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Default REPTILIAN/DEMON Elvis Presley

I always liked Elvis so i was surprised to stumble upon this on you tube,it looks very convincing anyone have any other storys about Elvis ive never thought of him as being a Reptilian
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Default Good find

Notice how large the eyes become, this in my opinion is the possessing entitys eyes, i have in my possession a real picture of a intermensional reptillian, it's eyes are like you see in that footage, same size, just hes got the horns aswell. Once again, good find!!!
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The same video:

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blind seance
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I think i recall their being some counter culture contravercy about this video long ago before all this di stuff.
One thing debunkers never seem to address is the body language blatently being displayed after hologram slips.
I asume, in lower ranks they are either fearful of their slips and react or they are imberessed. In the higher ranks they seem to not react as so when slips occur. Again i asume either one cause they are proud and fear not. Or they are designed to show them selfs in such a way to try to conger fear through their display.
Great post keep up the good work
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"Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger"

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stop posting lies............your clip you forgot to take a look at the kid ..using HD camera to record and slow down your own clip. Yeah the men running up to him are wiping off the sweat why dont you put on a jacket with a MAYAN CALANDER that thick it must weight 4 kgs must = a bullet vest.. gee

zoom in on elvis and forget the girl who also had freaky eyes grow up...

Elvis age 76 is it still alive and kicking...elvis is not a reptile over the last few days both of my kids different times both asked me why do elvis always sing love songs.
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what a load of bull a person who has recorded and then post slow motion and forgets the girl in the back ground....elvis didnt forget the girl he loved her. Try slowing down your own home video movies OP as you have done here and stop spreading bull chit about a man you gave his life and all his money to his ex wife to run away for freedom.
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The little girls eyes are going big and small i think its just the bad quality of the footage.Elvis wasn't an angel but he certainly was not a demon
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Looked like a massive hologram fail to me.
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