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Cool The MKUltra Monarch Program

The truth about the Monarch Program from MKUltra is that it's real and they're elite undercover MIB operatives. The compartmentalization of memory was necessary due to the time travel aspect of their activities which is way beyond top secret.
 They're basically like living machines, and those whom have stumbled upon them have no idea what they're dealing with. They were born with the Monarch system already in place in the brain, and with information encoded genetically.
 There is a certain amount of dehumanization that comes when things are explained in this way, and I just want to take a minute to explain here that they are people with thoughts and feelings, and hopes and dreams just like everyone else.
 Memory compartmentalization was needed so they didn't affect the timeline inadvertently with information from the future. Many of them were also volunteers, and the reason they tend to freak out over what they've been through is because they don't remember volunteering.
 The symbol of the Monarch butterfly was used for them because of the genetic memory, and it also symbolizes "The Butterfly Effect" movie which dealt with changes in time. The symbol had been seen being used with Monarchs before the movie came out because of time travel.
 Some of them were sent way back in time for the purpose of gathering wealth and power, and setting up events to in order to manifest the correct future. That's why certain bloodlines were carefully guided to hold on to the Monarch system and genetically encoded information.
 They're able to change physical appearance based on the different "personality" that is brought forward. Hair, skin, and eye color, facial structure, height, weight, muscularity, gender, and age. Even tattoos can appear and disappear.
 The way the shapeshifting works is a partition in the brain is taken and programmed from a blank slate. This partition is completely amnesic, and has no idea who it is, or what it looks like.
 Using Virtual Reality, a carefully crafted image is displayed on the ultra realistic VR headset, and the blank partition is made to believe they are looking into a mirror of themselves.
 When they think they are seeing themselves for the first time, it changes the belief system, and the body physically changes to match the belief.
 Once their appearance is set, they begin an accelerated learning program to construct their identity and background for their new role.
 They can essentially be made immortal, because the partitions can be reprogrammed into believing they are younger. The perception of strength and speed can be altered by making them believe they are lifting more weight, or running faster than they actually are in VR, which then translates into the real world.
 These different alters are used for deep cover operations through time, as well as espionage and blackmail in the present.
 Some individuals who didn't have the whole story about them, but knew about the quality of their bloodlines, attempted to install mind control systems of their own using the trauma based methods for their own selfish reasons. What they didn't know is that the Monarch systems are closed systems with backups.
 VAST amounts of compromising information has been gathered on various people in positions of power all over the world, and they are being blackmailed into cooperating or the evidence will be released.

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Cool The MKUltra Monarch Program Part 2

The first thing to keep in mind about the Monarchs and what they've been up to is that they are covert operatives in a WAR, and in war you sometimes have to do bad things to get the job done for the greater good.

Building secret bases, powering time machines, and other projects, are expensive. They require funding, obviously, and that funding has to be "under the table" and generally untraceable. Legal means of acquiring funds can only get you so far, so that leads to things considered by many to be unethical, like drug running, arms smuggling, and even prostitution.

The thing about drugs, is while they may be illegal on paper in the arbitrary laws of countries, they're not illegal in the sense that they violate free will. Nobody forces people to do drugs, you have to do them willingly. The thing about smuggling guns follows the same thing, illegal on paper, but they are just tools, it depends on what you do with them that can cause misery. And prostitution, again, illegal on paper, but it's a transaction between consenting parties.

The other thing to keep in mind, is that Monarchs knew what would be required and volunteered to do what they do, but because of the amnesic factor of their work, they don't remember volunteering for it. So when they retire and their systems begin to integrate and they start to recover memories, they feel used, and it looks like the things they went through were abuse.

A lot of them remember being prepared for it from a young age, and the question arises of how a minor could consent. People were sought out as adults and were asked if they would want to help with such an endeavor. Then with the time travel being a factor, they went back and began the conditioning process, which also included genetic enhancement.

The third factor that must not be ignored, is that while they may have had training and are EXTREMELY dangerous, they're still people and need to be treated like people, not like weapons, objects, or dangerous animals that need to be caged or put down. Some of them suffer from mental disturbances like PTSD, and need empathy and compassion.

Not all of them were involved in every aspect. Many never ran drugs or guns, or were in prostitution. The prostitution was mostly for the gathering of intel or the blackmail of people in power who were considered bad news. While many had weapons training, many never fired a shot in combat. They used non-lethal weapons whenever possible, but trained with both. Some people died, and it was unavoidable, but instructions were to capture and reeducate. By reeducate, I don't mean a weasel word for brainwashing or anything like that. They were convinced humanely with evidence.

Everything was highly compartmentalized, beyond anything current intel agencies use today. Even many so called "handlers" had no idea what was actually going on, and were led to believe certain things, while being kept in the dark about what was really going on behind the scenes, and that was even after they thought they had finally been "let in on it".

I found out about one possible future where everything came to light in the mainstream public about Monarchs, and it was no longer considered fringe. They were rounded up, imprisoned, and sometimes executed. The public became hysterical and paranoid, and a lot of innocent people that had nothing to do with them got swept up in it. Some documentation, files, and other evidence, had been found and released which revealed their identities. Many were still amnesic and had no idea of what they were involved in, or any way of defending themselves.

It was found out that with the hypnosis and VR programming, they could literally mimic anyone, from general appearance, voice, and mannerisms, down to retina and iris scans, and even fingerprints. That includes people in positions of power, like senators or presidents.

The fear and paranoia arose from the idea that they were more dangerous than nuclear weapons, a big factor being their infiltration ability. With their computer skills, they could drain bank accounts and wreck economies. They could get past biometric security and steal all the nuclear launch codes. Not only that, but by mimicking people who had the ability to order deployment of such weapons, they could launch those missiles any time they desired, while making it look like the governments were the ones shooting themselves in the foot.

The skills of Monarchs go beyond just infiltration. The unconventional and high tech training methods that aren't availiable to the military, have honed skills that were considered beyond normal human capability. Endurance, strength, speed, focus, and pain threshold were all beyond what was accepted by conventional science.

Each one is able to neutralize a Green Beret or SEAL team single handedly. That's not an exaggeration, and very serious. They probably wouldn't even need to though, they could just mimic a commanding officer and order them to jump off a cliff or something. That probably wouldn't actually happen, but the point is they wouldn't have to outfight them, they could just outsmart them if they wanted to. They all have genius level IQs, with some sources claiming some of them to be in the 200+ range, combined with an eidetic memory, They also have a high visual acuity, which would be like seeing in a higher definition than normal people, and are hyper-observant.

That was just the physical aspect of it. Where it was believed the Monarchs were the most dangerous was that they could not only control government and legislation, but also the hearts and minds of the populace as well. It wouldn't be by force, the people would willingly welcome them.

John Lennon would be a good example of influence over hearts and minds. Some thought he wielded greater power than a government, because not only did millions follow him, but they followed him from all over the world. His influence wasn't contained to just one country, and due to his activism, he started being surveilled by the FBI. It was obvious the government feared his influence, and some have speculated that he was assassinated because of this.

In the possible future I found out about, it was revealed that the scale of the operation numbered the Monarchs in the millions. The public started to get paranoid thinking people around them like friends and family members were one of them, or had been replaced with one.

Soon everyone with a butterfly tattoo was suspected. Then star tattoos. Then other symbols people thought might be related to the occult. Not everyone with these tattoos are Monarchs, sometimes tattoos are just tattoos, but the public didn't see it that way. It eventually progressed into just tattoos in general, with some people thinking any tattoo at all was nano-hardwiring. Not all Monarchs are tattooed though, so the madness progressed further.

It snowballed into mass panic and delusions with everyone pointing the finger at everyone else, and nobody trusting anyone anymore, which lead to a breakdown in society. Nobody would cooperate with anyone anymore because they thought they were infiltrators trying to manipulate them.

It was like the old Red Scare and cold war paranoia, only much worse. There's already YouTube videos of people thinking celebrities have been replaced by clones as it is. Imagine that amplified by 100, but with irrefutable evidence and documentation backing up what had been going on, along with mainstream media coverage.

Yeah, some of the famous people really are Monarchs, and the ones people have tended to repeatedly focus on are correctly identified. Those are just the most visible ones though, because they're the elite models. They're kept hidden in plain sight, so to speak, because nobody would suspect people like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus are all trained killers. It would just come across as silly and ridiculous, as I undoubtedly must sound to some people reading this. But the thing about the truth is, it doesn't matter if it's believed or not, it still remains the truth.

Those are just a few of the visible ones. Most people didn't worry too much about them because they were kept at a distance and in the public eye where everyone could see them, and people didn't figure they would ever cross paths with someone like that. The ones people really worried about were the not so obvious ones. They were perceived as dangerous loaded weapons walking around freely and unseen. Like extremely venomous snakes or spiders hiding in every nook and cranny ready to strike at any given moment, and that scared people. Just look how people react to those who open carry. It's legal, yet they still act completely irrational about it sometimes.

The point of writing this, is that this is just a possible future, not one set in stone. It's the type of future that NEEDS to be avoided, because it leads to disaster. Just because there are dangerous people walking among you doesn't mean they're out to get you, hacking your computers, trying to manipulate you, or replacing your friends and family. They're more like war veterans coming home. Just because they're trained to kill doesn't mean they go around killing people indiscriminately.

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Default The MKUltra Monarch Program Part 3

Another reason where the name "Monarch" came from, is because the Monarchs were actually bloodlines of royalty on Mars ages ago. These bloodlines lead different regions on the planet. They weren't tyrant-like dictators like people tend to think of royalty on Earth, it was more like they had intelligence and ability greater than others. Due to that, they were looked up to and people sought their guidance.

There had been a big war going on for ages with them fleeing all over the universe to try and escape from their enemy. After the devastation of Mars, they finally tried to flee to Earth and hide themselves. One of the ways they tried to do this was by utilizing amnesia so even they wouldn't know who they were, and then integrate into society. It was like an advanced form of witness protection as a last ditch effort trying to survive.

Unfortunately someone got wind of this, whether there was a traitor involved or some other kind of information leak, and the U.S. Government found out about it. They had briefings on the Monarch's ability and were basically terrified that they would overthrow the government or possibly even take over the world. You know how things were back in the 50's with their hysteria over little green men. Except they don't look like little green men, they look like everyone else, so it made them even more paranoid.

The MKUltra projects were experimentations on how to figure out how to keep them under control. This lead to a lot of discoveries that would work on regular people, but the main goal of the specific Project Monarch was control over Monarchs. After years of experimentation, they were also able to create very close approximations of actual Monarchs as well. That is, ones made from human stock on Earth.

The Monarchs were meant to be left alone, but due to greed, some people wanted to take advantage of them. They perform on a higher level than most people, and that means they're moneymakers. Specifically in war and entertainment.

When it comes to the heightened abilities beyond what is commonly accepted by mainstream science, sometimes it only took some basic hypnosis to work. Sometimes drugs were needed. Sometimes both. Once they got the brainwaves down to the level they wanted, it was usually easier to get them back there after repeated sessions. Plus they were able to use the programming itself to make trance induction easier and faster over time.

For most people, if someone told them to just go lift 1000lbs, they probably wouldn't even bother trying because they already know they can't. The very notion would seem absurd. The altered hypnotic state removes that limitation because they no longer know that they can't.

Sometimes a little help is needed, so Virtual Reality is used. Being in an altered state, they aren't aware they're in VR, plus the simulation is hyper realistic. This wasn't the kind of stuff you run on ultra settings on your home PC for video games. This was stuff being run on black budget supercomputers on military bases and underground labs.

While in the VR, they're told to lift something that should be too heavy, including several different objects to help reinforce the programming. Dummy objects in the real world that are the same dimensions in the simulation are put in front of them so they have something to grab onto. The objects are much lighter, so when they lift them they believe they are lifting something much heavier with little to no effort. Once that belief is in place, they're able to do it for real outside of the VR.

They're put on something like a treadmill, only more advanced. It has an adaptive way of changing the speed in real time depending on how fast someone is running on it. They're put into the VR while on it and made to believe they're running much faster than they actually are, which, again, translates into the real world once they're taken out of it.

The VR is also used to program in cover memories if needed. These can sometimes get extremely complex in layers as there are cover memories covering up other cover memories to protect the core, like layers of an onion. This is needed due to the sensitive nature of the information and work involved.

Cover memories are inserted in varying amounts of layers depending on which section needed to be covered up. Some of them are intentionally made to be so bizarre that it discredits the individual, or even gets them institutionalized. Other times, none are needed at all, because the truth is stranger than fiction and nobody would believe them anyway.

Sometimes electroshock was used for memory compartmentalization. The problem with this though is that it can only work for so long, because the body actually builds up a resistance to it. After that point it stops working the way you want it to and only starts causing physical damage. Plus, due to the covert nature, you don't want to leave too many marks or injuries on them.

When this happens, more VR is brought in to create traumatic scenarios. So sometimes a lot of the traumatic events people who were under mind control describe may not have actually happened in real life. That's not to say that bad things don't happen at all, just that things aren't always what they seem.

The way the triggering of compartmentalized memory works is that some kind of information is memorized eidetically, after which the trigger to remember is implanted, then the memory is made amnesic with a hypnotic command, or the electroshock.

How the Monarch triggers actually work is not coming up with a phrase or image and then having it worked into the media in one way or another. The media, for the most part, is allowed to just develop things on their own organically. A trigger that is unlikely to be seen anywhere else is then selected, and the information is actually sent back in time and recorded, saved, or written down so that it can be inserted.

It's actually not as hard as people think to send just digital information through time instead of physical objects and people. It's binary code, and the signal is non-physical, like a radio wave. All you need to do is have a powerful directional antenna to transmit the specialized signal out into space to the area where the Earth was positioned in the past. The receivers that are made for tuning into that signal collect it.

They implant this trigger into the mind, then just sit back and wait for the information to come out in the media on its own at a later date. It's a lot more secure to do things in this way, because you don't need a bunch of moles or other people in the media that can get compromised telling them to work triggers into the script, since all you have to do is just watch TV or something until you find something good you can use.

There's been speculation on what MKUltra really means. Due to Project Paperclip, some people think it stands for "Mind Kontrolle", or something to that effect. The real meaning of the "MK" in MKUltra actually stands for "Mars Kontrolle". This is a major reason why the CIA had been feverish in shredding so many documents of it back in '73. This was a world shattering revelation they were trying to cover up. The public wasn't ready for it.

It's still questionable whether they even are now. Sure, people who are drawn to these kinds of subjects might be, but that's not the majority of the population. Keep in mind, we're talking about primates that think reality TV is valid entertainment instead of the vapid drivel it actually is. Ask yourself: If you were an alien, would you want to come here? Maybe with a heavily armed escort as if you were out walking in the African bush. A bunch of wild animals all over the place, and you don't know what their intentions are.

So there you have it. The whole MKUltra thing was the United States government creating a project to keep a few Martians under control just because they were scared of them. This subsequently lead to the torture, death, and experimentation on a ton of other poor folk too, and the techniques learned have been used on the rest of Earth's population.

I'm pretty sure this broke a whole mess of intergalactic treaties. No I'm not joking. Someone's in SERIOUS trouble over this.

From: https://www.theneoilluminati.com/sin...onarchs-part-3
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Originally Posted by C1PH3R View Post
Then with the time travel being a factor, they went back and began the conditioning process, which also included genetic enhancement.

The fear and paranoia arose from the idea that they were more dangerous than nuclear weapons, a big factor being their infiltration ability.

Vladimir Putin warns of genetic super-soldiers ‘more deadly than a nuclear bomb’


Heh. Interesting choice of words.
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Cool The MKUltra Monarch Program Part 4

Things have gotten pretty convoluted by this point of the background of Monarchs. Are they living military androids, Martians, or just humans that have been altered? The answer is all of them. It's a mixture.
 The ones made from human stock on Earth are a type of pseudo-Monarch. Very close replications of the real thing. Practically indistinguishable to an untrained observer, and sometimes even to a trained one. The functionality is very similar. They're typically the result of careful selective breeding over multiple generations and are the best examples of genetic stock on Earth.
 The living "android" versions are made from artificial DNA. They're basically human in every sense of the word, but they were created in a lab. Their minds are more like an A.I., but they can think and feel just like everyone else. Something like a Monarch 2.0.
 The Martian aspect is basically a combination of genetic engineering and selective breeding that goes back eons due to a long history of conflict. They look and act human, but aren't linked with primate ancestry.
 At one time the U.S. Government had created MKUltra and Project Monarch as a means to control Martians specifically. That went on for a while, but the MIB intervened in it. After the intervention, many of the Monarchs have been MIB infiltrators gathering information on people, as well as infiltrating some of these projects to observe from the inside. Not necessarily just the Monarch project, but could be anything, from a lower courier to the super soldier projects.
 The Monarchs that are MIB are all volunteers. The difference between MIB and the U.S. Government is that the MIB gave full informed consent to the procedures and what their work could entail, and the participants agreed to it. With the U.S. Government's projects, it was more like slavery without informed consent, and some were even just sold into it against their will.
 MIB procedures are what would be considered "clean" procedures. The conditioning process does begin at a young age, but it only involves genetic editing, rearrangement, and enhancement. Then there is hypnotic conditioning, along with VR. Following that is the training involving tradecraft, weapons, combat, and survival skills.
 When you look at the projects the U.S. Government was involved in, that's where you start to hear about the sick abuse they used for trauma and the slavery taking place. Many of the people who speak out against that abuse are MIB infiltrators, possibly unbeknownst even to themselves. After all, the best spy is one that doesn't know they're a spy.
 Much of the programming from the U.S. government's MKUltra projects have self destruct programming inserted. Most people just don't survive that, and it's meant to eliminate people before they can talk. However, if they already have the previous MIB conditioning before the infiltration takes place, the chances of survival are much greater.
 If they fail to commit suicide, then they tend to be "thrown from the freedom train" as they say. Murdered, basically. So it helps that they have the MIB network watching out for them. I can tell you some of the individuals that want these kinds of people to stop talking are pretty vicious about it, and they would be dead way before any information or books could get out on the subject if they hadn't had a little help from the shadows.
 A lot of victims of the government's projects tend to have a breakdown of their programming at around age 25. Doesn't have to be exactly at 25, just around this time. Sometimes it happens before or a little after depending on how well the individual integrates with it. Some don't have a programming breakdown until well into old age, and by that time people tend to just disregard them as being senile.
 There's indicators for these system crashes. Typically erratic behavior. You might see a woman shave her head or something, or a dude flip out and do something so bafflingly stupid that it either gets themselves killed or imprisoned. Around this time is when either the self destruct programming kicks in, or someone kills them to keep them from talking.
 Sometimes they get brought back in for "tune ups" by the nefarious groups and are able to be used for a while after that, but a lot of females don't make it past 30. So if they do, you know someone's watching out for them. If the "tune ups" don't take, well, there's what's known as the "27 Club" for a reason. I can tell you there should have been many more in that club at this time, but the tide is changing for the better.

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