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The problem with wheat isn't just the processing of it. Ancient wheat only had 2 chromosomes. Wheat has been hybridized so many times to make it easier to bake with and to give it the best mouth feel after baking that it now has 16 chromosomes.

If you still really want to eat wheat, make sure to use only organic Einkorn flour, like what the company Jovial makes. It's the original wheat from thousands of years ago.

If you don't believe any of this, you need to read the book "Wheat Belly", and then you'll see the correlation between wheat and the billions of people walking around now with fat and pot bellies.

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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
i don't think most people have coffee machines

you'd need to ask lots of people with ibs if they have coffee machines to see if there is a correlation

I know three people with bowel trouble and two of them definately don't use coffee machines. I don't know about the third

what they do all have in common is they are or were stressed due to life circumstances and imo weren't/aren't acknowledging their stress

not everyone will acknowledge stress in their life though because once you do that you are then compelled to do something about it which could mean having to make some big changes in your life like changing job or relationships or down sizing to make outgoings less or whatever

a lot of people would rather soldier on in denial and some will even seek medication from the doctor as if the problem is somehow some sort of disease that was floating in the air that they caught that needs to be killed in their body

it isn't a virus, its anxiety and it manifests in many ways and when it is unacknowledged it will express in all kinds of unforeseen ways some of which may be in bodily health issues as the mind and body are linked

when people are very anxious the guts can wind into knots and this is because anxiety manifests in the gut. Roundup in pesticides sprayed on crops also affects the gut lining

glad to hear things are clearing up for you though
I have IBS and I do not have a coffee machine. I only drink decaff coffee made in a cafetiere or a quality instant. It's the caffeine that can be a problem- it is for me as if I drink normal coffee I am doubled up with severe stomach pains.

I have done a lot of research into IBS and there is no one single cause- things that trigger it seem to be different for different people. Anxiety alone does not cause it as I have known many people with quite bad anxiety ( enough to be on pills off their doctors) and they didn't suffer from IBS. Although if one has IBS being anxious can make it worse.

Some people seem to get rid of it or lessen bouts of it by changing what they eat, and find one or more food culprits, or eating routines. I myself find not eating after 6pm best and also I take digestive enzymes.

Intermittent fasting ( as done by Dr. Mosley) can be helpful too- giving the stomach a rest from being filled with big meals.

I find I do best on an eating plan of no starchy carbs ( no wheat products, rice, potatoes), no gluten, and cow's milk products ( lacto free spread I can have a bit of and feta cheese tho). It might sound limiting, but I have oat crackers, vegetables of all kinds ( thanks to the enzymes I take), sweet potatoes, lentil pasta, nuts, a bit of fruit in the summer ( I'm not a big fruit eater, I prefer savoury foods), mushrooms, hummus and falafels.
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