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Default Your HEALTH is number one importance, RESEARCH NOW

You understand the Jesuits are undertaking the largest depopulation ever seen on Planet Earth thanks to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta's organisation known as the Club of Rome. People need to understand immediately what their Global 2000 Report is actually telling them. People need to remove the chains and build up their inner strength so as to accept the fact that right now we're being depopulated like never before. All this is happening whilst the masterminds profit like never before through the Pharmaceutical Industry utilising your misery, pain and death. People must remember that its SMOM Papal Knight David Rockefeller who controls this industry for Rome, also Queen "Guelph" Elizabeth II and the Royal Family have some say in this arena. Do not believe Prince Charles is a good guy, he's very devious. You will see British Secret Service leadership Charles promoting the work of the legendary herbalist Max Gerson. As usual this is a cover for his devious doing behind the scenes. You see whilst he would like his friends utilising Gerson's therapy, he certainly doesn't want the Goyim as he would term it doing this. Once again another good veil of these shadowy elite of 'The City'.

My friends you must immediately start addressing your health as soon as possible. At this very minute your being attacked by designer bio-agents and chemicals within your food, air and the water supplies. Its all about population control and de-population. I strongly wish for all the people out there to maybe put aside some of their researching into the conspiracy and SMOM Bird Cage Prison for a while. You CANNOT fight, research, think clearly if your diseased or ill. What good is it knowing Peter Hans Kolvenbach rules you then to only fall ill with a Cancer which is all too popular right now. When I came into the Conspiracy world it wasn't long like one week before I stumbled on the reality of health. I studied both conspiracy and health together for many hours indeed. If you cannot do this, then its a must you drop the conspiracy for the other. I'm getting fed up right now with all these agents out there creating friction about non-important issues all the time. We have intelligent people arguing that its this group, that group. We have intelligent people arguing this person is in this group or that group. Its meaningless almost. It doesn't matter if Prince Charles is in the Club of Isles, SMOM or OTO. The facts are he's more powerful than you could ever be because your utilising your power and time in the incorrect way. Stop with the nonsense and fix your health. Believe me this is one of the greatest weapons you have right now. Don't be a statistic like the ignorant gatekeepers out there. Keep off the cell phones and junk foods and free yourself.

I hope the following information is of worth to someone out there and maybe it will kickstart people to understand health. Please do not fall for disinformation in this arena and study Max Gerson, William Donald Kelley, Edgar Cayce, Harry Hoxsey, Lorraine Day, Arnold Ehret, John Christopher, Rene Caisee, Ed McCabe & Fereydoon Batmanghelidj. These are people of extreme worth and will serve you well and correctly. This is extremely important indeed and I really wish good health to the people out there.

May this quick message start your journey forward to happiness as our creator(s) intended before the evil took over with Greed creating an un-natural environment disobeying rules of NATURE.


-Craig Oxley


For more of my talk on this subject go here:

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Hi 2tuff,

I like your article for the most part, because I agree that without health we have nothing to stand up with and maintain our freedoms with. And without health, we only have 'medicines' to turn to, which are not the solution to the problem, by any means.

It's funny that you put Arnold Ehret among the homeopaths and naturopaths, as he only had negative things to say about them (and even more so, of course, about allopaths). I think these days that even naturopathy is going down the tubes for the most part. I understand it has its 'place' in today's society, but even in this field of alternative health care, the chemicals are creeping into the picture at an alarming rate. There is food "reform", and then there is food "revolution". The latter is much more important.

We must become our OWN doctors and STAY IN health. We cannot live and eat as we have been accustomed to and then expect a "forgiveness pill" to solve everything, only to return to our dietary and lifestyle "sins" again. In all my research for the past 25 years, and all my experiencing and trying out so many different protocols and programs, I believe Fruitarianism is definitely IT. Arnold Ehret is DA MAN! I have found a lot of good websites on this, only some are more high-fruit vegan than actual fruitarian. For anyone who may become interested in looking into this further and/ or trying it out, t's important to research it very carefully and not try to make the change overnight; a long transition is usually necessary. That's because most of us have so many toxins and poisons built up, that we need to cleanse slowly and carefully, so as not to become overly ill from all the cleansing, if done too rapidly. Prof. Ehret said some people have actually suffocated in their own filth from trying to go too quickly with this transition.

I am totally convinced, Man is a frugivore (fruits, nuts and herbs), not a carnivore nor an herbivore (plants and vegetables). We do not have fangs that tear animal flesh, muscle and sinew, we have bicuspids that pierce apples. We do not have multiple stomachs or a cud that digests the high cellulose content of vegetables. We do not have the short intestinal tracts of a carnivore, either. We are by design Fruitarians, and that is the only food on Earth, along with nuts and seeds, where something does not have to be "killed" in order to obtain, and which can also be replenished naturally. It is the food which is "offered" to us by Nature, not something we must "take" from it. We can truly give gratitude for fruit, not apologize for eating an animal against its will (which is always the case).

Agriculture (not to mention the farming of livestock - don't get me started there!) is one of the biggest banes of our existence and does not support the ecosphere and is not sustainable. It has only been in the last 10,000 years out of the known 64 millions years of Man's existence upon this planet, that we have engaged in the practice of agriculture, with a noticeable health decline.

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Thank you for this post. Really need to immediately change the system.
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