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Default where is the legit research on ELF EMF on humans

I am well read in the sciences and i have no doubt the tech being used to torture targetted individuals that is ELF EMF could if developed in such a way as to cure most all human ailments including cancer and mental health problems would be wiped out This tech could revolutionise medicine in all areas by a leap of 100 years Yet dispite this Tech being fully up and running from at the latest 1970s there appears to be no research at all bar the black budget military being done on this subject and i have looked far and wide for many many years This tech appears to be kept secret being used and developed only for murder tortured and curruption all in areas to the detriment of humanity Normally when a new discovery is made in science it tend to happen in a certain time frame in many places at a similar time yet very oddly this ELF and human body has been kept secret and waeponised for near 60 years now I well know that the right research does not always get the funding But 60 years NO I spoke to DR Barrie Trower ( UK Physicist who worked on these DEW in mid 60s ) But i already knew if a say a university or other body wants do do research they have to apply for government grants no grant no funding ( usless its privatly funded which with DEW of ELF on billion dollar budgets you have no chance of getting anywhere near even the stage of development in 1960s ) so i am 100% positive that legit universities and other agancies have indeed applied for grants to research the effect of ELF EMF on the human body as it was already military researched and well discovered over 60 years ago Iin science there is NO way a tech so amazing and powerful as ELF on human body and EMF would not at least be rediscovered over and over and well advanced in the last 60 years Yet their is nothing WHY because every single application for a grant in this area that is applied for is straight out refused ( At your government level ) OR you have to agree to do black budget research for the military if they so desire it People who believe this tech is not only well know to their government and indeed the government is at the core of it are sadly mistaken Its military weapons ( DEW and Psychotronic ) being used at top level intelligence ageancies level that are running the show and blocking all other research in this area for near 60 years
In no may can this be by chance it purposesly being done to keep the tech secret and weaponised
I will admit there may be some higher body controlling certain aspects of each countries government ( that is mind control ) which is mind boggling as who the hell is really governing each country is it the eclected government But mind control is certainly being used to currupt at high government level in certain countries
Just to press home there is no real research on ELF and humans being done at the moment ( that is done remotely ) outside black budget Because no grant is no funding no funding no research
Research with this tech has been totally blocked for near 60 years despite the amazing benefits it could generate A wholly disgracful state of affairs
It makes you wonder if they use it to torture innocent people to their death What the hell else is it being used for certainly curruption at the highest levels
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