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Truth is one. Hence splitting existence into two is the most deep-rooted of all blind
beliefs. What exists is solitary and without a second. Nature -- God, body -- soul,
insentient -- sentient -- such differentiation has no place in existence. Existence is but
one, not manifold. Its manifestations are many. But in this diversity too, it is one. Among
the different pieces it is the unsplit whole.
But discussion and deliberation give rise to
differentiation, for discussion views the upper surface and does not penetrate to the
depths. Discussion views from the outside and does not enter within. From discussion the
author of discussion emanates. This author knows himself distinct from the rest. This
feeling of separateness and difference prevents him from entering into existence, because
for entry, non-separateness is essential; for deep penetration non-difference is essential.

He cannot attain non-separateness and non-difference without losing himself. He cannot
lose himself without giving up intellection and thought, because he is no more than the
shadow of his thoughts. He has no existence of his own. He is only an assemblage of
thoughts. Hence, far from losing himself, he wishes to save himself. This he can do only
by diving into further thoughts and discussions. Thus by deliberating on Truth he is
farther removed from it. Truth is near, but only in being free from thoughts. But in
intellection, the mind gets away from Truth. Discussion and deliberation separate Truth
from the Self. In that perception, devoid of thought there is neither soul nor body, neither
God, nor nature. But there is something which cannot be assigned a name. I call it the
Supreme Soul. That . unknown, nameless, unsplit entity is Truth. When deliberated upon,
it appears in pieces. But when freed of thoughts, it manifests itself in its unsplit form.
That is its original real form. Deliberation breaks it, for deliberation is a process of
analysis, and analysis cannot see anything before breaking it into pieces. The synthetic
process looks at it as it is. It is but a mirror, and "what exists" is reflected in it exactly as
it is. In the mirror of synthetic consciousness there is not even a line of duality. That
unknown entity of life is body, soul, nature and God. All these are the notes of that single
All is life. There is nothing dead or insentient. All is nectar and life, far removed
from death. Waves come rolling and surging in life's ocean and eventually merge therein.

They are there both when they rise as well as when they disappear. They exist in both
these conditions because the ocean exists. Individuals perish because they do not really
exist. Theistic beliefs perish because they have no real existence. That which has no real
existence perishes. What exists, exists always. But this is not my tenet. This is not my
thought. This is how I look at things. Anybody who remains neutral in regard to opinions,
thoughts and parties and keeps silent and calm, void and alert will have the same attitude.

If we view the world with deliberation it would appear to be dual. But if we view it
synthetically, it would be non-dual. Consciousness devoid of thought is trance which is
the gateway to Truth. Friends, shall I invite you all to experience this blessed trance-state
in which there is no duality, no sense of time, and no self-consciousness?
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Default The Original Man


Anando, saying that your doors are closed is only symbolic. You don’t have any doors. They cannot
be rusted shut.
Have I told you the famous anecdote about Rabiya al-Adabiya?

She was a Sufi master, ver y rare because she was a woman, and ver y unique, almost like a
Bodhidharma. She never went to the mosque and people used to ask her, ”You are so religious, so
simple, so innocent. Why don’t you come to the mosque?”

She said, ”What is the pur pose now? The mosque is for you because you are not sincere and you
are not simple. It is not for me. I have found my home.” One day she was passing by the mosque
and a man named Hassan, who afterwards became a great master himself, was praying in front of
the steps with both his hands raised, kneeling down on the ground: ”God, when will you listen to
me? Why don’t you open the door?”

When Rabiya heard it, she hit Hassan and told him, ”You idiot, there are no doors! And to whom are
you praying? There is nobody in the sky to answer your question. Just go home and look inwards –
there are no doors.”

Nothing is preventing you except your own desire to remain outside, maybe to have a little more
money, a little more political power, a little more influence in the world, a little more of a name to be
written in the histor y books. This is all trivia. Just remember not to get caught by this trivia. Enter
into yourself and the buddha is there.

Perfect! There is nothing missing in it. Before we enter again tonight – because it is a dangerous
journey... You may find the buddha and may not come out, but I take the risk, because I will be
responsible before the cour t: ”You told people to go in and they have gone. Now pull them out!” It is
ver y difficult. So you have to remember, when I say come out, come out!

Going in is very easy. But the inside is so beautiful and so alluring that you may decide – what is
the point of coming out? Please don’t do that because I will be responsible. So just see the buddha,
understand that he is there, but when Nivedano gives you the drumbeat to come back, don’t hesitate.
Just come back slowly, gracefully, remembering the buddha. Keep the remembrance around your
twenty-four-hour life, in your actions, in your gestures, in your words, in your silences.

But please, this one thing you have to remember : don’t get stuck there inside, because then nobody
can pull you out; no operation will help. If you decide to be in, finished! Then we will just have
to make a ceremony, that one man has become a buddha. We don’t say that anybody has died
because here nobody dies. Up to now only three persons have become buddhas. Death is a fiction.

But there is no need and no hurry. Enjoy going in ever y evening just like going for an evening walk.
Enjoy, relish, be nourished and let this experience transform your whole outer life. But one never
knows what you will decide when you are inside. You will be alone.

So before that, a few good laughters, perhaps just those laughters will bring you out: ”Let us have
one night more, a few laughters more. Perhaps our master will tell some jokes tomorrow and I will
not be here.” Remember it!

Mad Marvin escapes from the crazyhouse and runs to a nearby town. He is seen standing by an old
well, dancing and shouting, ”Five! Five! Five!”
Curious, Officer Chump, the local cop, saunters over to Mar vin.

”What is all this noise about?” inquires the cop.

”Look!” exclaims Mad Marvin, pointing into the well. ”Look! Five! Five! Five!”
Officer Chump shakes his head at the looney, and just to humor him, steps up to the well. Then,
with a wide grin and a big push, Mad Mar vin shouts, ”Six! Six! Six!”

Be silent, close your eyes. Sit just as a buddha, a frozen statue, no movement.

Gather your consciousness inwards. Go deeper and deeper.... At the ver y center of your being is
your enlightenment.

This very moment, being at the center in such tremendous silence, you are a buddha. You don’t
have to become a buddha, you just have to discover. You have only forgotten, you have just to
Don’t be afraid, this is your space.

You will not meet anybody on the way except your own being in all its glor y and splendor, in all its
eternity, beauty, truth.

Every body is carrying the ultimate treasure within himself.

To make it more clear....

Relax, let the body and the mind remain there. Withdraw your identification, just be a watcher.
Watching is the secret key.

It opens the doors of all that is myster y, all that is miracle.
Rejoice in it and remember the path, the way, by which you have come to this point, so that at any
time you want you can enter in and get refreshed.

Bring out your buddhahood in your actions, in your gestures, in your responses.
Just this small thing of entering into your own center is the whole religion – ever ything else follows
on its own accord. When things happen spontaneously, they have a beauty of their own.

Come back. Resurrect slowly, keeping your awareness, your remembrance. Sit down like a buddha
for a few seconds.

This is an ever-deepening process. It is not that one day you become buddha and the pilgrimage is
finished. You go on becoming more and more, your depth goes on becoming deeper and deeper,
your clarity becomes absolutely dustless.

It is the greatest phenomenon in the world to experience your buddhahood and act it in your ordinar y

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Now please change
”Mind of faith” into ”consciousness.” Consciousness is non-dualistic, and because it is non-dualistic
it is inconceivable, inconceivable to the mind. Mind can conceive only the dual – day and night as separate.

Mind cannot conceive that day is
just another form of night; light is a little less dark and darkness is a little less light. The distinction
between them is not of duality but only of relativity. They are one. That’s why it happens so easily
that night changes into day, day changes into night. If there were any duality, then at any time, night
might have said, ”I don’t want to go,” or the sun might have said, ”Enough! Today I’m going fishing.”
But they are not separate. They are just two phases of one energy.

In the same way, life and death are two phases of the same energy. Death is not the end of life.
Death itself is par t of life, and life goes on. You have died many times, and still you are alive. Your life
is eternal. Death is a small episode here and there, when you change your house, but the essential
of your being remains the same. How many times you change houses does not matter, but it is
inconceivable to the mind.


Again, I would like you to read instead of ‘mind’, consciousness:


They are simply forgotten, not decreased. They are covered with clouds but not decreased.
When the moon is covered with clouds, it is not decreased – it is exactly the same whether the
clouds cover it or go on their way somewhere else. Clouds or no clouds, the moon remains in its
perfect beauty without any increase or decrease.

so when you are
not a buddha, don’t think that you are something less than a buddha. You may know, you may not
know, but your buddhahood is exactly the same. If you don’t know, your buddha is covered with

The mind is nothing but a cloud. The identity with the body is nothing but a cloud. And you are
lost in the clouds and forget yourself. To forget oneself is ver y easy, the easiest thing in the world.
Because you know, whether you forget or not, it is there. You don’t forget anything else, but you can
forget – you have forgotten; you have no idea who you are. But whether you forget or remember,
these are only clouds or no-clouds, but the moon is in its full glor y, shining in its full beauty. Your
buddhahood never increases, never decreases.


Because awareness is non-judgmental, just like the mirror. It only reflects, it does not say, ”You are
really a great beauty!” It does not say, ”You are really ver y homely – just get out of the way; it hur ts
to see you. From where have you got this face?”

The mirror simply reflects without in any way judging, appreciating, saying anything about what is
reflected in it. And once the thing is gone, the mirror is empty again.


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Prem Sushila. It means love virtue... and love is the only
virtue. Other virtues are needed only when love is missing.

They are substitutes and very poor substitutes at that. Love
is the only commandment. If love is missing then the ten
commandments are needed, and even those ten cannot
fulfill the need because all will be formal, imposed. Only love
arises from within. Law is always imposed from the outside,
and that which is imposed from the outside cripples,
paralyses; it makes you a slave.

That which brings bondage cannot be virtue. Virtue has to
bring freedom, virtue has to be freedom. Love brings
freedom because it knows no imposition. And it is not that
love is against law. It is only against it when law is against
love, otherwise not.

And whenever law is against love it is not lawful, it is not
just. Law is lawful only when it is in harmony with love. Love
is the criterion, even the criterion of law. It is the decisive
factor and to me it has the highest value. There is no higher
religion than love. And all religions and all paths are nothing
but approaches to love in different ways.

So that's why I have given you the name. Let love be your
only virtue. Forget everything else! Meditate on love, live
through love, live as love and miracles happen. The greatest
miracle is that love gives you intensity in life, makes your
life aflame and yet deep at the very core you remain cool.

When passion and coolness meet they become compassion.
When there is only the heat of passion and there is no
coolness within, then it is lust, it is not love. Then it is tiring,
exhausting. Yes, it does give a certain occupation to the
mind and the body, and a certain release too, but it is a
vicious circle. One goes on moving in the same rut again and
again; it is repetitive. Lust is repetitive, love is non-
repetitive. Love is non-mechanical: it is always new. You
don't go on moving in the same rut; it is always surprising.

My teaching is: live as passionately as possible. Live a little
hot, and yet deep down in the innermost core remain cool.

These are paradoxical but then you have the full expanse of
your being: coolness and heat. Then negative and positive
meet, yin and yang meet. And whenever there is a meeting
of yin and yang, the positive and the negative, the hot and
the cool, the dark and the light, the summer and winter,
there is great joy. There is rejoicing, celebration.

Celebration comes only out of the meeting of the paradox,
the opposites. When the paradox is bridged there is joy.
When the paradox is not bridged there is division and
misery. So let love be your virtue. Let that be your passion
and your meditation, your heat and your coolness. Live
intensely and yet silently....
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A: I have got no philosophy at all. Because philosophy means how I define reality. Philosophy means
how I systematize the real, what I say about reality.
The first thing I say is that the reality cannot be said, cannot be expressed. How do I define it? I
never define it, because definitions can only be in words. You cannot define love. You can know it,
you can feel it, you can live it, you can suffer it, but you cannot define it. How can you define love?
How can you define prayer? You can be in prayer, there are moments when you are in prayer, but
you cannot define it. All that is beautiful, all that is true, all that is good, cannot be defined. It can
only be experienced?
So I have got no philosophy.
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Freud does believe that our unconscious mind is not only connected with God but also with Satan.
Actually ”God” and ”Satan” are our words. When we do not like a thing, we say that it is connected
with Satan; and when we like a cer tain thing, we say that it is connected with God.
What I am saying is simply that the unconscious mind is connected with the unknown. And to me
the unknown is God, and as far as I am concerned, Satan is included in God – not separate from
him. In fact, the mind tends to believe that what we dislike must have been done by Satan, and that
which is not wrong or inconsistent must have been done by God. We have assumed ourselves as
being at the center of life, and we believe that what we like is done by God – that God is ser ving us.

The thing we dislike is done by Satan – that Satan is being hostile to us, It is man’s ego which has
engaged not only Satan but also God in its ser vice.

There is nothing except God. What we call satanic is simply our unacceptance. What we call ”bad”
is merely our unacceptance. If we could see deeply into what we call bad, we would find right away
that good is always hidden in it. If we could go deeply into sorrow, we would find happiness hidden
in it. If we could closely watch the curse, we would find a blessing hidden in it. Actually, good and
bad are just two sides of a coin. I am not referring to the unknown as God in. the sense of his being
opposite to Satan; I am calling that the unknown which is at the root of our lives, which is the ver y
basis of existence . From this source of existence emerges Ravana as well as Rama. Darkness and
light both emerge from this ver y source.

When we are frightened in the dark, the mind tends to believe that Satan must be the creator of
darkness. Since we like the light, the mind tends to believe that God must be the creator of light.
But as such there is nothing wrong with darkness, nor is there anything good about light.

One who loves existence would find God as much in the darkness as he would find him in the light.
The truth of the matter is that due to fear we are never able to recognize the beauty of darkness. We
are never able to appreciate the flavor, the myster y of darkness. Our fear is man-made. We have
emerged from the caves, we have passed through the wild – where the darkness was dangerous,
wild beasts would attack, night was frightening. That is why when fire appeared we accepted it as
God – because the night became safe. We got rid of fear by lighting a fire. So in our experience,
darkness has become associated with fear. In our hear ts light is associated with fearlessness.
Never theless, the darkness has its own myster y, as the light has its own also.

Whatever significant happens in this life happens with the cooperation of darkness and light.
We sow a seed in darkness but the flower appears in the light. We sow a seed in darkness under
the ground, the roots spread in the darkness under the ground, but the flowers blossom in the sky,
in the light. Leave a seed in the light, the flower would never appear ; bur y a flower in the darkness,
the seeds would never be created. A child is created in the deep darkness of the mother’s womb
where not a single ray of light reaches. Later, when it is developed, it appears in the light.

Thus, darkness and light are the basis for the same life-force. Division, polarity, in life are only

Freud says that the unconscious mind is joined with Satan. Freud was associated with Jewish
thought. He was born in a Jewish family. Since childhood he had learned about the conflict between
God and Satan. Jewish people have made a division: one belongs to Satan and the other belongs
to God. Actually, it is a division of the human mind. So Freud thought that whenever bad things
surface from the unconscious, Satan must be responsible for them.

No, there is nothing like Satan. If we do come across a Satan anywhere, then we are making a
fundamental mistake. A religious person is incapable of seeing a Satan. There is nothing but God
around us. And the unconscious – where the scientist finds the truth, or the religious person finds
the truth – is a door to God. As we will go deeper into this, we will understand it clearly.
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great thread, keep it going
‎"people are basically just vehicles to create money, which must create more money to keep the whole thing from falling apart"
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Once you search for meaning you are searching for your own doomsday, because the meaning
cannot be found, so you are trapped in an impossible thing. The more you search, the more meaning
will not be found, the more frustration will settle in you. The frustration can create physiological
diseases, psychological diseases. It can become madness, it can become cancer ; it can become
both together. Search for the meaning and you are searching for hell. Life has to be lived in a ver y
ver y undeliberate way or it is better to say, in a ver y unselfconscious way... not unconscious but
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4 December 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Prem means love, and avibha means burning from all sides, kindled from all sides.
People are ver y miserly in loving and living, and that’s why they are miserable. A miser is bound
to remain miserable. Life is only for the quick and the spendthrift. Life is only for the extravagant...
for those who can overflow, for those who are caring yet careless. Life belongs to the runners, not
the slow and lukewarm. The slow and lukewarm only live for the name’s sake. They don’t have the
intensity, and without intensity there is no depth.
Love is a fire and one should burn in love so totally that there is no smoke left. When you burn
miserly there is much smoke and no flame. When the flame is bigger, smoke is less, when the flame
is total there is no smoke. And that life is beautiful which has no smoke, which is just pure flame.
That’s what enlightenment is: to be enkindled from all sides, a torch burning from both the ends.
That is the meaning of avibha.... Vibha means light, avibha means from all sides, from everywhere,
from ever y nook and corner of your being. It is not that a candle is burning you but that you are the
Just remember one thing, that the energy is more right than your mind, so wherever the energy
leads, simply follow it.
The mind is ver y destructive; the mind is against energy. It always wants to control your energy. It is
obsessed with control; it is the ancient-most manager. Because of its control it does not allow many
things which are natural, which are needed. And if a person is to grow rightly all kinds of energy
phenomena are needed, there should be no distinction; but the mind is a great condemner.
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Default God is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living Truth

Yes. In fact, it is only possible for man to live without God. A man with God does not live, he hesitates
on ever y point of living, he is just half-hear ted.
He is making love and worried about hell. How can he love a woman when the Bible goes on saying
that the woman is the gateway to hell? He is making love, and thinking about the Bible and the
sermon on Sunday: ”The woman is the gateway to hell. What are you doing?” So neither can he
love, nor can he live without love. God has made man ver y schizophrenic, half-hear ted in everything.

You are earning money, and at the same time you know that your greed is a sin. If you don’t earn
money you star ve. Your whole nature rebels against star vation, forces you to earn something to
feed yourself. Nature pulls one way, God and his representatives pull you the other way. You are in
a strange position.
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There is no need for anybody to begin it, because there is no beginning to this universe, and there
is no end.

This question has been exploited by all the religions, because ever ybody wants to know who began
the universe, because your minds are so small they cannot conceive a beginningless universe, an
endless universe, just eternity to eternity. Because you cannot conceive that vastness, your question
arises, ”Who created the universe? Who began it?” But if there was somebody already to begin it,
there was a universe. Do you see the simple arithmetic? If there was somebody already to begin it,
then you cannot call it the beginning, somebody was already there.

If you think that God is a necessary thing... it gives you consolation that God created the world, so
you have a beginning. But who created God? Again you fall into the same problem.

And all the religions have said that God exists eternally, there is no creator of God. If that is true
for God, why is it not true for existence itself? It is autonomous, it exists on its own. There is no
need of any creator because that creator will require another creator, and you will fall into an absurd
regress. You can go from A to Z. But who created Z? The question remains standing, you simply go
on pushing. But the question is not solved because you have asked a wrong question.

The universe has no beginning, it is not a creation by anybody. It has no end. And remember, if it
had any beginning, then there would cer tainly be an end. Ever y beginning is a beginning of an end.

Every birth is the beginning of death. So it is good. Get rid of God, because if he can create the
world he can destroy the world. And any world that is created is bound to be destroyed sooner or
later. If there is bir th, there is death. Only a beginningless universe can be endless.

So your problem is just because the capacity of the mind is very limited. That’s why I want you to
go beyond mind. Only no-mind can conceive the beginningless, the endless; the incomprehensible
becomes absolutely clear. There is no problem at all. Those who have risen beyond mind have also
risen beyond God simultaneously. God is a need for the mind, because the mind cannot conceive
infinite, eternal things. It can only conceive ver y limited things. The question arises because of your
mind’s incapacity, its impotence.

You ask, ”God is dead, but that creates the question, ‘Who began this universe?’”
But have you ever thought that God will not solve the question? On the contrar y, the question will
be pushed a step back: who created God? Any hypothesis that does not destroy the question is
absolutely useless. Any answer that keeps on pushing the question fur ther back but does not touch
it at all, is not the answer.

The only answer you will find is in your own experience of eternity. Then you will know nobody has
created it. It has no beginning, no end. You don’t have any beginning, you don’t have any end.
When you experience it within your own self, you know existence is autonomous, it is not created.

A created thing cannot be more than a mechanism; it cannot be an organic reality. A car is created,
man is not created. If man is also created he becomes a mechanism, a robot. You can dismantle
a car, take all the par ts apar t – the wheels and ever ything – and you can put them back and the
car will be perfectly okay. But cut a man into pieces and then join them together – with German
glue! – still the man will not be back. An organic phenomenon cannot be dissected. The moment
you dissect it, its ver y myster y disappears. Then you can join those par ts, but you will have only a
cor pse, not a living human being.

It is the dignity of existence that it is not created. It is the dignity of man that he is not created. God
is an insult to existence, to man, to consciousness, to ever ything! God is a humiliation. God is not
a solution for any problem. In fact, he creates more problems in the world and he does not solve

There are three hundred religions in the world and all are fighting with each other. These are all
created because of the concept of God, because they have all invented their own concepts.

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Question 1

The God-oriented religions are bound to create such a feeling. It is absolutely necessar y,
because they are giving you lies as consolation. As man has gone beyond his primitive states
of consciousness, he has become more intelligent and today he can see the myth of God. He has
lived with the lie as if it were the truth, and he was content. But now that he is intelligent, he can see
the falsity of the whole religious lie, and a great problem arises for him.

God is dead. Man’s consolation is destroyed. He feels utterly empty, in no relationship with
existence. God used to be the fulfillment of one’s life, somebody who was caring, somebody who
was forgiving, somebody who was compassionate. There being no God, suddenly you feel yourself
an outsider to existence. But this is a good beginning, don’t take it wrongly.

Every lie taken away will for some time leave a space empty. You can use this empty space to
become miserable; miser y will fill it. You can make this space anguish, anxiety, suffering, pain, but
it is up to you. You can make this empty space a new beginning, a new door. God is dead, now you
have to search for truth on your own; nobody can give it to you. This emptiness should become a
door going inwards.

The moment you enter to the center of your being, you are no more an outsider. For the first time
you are the insider. God was keeping you outside the truth, outside existence. God was keeping
you simply consoled, but consolations are of no help. You need a transformation of being, you need
to use your emptiness joyfully, because it opens a door onto the eternal space. It opens a door into
your ver y roots, which are in existence. It suddenly makes you feel at home with the trees, with the
birds, with human beings, with stars – with ever ything around you. The whole cosmos is your ver y

So it all depends how you use your emptiness. The so-called western existentialists are using it
wrongly. They are filling it with miser y, anxiety, tension, dread, anguish, angst.
First you were full of lies, fictions; at least they were consoling, at least they were giving you some
hope, some connectedness with existence. But existentialism is using your emptiness in an even
worse way than the religions have used it.

Religions have used it to exploit you. They were giving you consolation, and there is a price to
ever ything. So they were exploiting you, but you were feeling perfectly happy for centuries, because
God was in heaven and ever ything was all right – he will take care of you.

This consolation was false; it was not going to change you, it was not going to make you a buddha,
it was not going to make you awakened, enlightened. It was not in favor of your spiritual growth, but
at least it was keeping you without anxiety, without anguish, without meaninglessness. You were
feeling at home, though that feeling was a dream. Now that the dream is destroyed, you suddenly
feel you are alone. There is no God and you don’t know any other way of relating with existence.

Your old programming has failed. You need a new insight. You need, instead of prayer, meditation;
instead of God, your own consciousness. A pillar of consciousness is going to fill your being, and
this will not be a consolation. It will be authentic contentment; it will relate you with existence, you
will not feel at all the outsider.

Do you think I feel at all an outsider? I am as deeply involved with existence as one can be. The
whole existence has become my ver y being, my hear t is dancing with the hear tbeat of the universe.
God was preventing this happening, this tremendous phenomenon of transformation. God was not
a friend to you; God was the greatest enemy. And the priests have been exploiting you.

Now that intelligence understands there is no God, there is bound to be a small gap in which
you either have to choose western existentialism – which is not authentic, it is accidentalism –
or you have to look inwards the same way as ever y awakened being has looked, and you have to
stop looking towards the sky. You have to close your eyes and look towards the inner space from
where you are connected with the existence. Immediately the emptiness will disappear. Not only
emptiness, you will disappear. And then remains only a dance, a celebration of this whole universe.
And you are absolutely one with it, there is no question of even being an insider.

There arises a great oneness. You suddenly see yourself in various manifestations: in the trees, in
the flowers, in the clouds, in the stars, you are ever ywhere. The moment you disappear you are the
whole existence, blossoming, flying; all the greenness, all the mountains, all the snow, all the rivers,
all the oceans – ever ywhere you are spread. And this state is the state of a buddha. This is true

So you are feeling yourself an outsider. This is good. This is the transitor y period. Now you have
to be aler t not to fill yourself with pain and miser y. Now that God is no longer there, who is going to
console you? You don’t need any consolation. Humanity has come of age. Be a man, be a woman,
and stand on your own feet.

You have been for millennia crippled because of God, because of the whole priesthood. They never
wanted you to be healthy and whole. Their whole profession was dependent on your miser y, pain.
They were the people who were covering your miser y and pain and giving you hope, and hope is an
empty word.

Karl Marx is right when he says religion is the hope of the hopeless. But the hope was just like a
carrot hanging in front of you. You never reach it, but it is so close it feels you are going to reach – if
not today then tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow. The carrot is always hanging
in front of you.

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Default beyond enlightenment

Beyond enlightenment is only beyondness. Enlightenment is the last host. Beyond it, all
boundaries disappear, all experiences disappear. Experience comes to its utmost in enlightenment; it is the
very peak of all that is beautiful, of all that is immortal, of all that is blissful -- but it is an experience.

Beyond enlightenment there is no experience at all, because the experiencer has disappeared. Enlightenment
is not only the peak of experience, it is also the finest definition of your being. Beyond it, there is only
nothingness; you will not come again to a point which has to be transcended.

Experience, the experiencer, enlightenment -- all have been left behind. You are part of the tremendous
nothingness that is infinite. This is the nothingness out of which the whole existence comes, the womb; and
this is the nothingness in which all the existence disappears.

Science has something parallel; there is bound to be something parallel. The spiritual experience is of
the interior world, and science is the exploration of the exterior. But both are wings of the same existence --
the inwardness and the outwardness -- they always have similar points.

Scientists have come to a strange conclusion in this century, that a few stars suddenly disappear... and
stars are not small things; they are not so small as they look to you. They look small because they are so far
away, millions of light years away, but they are huge.

Our sun is a star, but of a mediocre size, medium size. In comparison to the earth it is vast, but in
comparison to other stars it is a small, medium-sized star. There are stars which are a thousand times bigger
than the sun.

And in this century, for the first time we had the instruments of observation and we were very much
puzzled: suddenly a star disappears, not even leaving a trace behind of where it has gone. Such a huge
phenomenon, and not even footprints -- in what direction has it gone? It has just moved simply into
nothingness. This was happening continually.

It took almost twenty years to figure out this new phenomenon: that in existence there are black holes.
You cannot see them, but they have tremendous gravitation. Even the biggest star, if it comes within their
radius of magnetism, will be pulled in. And once it is pulled into a black hole, it disappears. It is the
ultimate death. We can only see the effect; we cannot see the black hole, we only see that one star is

After the black hole was almost an established theory, scientists started thinking that there must be
something like a white hole -- there has to be. If it is possible that in a certain gravitation, magnetic force, a

We were aware for centuries, almost three centuries, that stars are being born every day -- big stars,
huge stars -- and nobody raised the question, "From where are these stars coming?" But when we came to
know about the black holes and we saw the stars disappearing, then the second question became almost an
absolute necessity. If black holes can take stars into nothingness, then there must be something like white
holes where things... stars come out of nothingness.
big star simply disappears out of existence.... We have been aware that every day stars are born. From where
are they coming? -- nobody has asked it before.
In fact, birth we always take for granted; nobody asks from where the babies are coming.

Death we never accept, because we are so much afraid of it.
There is not a single philosophy in the whole history of man which thinks about where the babies come
from, but there are philosophies and philosophies thinking about what is dead, where people go on
disappearing to, what happens after death.

In my whole life I have come across millions of people, and not a single person has asked what happens
before birth -- and thousands have asked what happens after death. I have always been thinking, why is birth
taken without any question? Why is death not taken in the same way?

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Love is enough unto itself.

If your love is not the ordinary, biological instinctive love, if it is not part of your ego, if it is not a power
trip to dominate someone; if your love is just a pure joy, rejoicing in the being of the other for no reason at
all, a sheer joy, awareness will follow this pure love just like a shadow. You need not worry about

There are only two ways: either you become aware, then love follows as a shadow; or you become so
loving that awareness comes on its own accord. They are two sides of the same coin. You need not bother
about the other side; just keep one side, the other side cannot escape. The other side is bound to come.

And the path of love is easier, rosier, innocent, simple.

The path of awareness is a little arduous.

Those who cannot love, for them I suggest the path of awareness. There are people who cannot love --
their hearts have become stones. Their upbringing, their culture, their society has killed the very capacity to
love -- because this whole world is not run by love, it is run by cunningness. To succeed in this don't need love,
you need a hard heart and a sharp mind. In fact, you don't need the heart at all.

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In this world the heart is not needed. The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed. This
world is run by the cunning, by the clever, by the heartless and the cruel. So the whole society is managed in
such a way that every child starts losing his heart, and his energy starts moving directly towards the head.

The heart is ignored.

I have heard an ancient parable from Tibet, that in the beginning of time the heart used to be exactly in
the middle part of the body. But because of continuously being pushed aside, out of the way, now it is no
more in the middle of the body. The poor fellow waits by the side of the road: "If some day you need, I am
here" -- but it gets no nourishment, no encouragement. It gets all kinds of condemnation.

If you do something and you say, "I did it because I felt like doing it," everybody is going to laugh:
"Felt? Have you lost your head? Give your reason, logic. Feeling is no logic."

Even if you fall in love, you have to find reasons why you have fallen in love -- because the woman's
nose is very beautiful, her eyes have such depth, her body is so proportionate. These are not the reasons.

You have never calculated all these reasons on your calculator and then found that this woman seems to be
worthy of falling in love with: "Fall in love with this woman -- exactly the right length of nose, the right
kind of hair, the right color, the right proportion of the body. What more do you want?"

But this is not the way that anybody ever falls in love. You fall in love. Then just to satisfy the idiots
around you that you are not a fool, you have calculated everything and only then you have taken the step. It
is a reasonable, rational, logical step.

Nobody hears the heart.

And the mind is so chattering, so continuously chattering -- yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak -- that even if the
heart sometimes says something, it never reaches to you. It cannot reach. The bazaar in your head is
buzzing so much that it is impossible, absolutely impossible for the heart.

Slowly slowly, the heart stops saying anything. Not heard again and again, ignored again and again, it
falls silent.

The head runs the show in the society; otherwise, we would have lived in a totally different world --
more loving, less hate, less war, no possibility of nuclear weapons. The heart will never give support for any
destructive methods to be evolved. The heart will never be in the service of death. It is life -- it throbs for
life, it beats for life.

Because of the whole conditioning of the society, the method of awareness has to be chosen, because
awareness appears to be very logical, rational.

But if you can love, then there is no need to go on a long, arduous route unnecessarily.

Love is the most shortcut way, the most natural -- so easy that it is possible even for a small child. It
needs no training. You are born with the quality of it, if it is not corrupted by others.

But love should be pure. It should not be impure.

You will be surprised to know that the English word `love' comes from a very ugly root in Sanskrit. It
comes from lobh. Lobh means greed.
And as far as ordinary love is concerned, it is a kind of greed.

That's why there are people who love money, there are people who love houses, there are people who
love this, who love that. Even if they love a woman or a man, it is simply their greed; they want to possess
everything beautiful.

It is a power trip. Hence, you will find lovers continuously fighting, fighting about such trivia that they
both feel ashamed, "About what things we go on fighting!" In their silent moments when they are alone,
they feel, "Do I become possessed by some evil spirit? -- such trivia, so meaningless." But it is not a
question of trivia; it is a question of who has power, who is more dominant, whose voice is heard.

Love cannot exist in such circumstances.

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How does hopelessness arise?
You must be hoping too much; it comes out of too much hope.

If you don't hope, all hopelessness disappears. If you expect too much, frustration is
bound to come. if you are trying to succeed, you are bound to fail. Whatsoever you want
to try too hard, just the opposite will happen.

You must have been trying too hard to fulfill some hope then hopelessness comes. If
you really want to get rid of hopelessness -- and everybody wants that -- then get rid
of hope. Drop all hope and suddenly you will see that with the hope, hopelessness has
disappeared. Then one comes to an inner tranquillity where no hope exists -- and no
hopelessness. One is simply calm and quiet and collected -- a deep reservoir of
energy, a pool of energy, cool.

But for that you have to sacrifice hope. The question shows that you are still hoping....

Go a little more deeper and further: if you are really hopeless, hopelessness will

Let me tell it to you another way. Whenever a person says that he is hopeless he simply
says he is still clinging to the same hope which has proved to be futile, of which there is
no indication of being fulfilled at all. One goes on holding it, hoping against all hope.

Then hopelessness continues.

Don't hope for anything. There is no need because all that you can hope for is already
given. What more can you hope for?

You are here, everything is here -- just being is all. But you don't appreciate, you are
asking for some dead mouse, some power trip, some ego trip, some success in the eyes
of the world. Those are not going to be fulfilled, even Alexanders have failed. Even

Alexander dies a poor man, a beggar, because everything that you accumulate is
snatched back from you, you go empty-handed. Empty-handed you come; empty-handed
you go.

So why bother about success, riches, power -- material or spiritual? Just be.... And
being is the greatest miracle. Turn within yourself -- what Buddha calls PARABVRUTTI.

Turn yourself a complete turn, a total turn, and suddenly you are so full of joy, you don't
need anything. In fact you have so much that you would like to shower it on others.

But things go on moving from one extreme to another. You hope -- then by and by the
pendulum moves towards hopelessness. If you are too much in love with life, by and by
you move towards suicide. If you are too religious, by and by you move and become
anti-religious. The pendulum goes on moving towards the opposite.

Somewhere in the middle one has to stop. And if you stop in the middle, time stops
with you. And when time stops, all hope, all desires have stopped. You start living.

Now, now is the only time and here is the only space.
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And love is never an impossibility: it is very simple: it is present in everyone. It has to be
developed and widened, Though its seeds have been sown in every one it is the fortunate
alone who live to enjoy the flowers of love. Why? We never allow the seeds of love to
germinate and grow. We seek love but we don't show it. Love grows when offered, not
obtained, for remember that love is an unconditional offer. He who is capable of offering
such a love does get it in plenty. Moreover, love offered freely creates the capacity to
receive it too. It qualifies the receiver to receive it. The measure of love offered is
commensurate with the amount of love received. Only in this manner is further depth
achieved and gradually the very vital breaths are transformed into love, into nothing but
love wholesome and furl. The beginning of the perfection of love must always be traced
to the readiness to offer, not to the eagerness to demand. Peremptory demand will never
enable them to make a beginning. Love's state is imperial, not that of a beggar. Those
who demand it never get it, and this failure, so dispiriting to them, gradually renders them
incapable of offering it too. As the failure increases, the difficulty to secure it increases as
well. Please remember therefore that love implies offering without any desire to obtain,
to get back in return, to demand. Let us free it from the expectation of obtaining
something in return. There can never be a commercial transaction in the affairs of love.
Its pleasure, its bliss, its fullness lie in giving away and not in securing anything in return.

The giving up is so satisfying and blissful that even the question of gaining anything in
return does not arise. That is why the person who gives love is ever obliged to the person
who accepts it. Only in the act of giving love abundantly -- an entire, unbounded gift, do
the vital breaths develop the wings that take them unto God. Friends, let us spread out the
wings of love and soar up in the vast firmament of the Supreme Soul. With our wings of
love full-fledged, our consciousness of things belonging to us and of those belonging to
others -- our awareness of what is mine and what is yours -- disappears, and what is left is
the consciousness -- nay, the very being of God. It is in the absence of love that man has
of necessity to be on the hard ground of egotism full of thorny shrubs of hatred, violence
and anger. Where is the necessity of being stuck in this rocky ground, once the wings of
love are grown? Then the flight to the wonderful world of beauty -- limitless,
inexhaustible and immaculate beauty -- becomes easy. So let us be filled with love --
towards all love unconditional, love selfless. Standing or sitting, sleeping or waking, let
us be submerged in love, love which is the very breath of our existence, love with its
waves ever surging in our hearts. You have now reached the precincts of the sacred
temple of the most divine. Visiting ordinary temples is not obligatory. Those temples
with idols of stone cannot claim perfection and reality. Would it be surprising if the
hearts of those who frequent these stone temples become adamantine and hard? No
doubt, discussions and discourses on Divine Love do take place in these temples, but
what is disseminated from there is nothing but hatred. Hatred and violence disguise
themselves in the gaudy clothes of false love. Verily I say that to no other temple should
recognition be accorded than to the temple of love, the only temple of our Lord. I am
afraid that these other temples have been designed and devised to prevent men from
reaching the temple of love. Satan is definitely engaged in this!

Love is itself a temple and a sacred scripture. "The man who has had a smattering of
love's language," says Kabir, "is a scholar." Certainly nothing remains to be learnt if one
has learnt all about love. Mastery of love implies mastery of all learning. He who hasn't
learnt the art of loving is ignorant of everything. No knowledge, no sensation, no
experience is superior to love. Love's eye scans what is written on leaves, carved on
stones or, hidden waves. Friends, the Lord's autograph can be seen everywhere. Of what
real use are the works of mortals? What can we gain from the words of ordinary mortals?

Where will they lead us? Indeed man's words cannot take us above and beyond man. To
be able to go beyond man we have to leave him behind. In fact, man's words, scriptures
and principles are obstacles in the pathway to God. We have to read, learn and
comprehend what is God's to reach God. That can be read in love. We have to learn
human languages to read what man has written, his shastras. Similarly, the Lord's
language is to be learnt to read the Lord's Book. And his language is love. Learn the art
of love which is so necessary if you wish to attain the Lord. The whole creation of the

Lord is all around you. Behold it, for your eyes will not fail you, but in the absence of
love it can neither be seen nor known. A mysterious miracle takes place when love's eye
begins to scan. What was being seen vanishes and what had escaped our notice comes
into view. Then nothing remains save the divine form.

I affirm that where the scholar loses, the lover wins; what learning misses, love lights
upon. In the case of the scholar having a smattering of love's language, the matter is
different. Entry into the depths of life is impossible without love. Mere knowledge loses
itself in its peregrinations round the border, and it is incorrect to say that knowledge
annihilates distance. Only through love can distance disappear. Knowledge does not go
deeper than the physical body, but love does not stop before it reaches the soul. Hence all
knowledge divorced from love is unreal and incomplete: Knowledge contained in love is
the only real knowledge.

What is the importance of love? How is it to be realized? Shall one incessantly repeat the
word 'love' as some zealots repeat the names of Ram and Krishna. Will such loud
repetitions of the word 'love' help us realize love. Never. Mere repetitions of names does
not achieve anything. Love should be lived; it should be part and parcel of our very
being. Life will be purposeful, meaningful, when there is liveliness of love in it. Let the
energy of love be vigilant and vibrant and awake in the self. Let no occasion for ardent,
sincere love find it slumbering there. Let no challenge offered to love be left unanswered.

For every challenge, for every call, let your love give a befitting reply. Even when there
is no challenge from any quarter, let love continue to flow as light flows from the lamp or
as sweet fragrance flows from the flower. A calm unbroken current of love should always
be present. When the heat is continuously kept moving by means of love-currents, all the
obstacles on its way are kept at bay. We find the gentle hill-stream eroding off the hardest
rock from its path by means of its constant flow. Can anyone deny the presence of huge
stumbling blocks in the path of love? There are, no doubt, hard rocks, but the power of
love is equally boundless. Let us make this boundless energy function effectively and be
ever active. Utterly slow and silent are its activities, but in that quiet briskness, huge
rocks are worn off into fine particles of sand. Much fuss and ado indicates weakness.
Powerful forces function silently. How quiet, silent and free from fuss is the creative
activity of God!

Friends, let us give love an opportunity to transform you from the very root. Love's
potion can instil a new life in you a life which will never perish. For that reason alone is
love free from fear even in the presence of death, because love knows no death.

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I do not live in a different world. I live, in that world alone where everyone lives. But,
certainly, my way of seeing life is altogether changed. And this change is, as it were, the
change of the world itself, because in our vision we see what we are. Our vision alone is
our world and our life. As is the vision, so is the creation. If life seems to be miserable,
know that the creation is miserable. Then try to alter the vision and not the life.
Transformation of vision means transformation of the self. Everything depends on our
own self. Hell and heaven live in our own self. The worldly existence and salvation too
abide in our own self. What is there remains the same for ever, but while one vision
makes it a bondage, another makes it a salvation. Seen from the point of egotism, life
becomes hell, for that vision is all-opposing. I can remain "I" only by being different
from and opposed to universal existence. The endeavour to become "l" is an attempt at
opposing and struggle with the "All". The endeavour results in worry and distress. It
leads to the fear of destruction and death. There is no wonder if misery steps in as the
result of attaining what is untrue and impossible. But we can view the world from the
point of egolessness too. The "I" is in opposition to the "All". The "not I" is a
combination of the "All". Know that existence is unsevered and indivisible. All severed
pieces and divisions are the products of human fancy, of the intellect. If "I am", I am only
a piece, a part. If "I am not", I am in the undivided whole. Being in a part is bondage,
being in a whole is liberation. If "I am", I am in misery, because that existence is an
eternal conflict, an endless war. If "I am not", I am in bliss because not-being is infinite
peace. Liberated from "I", our consciousness is released from tradition. The separation
from the "I" is the merger into the Supreme Soul.

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The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 1

Talks given from 21/06/79 am to 30/04/80 am

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 1
Chapter #1
Chapter title: We are what we think
21 June 1979 am in Buddha Hall












My beloved bodhisattvas.... Yes, that's how I look at you. That's how you have to start
looking at yourselves. Bodhisattva means a buddha in essence, a buddha in seed, a
buddha asleep, but with all the potential to be awake. In that sense everybody is a
bodhisattva, but not everybody can be called a bodhisattva -- only those who have
started groping for the light, who have started longing for the dawn, in whose hearts
the seed is no longer a seed but has become a sprout, has started growing.

You are bodhisattvas because of your longing to be conscious, to be alert, because of
your quest for the truth. The truth is not far away, but there are very few fortunate ones
in the world who long for it. It is not far away but it is arduous, it is hard to achieve. It is
hard to achieve, not because of its nature, but because of our investment in lies.

We have invested for lives and lives in lies. Our investment is so much that the very
idea of truth makes us frightened. We want to avoid it, we want to escape from the
truth. Lies are beautiful escapes -- convenient, comfortable dreams. But dreams are
dreams. They can enchant you for the moment, they can enslave you for the moment,
but only for the moment. And each dream is followed by tremendous frustration, and
each desire is followed by deep failure.

But we go on rushing into new lies; if old lies are known, we immediately invent new
lies. Remember that only lies can be invented; truth cannot be invented. Truth already
is! Truth has to be discovered, not invented. Lies cannot be discovered, they have to be

Mind feels very good with lies because the mind becomes the inventor, the doer. And as
the mind becomes the doer, ego is created. With truth, you have nothing to do...and
because you have nothing to do, mind ceases, and with the mind the ego disappears,
evaporates. That's the risk, the ultimate risk.

You have moved towards that risk. You have taken a few steps -- staggering, stumbling,
groping, haltingly, with many doubts, but still you have taken a few steps; hence I call
you bodhisattvas.
And THE DHAMMAPADA, the teaching of Gautama the Buddha, can only be taught
to the bodhisattvas. It cannot be taught to the ordinary, mediocre humanity, because it
cannot be understood by them.

These words of Buddha come from eternal silence. They can reach you only if you
receive them in silence. These words of Buddha come from immense purity. Unless you
become a vehicle, a receptacle, humble, egoless, alert, aware, you will not be able to
understand them. Intellectually you will understand them -- they are very simple
words, the simplest possible. But their very simplicity is a problem, because you are not
simple. To understand simplicity you need simplicity of the heart, because only the
simple heart can understand the simple truth. Only the pure can understand that which
has come out of purity.

I have waited long...now the time is ripe, you are ready. The seeds can be sown. These
tremendously important words can be uttered again. For twenty-five centuries, such a
gathering has not existed at all. Yes, there have been a few enlightened masters with a
few disciples -- half a dozen at the most -- and in small gatherings THE
DHAMMAPADA has been taught. But those small gatherings cannot transform such a
huge humanity. It is like throwing sugar in the ocean with spoons: it cannot make it
sweet -- your sugar is simply wasted.

A great, unheard-of experiment has to be done, on such a large scale that at least the
most substantial part of humanity is touched by it -- at least the soul of humanity, the
center of humanity, can be awakened by it. On the periphery, the mediocre minds will
go on sleeping -- let them sleep -- but at the center where intelligence exists a light can
be kindled.

The time is ripe, the time has come for it. My whole work here consists in creating a
buddhafield, an energy field where these eternal truths can be uttered again. It is a rare
opportunity. Only once in a while, after centuries, does such an opportunity exist. Don't
miss it. Be very alert, mindful. Listen to these words not only with the head but with
your heart, with every fiber of your being. Let your totality be stirred by them.

And after these ten days of silence, it is exactly the right moment to bring Buddha back,
to make him alive again amongst you, to let him move amongst you, to let the winds of
Buddha pass through you. Yes, he can be called back again, because nobody every
disappears. Buddha is no longer an embodied person; certainly he does not exist as an
individual anywhere -- but his essence, his soul, is part of the cosmic soul now.

If many many people -- with deep longing, with immense longing, with prayerful
hearts -- desire it, passionately desire it, then the soul that has disappeared into the
cosmic soul can again become manifest in millions of ways.
No true master ever dies, he cannot die. Death does not appear for the masters, does not
exist for them. Hence they are masters. They have known the eternity of life. They have
seen that the body disappears but that the body is not all: the body is only the
periphery, the body is only the garments. The body is the house, the abode, but the
guest never disappears. The guest only moves from one abode to another. One day,
ultimately, the guest starts living under the sky, with no shelter...but the guest
continues. Only bodies, houses, come and go, are born and then die. But there is an
inner continuum, an inner continuity -- that is eternal, timeless, deathless.
Whenever you can love a master -- a master like Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu --
if your passion is total, immediately you are bridged.

My talking on Buddha is not just a commentary: it is creating a bridge. Buddha is one of
the most important masters who has ever existed on the earth -- incomparable, unique.
And if you can have a taste of his being, you will be infinitely benefited, blessed.
I am immensely glad, because after these ten days of silence I can say to you that many
of you are now ready to commune with me in silence. That is the ultimate in
communication. Words are inadequate; words say, but only partially. Silence
communes totally.

And to use words is a dangerous game too, because the meaning will remain with me,
only the word will reach you; and you will give it your own meaning, your own color.
It will not contain the same truth that it was meant to contain. It will contain something
else, something far poorer. It will contain your meaning, not my meaning. You can
distort language -- in fact it is almost impossible to avoid distortion -- but you cannot
distort silence. Either you understand or you don't understand.

And for these ten days there were only two categories of people here: those who
understood and those who did not. But there was not a single person who
misunderstood. You cannot misunderstand silence -- that's the beauty of silence. The
demarcation is absolute: either you understand or, simply, you don't understand --
there is nothing to misunderstand.
With words the case is just the opposite: it is very difficult to understand, it is very
difficult to understand that you don't understand; these two are almost impossibilities.
And the third is the only possibility: misunderstanding.

These ten days have been of strange beauty, and of a mysterious majesty too. I no
longer really belong to this shore. My ship has been waiting for me for a long time -- I
should have gone. It is a miracle that I am still in the body. The whole credit goes to
you: to your love, to your prayers, to your longing. You would like me to linger a little
while longer on this shore, hence the impossible has become possible.
These ten days, I was not feeling together with my body. I was feeling very uprooted,
dislocated. It is strange to be in the body when you don't feel that you are in the body.

And it is also strange to go on living in a place which no longer belongs to you -- my
home is on the other shore. And the call comes persistently. But because you need me, it
is the compassion of the universe -- you can call it God's compassion -- that is allowing
me to be in the body a little more.

It was strange, it was beautiful, it was mysterious, it was majestic, it was magical. And
many of you have felt it. Many of you have felt it in different ways. A few have felt it as
a very frightening phenomenon, as if death is knocking on the door. A few have felt it
as a great confusion. A few have felt shocked, utterly shocked. But everybody has been
touched in some way or other.

Only the newcomers were a little at a loss -- they could not comprehend what was
going on. But I feel thankful to them too. Although they could not understand what was
going on, they waited -- they were waiting for me to speak, they were waiting for me to
say something, they were hoping. Many were afraid that I might not speak ever
again...that was also a possibility. I was not certain myself.

Words are becoming more and more difficult for me. They are becoming more and
more of an effort. I have to say something so I go on saying something to you. But I
would like you to get ready as soon as possible so that we can simply sit in
silence...listening to the birds and their songs...or listening just to your own
heartbeat...just being here, doing nothing....

Get ready as soon as possible, because I may stop speaking any day. And let the news
be spread to all the nooks and corners of the world: those who want to understand me
only through the words, they should come soon, because I may stop speaking any day.
Unpredictably, any day, it may happen -- it may happen even in the middle of a
sentence. Then I am not going to complete the sentence! Then it will hang forever and

But this time you have pulled me back.

These sayings of Buddha are called THE DHAMMAPADA. This name has to be
understood. Dhamma means many things. It means the ultimate law, logos. By
"ultimate law" is meant that which keeps the whole universe together. Invisible it is,
intangible it is -- but it is certainly; otherwise the universe would fall apart. Such a vast,
infinite universe, running so smoothly, so harmoniously, is enough proof that there
must be an undercurrent that connects everything, that joins everything, that bridges
everything -- that we are not islands, that the smallest grass leaf is joined to the greatest
star. Destroy a small grass leaf and you have destroyed something of immense value to
the existence itself.

In existence there is no hierarchy, there is nothing small and nothing great.
The greatest star and the smallest grass leaf, both exist as equals; hence the
other meaning of the word 'dhamma'. The other meaning is justice, the equality,
the nonhierarchic existence.

Existence is absolutely communist; it knows no classes, it is all one. Hence the other
meaning of the word 'dhamma' -- justice.

And the third meaning is righteousness, virtue. Existence is very virtuous. Even if you
find something which you cannot call virtue, it must be because of your
misunderstanding; otherwise the existence is absolutely virtuous. Whatsoever happens
here, always happens rightly. The wrong never happens. It may appear wrong to you
because you have a certain idea of what right is, but when you look without any
prejudice, nothing is wrong, all is right. Birth is right, death is right. Beauty is right and
ugliness is right.

But our minds are small, our comprehension is limited; we cannot see the whole, we
always see only a small part. We are like a person who is hiding behind his door and
looking through the keyhole into the street. He always sees things...yes, somebody is
moving, a car suddenly passes by. One moment it was not there, one moment it is there,
and another moment it is gone forever. That's how we are looking at existence. We say
something is in the future, then it comes into the present, and then it has gone into the

In fact, time is a human invention. It is always now! Existence knows no past,
no future -- it knows only the present.

But we are sitting behind a keyhole and looking. A person is not there, then suddenly
he appears; and then as suddenly as he appears he disappears too. Now you have to
create time. Before the person appeared he was in the future; he was there, but for you
he was in the future. Then he appeared; now he is in the present -- he is the same! And
you cannot see him anymore through your small keyhole -- he has become past.

Nothing is past, nothing is future -- all is always present.
But our ways of seeing are very limited.

Hence we go on asking why there is misery in the world, why there is this and
that...why? If we can look at the whole, all these whys disappear. And to look at the
whole, you will have to come out of your room, you will have to open the door...you
will have to drop this keyhole vision.
This is what mind is: a keyhole, and a very small keyhole it is. Compared to the vast
universe, what are our eyes, ears, hands? What can we grasp? Nothing of much
importance. And those tiny fragments of truth, we become too much attached to them.
If you see the whole, everything is as it should be -- that is the meaning of "everything is
right." Wrong exists not. Only God exists; the Devil is man's creation.

The third meaning of 'dhamma' can be God -- but Buddha never uses the word 'God'
because it has become wrongly associated with the idea of a person, and the law is a
presence, not a person. Hence Buddha never uses the word 'God', but whenever he
wants to convey something of God he uses the word 'dhamma'. His mind is that of a
very profound scientist. Because of this, many have thought him to be an atheist -- he is
not. He is the greatest theist the world has ever known or will ever know -- but he never
talks about God. He never uses the word, that's all, but by 'dhamma' he means exactly
the same. "That which is" is the meaning of the word 'God', and that's exactly the
meaning of 'dhamma'. 'Dhamma' also means discipline -- different dimensions of the
word. One who wants to know the truth will have to discipline himself in many ways.

Don't forget the meaning of the word 'discipline' -- it simply means the capacity to
learn, the availability to learn, the receptivity to learn. Hence the word 'disciple'.
'Disciple' means one who is ready to drop his old prejudices, to put his mind aside, and
look into the matter without any prejudice, without any a priori conception.

And 'dhamma' also means the ultimate truth. When mind disappears, when the ego
disappears, then what remains? Something certainly remains, but it cannot be called
'something' -- hence Buddha calls it 'nothing'. But let me remind you, otherwise you will
misunderstand him: whenever he uses the word 'nothing' he means no-thing. Divide
the word in two; don't use it as one word -- bring a hyphen between 'no' and 'thing',
then you know exactly the meaning of 'nothing'.
The ultimate law is not a thing. It is not an object that you can observe. It is your
interiority, it is subjectivity.

Buddha would have agreed totally with the Danish thinker, Soren Kierkegaard. He
says: Truth is subjectivity. That is the difference between fact and truth. A fact is an
objective thing. Science goes on searching for more and more facts, and science will
never arrive at truth -- it cannot by the very definition of the word. Truth is the
interiority of the scientist, but he never looks at it. He goes on observing other things.
He never becomes aware of his own being.

That is the last meaning of 'dhamma': your interiority, your subjectivity, your truth.
One thing very significant -- allow it to sink deep into your heart: truth is never a
theory, a hypothesis; it is always an experience. Hence my truth cannot be your truth.
My truth is inescapably my truth; it will remain my truth, it cannot be yours. We cannot
share it. Truth is unsharable, untransferable, incommunicable, inexpressible.

I can explain to you how I have attained it, but I cannot say what it is. The "how" is
explainable, but not the "why." The discipline can be shown, but not the goal. Each one
has to come to it in his own way. Each one has to come to it in his own inner being. In
absolute aloneness it is revealed.

And the second word is PADA. 'Pada' also has many meanings. One, the most
fundamental meaning, is path. Religion has two dimensions: the dimension of "what"
and the dimension of "how." The "what" cannot be talked about; it is impossible. But the
"how" can be talked about, the "how" is sharable. That is the meaning of 'path'. I can
indicate the path to you; I can show you how I have traveled, how I reached the sunlit
peaks. I can tell you about the whole geography of it, the whole topography of it. I can
give you a contour map, but I cannot say how it feels to be on the sunlit peak.

It is like you can ask Edmund Hillary or Tensing how they reached the highest peak of
the Himalayas, Gourishankar. They can give you the whole map of how they reached.

But if you ask them what they felt when they reached, they can only shrug their
shoulders. That freedom that they must have known is unspeakable; the beauty, the
benediction, the vast sky, the height, and the colorful clouds, and the sun and the
unpolluted air, and the virgin snow on which nobody had ever traveled before...all that
is impossible to convey. One has to reach those sunlit peaks to know it. 'Pada' means
path, 'pada' also means step, foot, foundation. All these meanings are significant. You
have to move from where you are. You have to become a great process, a growth.

People have become stagnant pools; they have to become rivers, because only rivers
reach the ocean. And it also means foundation, because it is the fundamental truth of
life. Without dhamma, without relating in some way to the ultimate truth, your life has
no foundation, no meaning, no significance, it cannot have any glory. It will be an
exercise in utter futility. If you are not bridged with the total you cannot have any
significance of your own. You will remain a driftwood -- at the mercy of the winds, not
knowing where you are going and not knowing who you are. The search for truth, the
passionate search for truth, creates the bridge, gives you a foundation. These sutras that
are compiled as THE DHAMMAPADA are to be understood not intellectually but
existentially. Become like sponges: let it soak, let it sink into you. Don't be sitting there
judging; otherwise you will miss the Buddha. Don't sit there constantly chattering in
your mind about whether it is right or wrong -- you will miss the point. Don't be
bothered whether it is right or wrong.

The first, the most primary thing, is to understand what it is -- what Buddha is saying,
what Buddha is trying to say. There is no need to judge right now. The first, basic need
is to understand exactly what he means. And the beauty of it is that if you understand
exactly what it means, you will be convinced of its truth, you will know its truth. Truth
has its own ways of convincing people; it needs no other proofs.

Truth never argues: it is a song, not a syllogism.

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