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Default My experience with shapeshifters

I'm here to mention my shapeshifter expierence and demon possession. It all started from a yearly binge of eating sweets, candy and junk food. I ate so much junk food to the point my body had a sulfur, metallic odor even after taking showers, clothes and room reeked of the foul odor.

This is where my situation begins one day I was driving my uncle to work and I notice something unusual to the right of me riding a bicycle was an elderly white man with a jacket and hat on with a child sitting on the front of the bike in summer blazing heat, definitely unusual. What was even more strange was I just came off reading about conspiracies with the zombie Haitian dude in Miami eating the face off that homeless man and they said on video watch out for the dude on the bicycle that rode past the Haitian dude and after the bicyclist rode past him he started to act crazy. So when I drove past the old man I heard him say to me I'm coming for you and I said that's strange I could hear this old man with my windows rolled up and my AC blowing.

I didn't think anything of it until the next day while sitting on my bed I heard a laugh in my head that played over and over like a broken record. So I started pacing back and forth in my room trying to figure out what is going on. During that moment my father comes home early from work so I leave my room to go check up on him. Once I leave my room I notice my dad upstairs already defying the laws of time staring out the window with a stern look on his face and his arms folded. I'm like no way is that possible for him to be upstairs with me when I just opened the door. When I walked past him all I could smell was a sulfur metallic smell that's how I new this isn't my father so I decided to leave the house and go drive around hoping I was just hallucinating. So I get to my car parked in the driveway and my dad comes to the door and asks me am I ok with the deadest look on his face. So I hurry up to get the heck out of there, right off the bat while driving around I said I've got to be in different world because I seen so many people walking and riding bicycles in the suburbs where I never see people walking and riding bicycles since there are no sidewalks.

What was crazy was when I would look at these people on the side of the road they would flinch almost like if my stare hurt them. Not only that as I continued driving they would stop walking and stop and stare at my car with their backs turned to it, Scary Movie Ish. It gets even more crazy every car that passed me I could hear the drivers voice in my head while the windows were rolled up and the AC on. Then I start hearing my thoughts on their radio while I drove by making me believe everyone was tapped into my frequency. My first thought was the world was gonna end at that moment so I start speeding trying to get away from that location and I start noticing cars infront of me, behind me and the other lane were flashing their emergency lights at me.

By the time I make it to the main road I pull up in a arbys fast food joint parking lot where there is a man just standing there just looking at me and I'm looking at him. As I'm getting ready to park this man shapeshifts from a black dude to a clown causing me to confuse the gas pedal from the brake causing me to crash into a wall. My belief is that same dude transforms into a short blonde hair chick who comes over to my car and says I'm gonna call emergency and am I alright. Emergency comes right away they come check me and everything and they tell me give us the number of your parents so we can call your parents. I tell them I don't want to do that because I no my parents weren't my actual parents. Somehow my so called parents arrive without me giving up their number, they arrive with the deadest look on their faces, my dad asks me are you ok I ask you earlier if you ok you tell me no. The ambulance driver then comes over and ask me what do I want to do, do I want to go back home with my so called parents or do I want to go to the hospital.

To be continued...............................
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I told him I want to go to the hospital, while at the hospital there was a security guard posted up right outside my room door who kept asking me if I wanted the tv on or off. I told him to keep it on the channel was on the Dr Oz show right off the bat I noticed his black eyes and I noticed it wasn't his voice it was a voice over talking over him. The security guard then walks in the room and quickly changes the channel without me asking and puts on a show I think is called junk wars and this time the people on the channel had slit eyes and fangs as teeth that flashed everytime they talked. So I'm like everyone of these people must be in on a joke I must be on a secret camera television program where there checking for my reaction to laugh at me. So I tell the security guard to go ahead and turn off the TV and immediately I started hearing voices in the TV while its off.

They then bring me out my food when I open the container I see a slimy burger with slimy carrots and slimy mashed potatoes. I don't even touch it after that and then the security guard asks me if I want the lights on or off. I'm like why is this dude asking me all these questions so I tell him to turn off the light whatever. The minute he turned off the light I could hear conversation all around the room in a whispering tone like one said another did he eat it, that's when I realized these were demons trying to posses my body. So I get up and try to run out the room to an empty one right accross from it and it was almost like the security guard had eyes behind his head he was like I don't know where you going young man but you gonna sit down in your room and eat your food. I told him no I won't because I'm seeing and hearing things and he was like I'll see what I could do for you. So the doctors arrive and they evaluate me and whatever from the accident and their like we hear you you've been hearing things and we have it set up where we will transfer you to a mental facility.

So they transfer me to the mental facility there two sections one for men the other for females. You could move freely to both sides, there's tv on both sides, magazines, chess/checker games, card games, ping pong table. But once there everything gets from bad to worse I notice all of them ain't human call it intuition, one dude is missing an eye illuminati symbolism, one dude is tattooed from head to toe with snake symbols, TV channel is set on transformers. This is where it gets bizarre dudes start disappearing, dudes are shapeshifting into monsters and people John Cena, Michael Jackson, Freddy Krueger, and JJ Watt height changes and everything. One patient stood behind his door room and I could see him behind the glass from the door shapeshifting into a shadow figure and back again to I'm guessing his natural form, he did this for at least a minute. After all of that the Doctors come out and assign me a room, in the room to the left of mine there was a patient that came out of that room that resembled a bat or an owl with hair coating his arms, hand and face. I watched and noticed how he stayed to himself walking in and out of his room never making eye contact with me. Everytime I walked near his room I would feel sharp pins and needles pricking me under my feet, very unusual.

So I spent majority of time sitting in the open space leisure areas, in the leisure area there was one dude sitting down on a chair I said DAMN as a thought and he said DAMN through his voice. So I said to myself if they can tap into my thoughts I can use it as a weapon against them. I would imagine myself as a great big giant scary monster and throw fireballs at each one near me. It worked I then notice them panicking and fleeing to their rooms as I threw fireballs there way. Then it quickly backfired as these demons attacked me as I seen blotches of black marks appear on my skin and hands. Negative thoughts and images running in my head that came from them, I could tell there was a sense of order in which they attacked me from.

Minutes later the doctors came out and told everyone it was lunch time so I'm curious to see what these demons eat so I make sure I'm the last person to go to the lunch room and I notice they all look to be eating real food with fruits and juice. As I walk to receive my food from the cook man I notice the vampire teeth of his. He asked me you not gonna eat anything and I told him nope nevermind. The thought that was running through my head was I might be next on their dinner plate but as I dug deeper it was more of an energetic feeding they were doing to me.

To be continued......................................
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After all of that I went back to the leisure area this time I went to the female side of the room as I'm walking I notice this girls eyes were all pitch black. So I sit down on the female side and the lady with the black eyes would pace back and forth near me everytime she would get close to me I would feel this negative wave of energy come over me. My body would become rigid, my neck would become stiff, my eyes would be set in a fixed position. The minute she would walk past me my body would jerk and I would see a ghostly apparition exit my body and run to one of the rooms. Till this day I have no clue if it was my spirit or one of the shapeshifters who possessed me.

As I'm still sitting there a minute later boom the opens up to the right of me and this black naked chick comes running out and I'm like yo she has no private parts and she looks like one of them barbie dolls naked. Nobody in the facility mentions she's naked, none of the Doctors sitting at their desks none. So I'm shook I get up and run to the men side and knock on the door to get me out of there. Nobody comes so I sit in the corner of the men leisure area, all the demons go in their rooms except for this one white dude. I'm saying to myself this is the dude that's probably setting me up, at this point on I start mean mugging this dude because I'm pissed. Right away I noticed skin from his forearm started looking like a burn victim with puss on it, he then shakes his head gets up and walks to his room. As night time set in I decided to walk to my assigned darkened room where out of the blue a light source emanated from my body and blotches of blood appeared right below the skin layer where it took on a red pigment. There was no need to turn on the lights as I stood in amazement how my body glowed and radiated this bright light throughout the whole room. As I stood there looking around the room on the walls there were codes, numbers and words I couldn't decipher.

Once I exit the room the Doctors tell everyone its dinner time and I tell myself Im not eating their food they could force feed me through a tube I don't care. So I then go sit down on the men side where I notice the dude that looked like a burn victim coming out of his room with a golf ball sized lump on his head, patches of hair missing and his red pigmentation. I'm telling myself this guy is having a hell of a hard time keeping his human form. So as I sit there going back and forth drinking water at the water fountain, one of the Doctors brings out a container of food for me. She sits it infront of where I'm sitting and tells me to eat up, so I open the container and look at how the food seems dried out unlike the slimy mess the hospital offered me. This food seemed sapped of all its nutrients and dehydrated. The doctors then took me to room to take blood samples then they took my blood pressure while the lady applied the armband for the blood pressure her arms became formless, transparent and this black lady face went from black to a grey pasty look almost like she was just dug up from the morgue.

I was at the facility for a week as I lived off of water, fruits and veggies. I promised myself the first thing I will do when I get home is to capture all of this on camera on my phone. I called the counterfeit dad after one week at the facility to be let go free, once I got home my so called mother had food prepared for me and I was like this isn't my mother food it looks just like the hospital food. So I said you know what this time I'm going to use the camcorder on my phone and start recording this. As I grabbed the phone and hit record I stood in amazement as the parents I was seeing in person were not showing up on the camcorder. So I ask myself where are my real parents and which reality this is, am I in a different dimension. That's when I began to notice even my neighbors were counterfeits, even their cars one neighbor I new had the same old car but with a shiny new coat of paint on it with a skull design. Then later that day I notice the same car parked in his driveway this time with bulls horns on the front. My suspicions grew even more when I noticed the same neighbor cutting his grass at night, very unusual behavior.

I decided to walk around the block a few times this time with the camcorder on my phone to see if I could catch a demon in the act. I definitely felt I was in a different dimension I would see planes and helicopters accross the sky that would pass repeatedly, very odd occurrence none of which appeared on camera. I watched and noticed how my so called neighbors would walk in and out of their houses moving their garbage to their front yards saying this one smells, almost like they referring to me by mocking me none of which appeared on camera once again.

As I got back home I took the car and left the house and tried to sleep in the car through the night at a McDonalds parking lot. In reality there was no sleep as these demons drove by periodically honking their horns to keep me awake. The demons seemed to tap into a hive mind consciousness where they can all see thoughts and actions of the possessed and try to manipulate them as one collective unit.

The very next day I decide to make a trip back at the house where I came to the conclusion these demons have the ability to manipulate time and space. I new this as the time my real father gets home from work, so as that time soon arrived I notice while looking through the window it was like a time warp as my actual real father car pulled up in the driveway. I noticed a duplicate car seconds later pull up in the drive way while my actual real fathers car just vanished. With all this happening I noticed one strange odd occurrence is that my body throughout all of this didn't have a bowel movement somedays not even a drop of piss. All I kept telling myself is this is the way they want me to die by clogging me up. I told myself I better come up with different methods to stop the harassment or else I'm dead, one was reading the bible that didn't seem to work. Then next I would blast music on the radio use that as a distraction and that backfired. I say it backfired because while blasting music hoping the demons would disappear using one of j coles rap song I was playing ended up embedded into my solar plexus even when I had cut off the radio the song would play like a broken record inside of me, the words would bubble up through my chest to my throat pipe and I would be mumbling the words to that one song sort of like a muscle reflex. I ended up calling emergency and staying up all night there because of it.

To be continued...................................
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This time with a new mindset leaving the hospital packing my belongings and driving all the way to NY to live with my sister. I have researched and attempted new methods that work for me to stop the attacks even though I still hear voices rarely and battle negative thoughts. One method I researched was to take baths with sea salt the salt is like walking on glass for a demon. The next method is to sleep next to an iron pan so when you hear the demon knock throughout the night simply put your hand on the iron pan while its on the ground. This method will keep you grounded due to the fact that demons can awaken your kundalini acting like an electrical current so the iron will keep you rooted to earth. One other method I do is put a bowl full water with sea salt in it while I sleep cleaning it out everyday. The last method is putting sea salt on the floor of each entrance point of the house since is like glass to the skin of a demon. I also listen to more uplifting music, religious songs on my phone, not sure if this effects them or not. With all these methods I haven't been to a hospital in over a year now.

One last thing to know about these demons is majority of them all speak in riddles like they expect you to solve the riddle. Like one guy mentioned to me we created you with our bare hands and your our shadow I'm like so what does that even mean am I suppose to take that as fact and that gives you the right to harass me since I'm your shadow and you created me just a bunch of bull they feed you. Another example was a conversation by two demons in the mental facility where one says its funny how they come from here while pointing to the top of the TV and fall down to here while pointing to the bottom of the TV I could only guess what that means.

I have no clue how I came on these demons radar I have no friends or a girlfriend I'm practically a nobody. But if it can happen to me it can happen to anybody so that's why I'm here to share my story if anyone is going through similar situation no that your not alone. The demons that prey on the weak members of society are a great evil to do that to people vulnerable is very weak and show their true characters as immature bullies. I reckon karma and justice will be served on behalf of those demons that continue to try and harass me to this day.

I'm a new member who just registered to post this any member here with a similar experience. Any new methods that any of you know that I can apply to stop the harassment.
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sea salt is very good for getting out evil spirits so keep using it, you could try a magic circle around your bed while you sleep to stop them from attacking you, place the 4 elements (earth wind fire water) at each part of the pentagram (with protection crystals if possible) and place the sea salt around the circle, that should help drive the evil spirits away.

also get a orgone necklace and wear it around your neck at all times, get some crystals too and place it in your property that should give you some protection, white crystal is good for evil spirits.

don't drink any alcohol or recreation drugs, that will leave you even more open to spiritual attacks and possession, eat better and lay off the junk food and see if that helps.

hope that helps you and you may want to contact your local spiritualist church and see if they can help you further.

Originally Posted by Crunky View Post

I have no clue how I came on these demons radar
perhaps they saw you as a threat, anyone sensitive to the other side is open to spiritual attack, it's like opening a door to a house full of flames, as soon you open that door the flames will come roaring out no matter what you do to try and stop it.
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I was having a good old shift, at my friends house this morning about 7 meters from a mirror watching as i weave in and out of physicality, I wish i caught it on Camera, I will one day next time im near a mirror haha, But i bet you cant see it because my eyes are either a part of my vision signal and the cameras not but depending on what format, you would really need to capture it on an old analog Camera
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Default Not seen reptillian yet

although a lady in Sainsburies did have bad breathe and rather long bony fingers. But i have seen a crocodile in the sea whist driving past the other day it giggled at me and i giggled back i won't ever swim in that bay now as it will eat me.
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