan, the CIA created Islamic jihadists were then teamed up with CIA-backed Kosovo Liberation Army to help move drugs through war-torn Eastern Europe to Western Europe and onto America.[xv] Together with the drug trafficking, the fellow criminal enterprises of child sex trafficking and organ harvested trafficking[xvi] was soon flourishing throughout the Balkan region as coveted moneymaking spoils of war. As another partner-in-crime in this Clinton-NATO Balkan operation was the private military contractor, the notorious DynCorp Corporation. Joined by key corrupt State Department personnel, the United Nations peacekeeping forces and organized crime, this unholiest alliance trafficked in young women and as underage girls and boys from Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia. The DynCorp-UN collaboration and cover-up in the 1990’s CIA sex trade is covered in thorough detail in the next chapter.

To corroborate what Dr. Sue Arrigo maintains the CIA was doing in the 1990’s – supplying the elite with child sex slaves, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou who served two years in prison for spilling the beans on the illegal Bush-Cheney-CIA enhanced torture methods, just publicly disclosed how as a CIA agent it was his duty to deliver child sex slaves to pedophile VIPs.[xvii] So multiple sources are all saying the same thing. Just as with drugs, arms and body parts, the CIA is the main dealer in selling children as well.

Once the new millennium White House shift took over, the Bush 2-Cheney neocons proved “same as the old boss” Bush 1 and Clinton. Right after their preplanned 9/11, US Empire was at it again, exploiting their “new Pearl Harbor”[xviii] to full advantage using their war machine-on-steroids to simultaneously invade Afghanistan and Iraq while (per General Wesley Clark) “taking down 7 countries in 5 years.”[xix] As those costly quagmire wars dragged right into the seamless Obama regime, the CIA and Soros’ color revolutions (otherwise known as Arab Spring) began popping up to spark yet more regime change proxy wars,[xx] murdering and displacing millions of mostly Muslims from ravaged homelands in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and beyond.[xxi]

In Libya in 2011 the same pattern that “balkanized” Yugoslavia was brutally replicated by the same prime suspects with virtually the same results.[xxii] An aggressive NATO-US bombing intervention, again unleashing al Qaeda terrorists to wreak further havoc[xxiii] to destroy Gaddafi’s plan to unite Africa under his gold backed dinar instead of the US petrodollar, plunging once prosperous, oil-rich, emerging independent regional leader of a nation overnight into violently plundered failed state status…[xxiv] as Luciferian Hillary’s mission accomplished.[xxv] Evidence of collusion involving al Qaeda/ISIS,[xxvi] the Vatican, various “humanitarian” NGOs like USAID and CIA again resurfaced, forcing exploited Libyan migrants into human trafficking rings.[xxvii] George Soros, the global kingpin of US hedge fund speculators, uses his massive billions to fund NGOs that are now directly involved in human sex trafficking as well as financing terrorism.[xxviii]

And the latest bombshell is Soros’ top hedge fund manager in the US finance capital New York City has been running a sex slave operation from his own Manhattan penthouse sex dungeon. According to a $27 million lawsuit filed by three Florida models, two of whom were former Playboy bunnies, 62-year old Howard “Howie” Rubin lured the women to New York through two female employees also named in the lawsuit who’d make initial contact on Instagram and Whatsapp.[xxix] Rubin purchased his $8 million penthouse apartment for the special purpose of raping and beating beautiful women as his very own sex slaves and then go back home to his wife and kids on the Upper East Side. The sexual predator had his two model-type employees do his bidding, both similarly roughed up before being hired to act as his slave procurers. The same brutal tactics are deployed as in any large scale sex trafficking operation, using procurers, money and a high rolling good time as bait and switch to entice and trap the preyed upon, drugged and powerless victims.

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