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Default How do you do Scrying?

Is scrying something that's actually possible and does anyone have any experience with it? If so, how exactly does one do it? I've heard you can do it with fire, water, or mirrors (like Galadriel's in the The Lord of The Rings) Can anybody do it?

I'd appreciate any stories! Thanks!
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Scrying is simply emptying the mind of thought and utilizing hypnotic forces to induce concepts of imagery into the mind. The mind is a fertile ground for such, but one has to switch of thoughts of mundanity for the seeds to grow.

i find water is best, but sometimes i have worked with a quartz crystal ball - though the medium used is simply a focal point for stilling the mind

i've never scryed with a mirror before - as i believe that if you do so you can touch into other dimensions, and because you put your self into the experience (via your reflection) you can empower forces beyond your control with such. I've tidied up a few messes where people have mirror scryed withoit being aware of what they were actually doing. Though i've had no direct experience of doing it, but i have seen at first hand the mess created from such. As a word of caution: one girl i know scryed with a mirror and pulled a very negative entity into her life which abused not only her but her family (in defending its owner, her dog was mutilated by it one time when it attacked the entity) - the attacks happened over many years until she spoke to me about it and asked that i intervene.

Scrying with fire or water are pretty cool methods though, as both fire and water have cleansing attributes, and one tends to link in with nature energies when working with such (at least through my own experience).

For my own part i simply see shapes and interpret them. If, for instance i see a shape of a plane, or clouds, then such may be interpreted that a holiday, or a trip is coming up.

You'll be amazed at the imagery that comes up

If you are going to try it, i'd say go with your intuition.

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I never tried scrying and i dont think i could help u with anymore information, but i remember the story of my frnds mother, whe she was a little child and living in a village, some things were stolen from the house of a neighbour and they could not find who did it, and the prist of the village took little childs, as theyare seen a pure heart and i think in the morning, put them to look in a barrel filled with water, just the kids were aloud to watch and she said the images were as u u see 2day the images on the tv and thats how they found who did it
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Originally Posted by mar51076 View Post
Is scrying something that's actually possible and does anyone have any experience with it? If so, how exactly does one do it? I've heard you can do it with fire, water, or mirrors (like Galadriel's in the The Lord of The Rings) Can anybody do it?

I'd appreciate any stories! Thanks!
Here's a method I used to scry a few years ago. After 3-5 days I did start to see the images of the different faces. It was sort of creepy to see these images, but they didn't scare me or anything. I didn't take the method to the end where the person sees absolutely nothing in the mirror- and I don't remember why I stopped.

The technique of mirror gazing is a very powerful method for encountering one's unconsciousness. By unconscious, Osho says, that what he means is "less conscious".

The following instructions are given by Osho on how to encounter it through mirror gazing:

Close the doors of your room and put a big mirror just in front of you.
The room must be dark.
Then put a small flame by the side of the mirror in such a way that it is not directly reflected in it.
Just your face is reflected in the mirror -not the flame.
Then constantly stare into your own eyes in the mirror.
Do not blink.
This is a forty-minute experiment.
Within two or three days you will be able to focus your eyes without blinking.
Even if tears come, let them come but persist in not blinking.
And go on staring constantly into your eyes.
Do not change the stare.
Go on staring into the eyes - your OWN...
And within two or three days you will become aware of a very strange phenomenon.
Your face will begin to take new shapes.
You may even get scared.
The face in the mirror will begin to change.
Sometimes a very different face will be there which you have never known as yours.
But, really, all these faces belong to you.

Now the subconscious mind is beginning to explode these faces.
These masks are yours!
Sometimes even a face that belongs to your past life may come in.
And after one week of constant staring for forty minutes, your face will become just a flux, just a film-like flux.
Many faces will be coming and going constantly.
After three weeks you will not be able to remember which is your face.
Your own face, you will not be able to remember, because you have seen so many faces
coming and going.

If you continue anyway, then after three weeks the strangest thing happens.
Suddenly there is no face in the mirror.
The mirror is vacant.
You are staring into emptiness.
There is no face at all.

This is the moment!
Close your eyes, and encounter the unknown.
When there is no face in the mirror just close your eyes.
This is the most significant moment.
Close the eyes, look inside and you will face the unknown.
You will be naked, completely nothing, as you ARE.
All deceptions fall.

This is the reality, but the society has created many, many layers, not to be aware of it.
Once you know yourself in your nakedness, your total nakedness, you begin to be
a different person.
Then you cannot deceive yourself.
Now you know what you are, and unless you know what you are you can never transform, because any transformation becomes possible only in this naked reality.

This naked reality is potential for any transformation.
No deception can be transformed.
Your original face is now here, and you can transform it.
And really, just a will to transform it, will affect the transformation.

But you cannot transform your false faces.
You can change them, but you cannot transform them.
By change I mean you can replace them with another face.
So, a thief can become a monk.
A criminal can become a saint.
It is very easy to change, to replace the masks, the faces.
These are no transformations at all.

Transformation means becoming that which you really are.
The moment you face the unconscious, encounter the unconscious, you are face to face
with the reality of your authentic being.

This encounter is basic, foundational, for any religious happening.
So, many many methods have been invented.
There are sudden methods.
There are gradual methods.
I have told you about a gradual method.

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sofa king
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Scrying is not unlike any other metaphysical practice (seeing spirit guides tarot, runes, etc)

You might see something, you might not. If you do not, please don't get discouraged. But do keep trying.
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