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Default Maybe This is it (Holographic World)

Saw this post and felt that it was pretty reasonable

We live in a hologram. What you think is reality is actually just a hologram supported by your senses. It explains aliens and paranormal activity. We originally came from aliens. Pleadians. That's how we got here. There are several dimensions, and occasionally ghosts and aliens come to ours and are visible.

We are about to enter a new dimension where time supposedly ceases to exist, which basically means we are spirits and our earthly bodies will die. The ancients all over the world were into astronomy (include astrology) and used the stars as a guide... hence the end of the age of Aquarius in December 2012.... The only thing is, has time been captured accurate to indicate Dec 2012 is actually when it really is (since we use a different calender... hence this post)? And I mean, look at the ancient wonders of the world... pyramids, etc... they all are related to astronomy. It's truth. Ever watched Zeitgeist? There's where the concept of "god" came from. Aliens & UFOs are depicted in ancient art. They exist and we came from them. They've been coming here for forever.

We are overdue for a pole shift and our gravitational field is weakening, so major catastrophe to the earth is indeed coming. Idk why some people are so in denial because it's a fact.

I mean it makes more sense than a talking snake in a beautiful garden lol

By the way just found it on some gossip site where they were discussing that 2012 is no longer the date because of that new book that came out.
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