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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
I don't know about Diana being related to Henry eighth but certainly Charles 1st/2nd the likeness is uncanny
Her lineage can be traced back to Henry Vee One One One...


Henry VIII had two children with Mary Boleyn, Henry and Catherine Carey.

Catherine Carey married Sir Francis Knolly's and had several children, one of them being Elizabeth Knollys.

Elizabeth Knollys married Thomas Leighton, and gave birth to Anne.

Anne Leighton > Henry Wilmot > John Wilmot > John Vaughan > Wilmot Vaughan 1st > 2nd > Lawrence Palk > Horace Seymour > Fredrick Spencer > Charles Spenser > Albert Spencer > Edward John Spencer > Diana Spencer.

Another of Catherine Carey's children was Lettice Knollys - The Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon can trace her lineage back directly to Lettice Knollys.

On the other side of the tree Katherine Middleton can trace her lineage back to Elizabeth Knollys.

And thus, Diana, Prince Charles and their children can trace their lineage back directly to Catherine Carey, daughter of Henry VIII. Kate Middleton can trace her lineage back to Henry through the same line - directly to Henry via Mary Boleyn.

And so, Kate and Williams children have a common ancestor in Henry Vee One One One who can be linked directly to Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (a modernised Boleyn), Diana Spencer and Kate Middleton.

You can trace the various lineage's back for yourself.

It is also extremely likely that Henry VIII fathered Anne Boleyn, whom he later married, Anne gave birth to the future queen Elizabeth 1.... Anne's birthdate is widely speculative, considered to have been born between 1501 and 1507 with some even suggesting she was born as late as 1509 - Henry VIII was born in 1491 and would, therefore have been 10 years old in 1501, but 16/ 17 years old in 1507 so he could have fathered Anne if her later birthdates are considered.

Henry was very close to Lady Elizabeth Howard, mother to Anne and Mary Boleyn. He was even challenged as to whether he had had 'relations with the mother and her daughters.' His reply was 'never with the mother.' But Anne's birthdate and his intimacy with Lady Elizabeth Howard when he was eleven years old is well documented.

Elizabeth 1 was said to never have had children and to be barren - hardly surprising if her father was her grandfather (father of her and her mother....).....

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I'd like to make the point that if you have a point to make then don't interject your replies with coarse phrases. It reminds me a lot when as a photographer I go on a forum and say the slightest thing against modelling prices and so on a certain came and jumped down
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