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Default The 9/11 criminals – Bush, Silverstein, Rockefeller, Rothschild

President George W. Bush appointed cover-up artist Robert Mueller as FBI director on 4 September 2001, a mere week before 9/11…

Iraq – Petrodollar
While there is reason to believe that the decision to attack Afghanistan was only made in August 2001, the plans to attack Iraq were already from the first week that George Bush junior was inaugurated as president. Paul O'Neill was fired by Bush for disagreeing with him. O’Neil made public that already 10 days after his inauguration Bush wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein:
From the very beginning, there was a conviction, that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go.
A Pentagon document, dated 5 March 2001, includes plans for Iraqi Oilfield contracts for foreign suitors: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/bush-sou...o-invade-iraq/

An obvious reason to attack Iraq was the decision of Saddam Hussein to have oil paid in euros, which would undermine the petrodollar: http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/03/...saddam-had-wd/

Another motive was the big money made after the invasion Iraq. It cannot be surprising that KBR/Halliburton (of Vice-President Dick Cheney) was the biggest profiteer of the invasion in Iraq: http://www.ibtimes.com/winner-most-i...decade-1135905

Think tanks – call for terrorist attack
Below are a number of quotes - before 9/11 - from influential people, organisations that said a catastrophic event – like Pearl Harbor - is needed.

James M. Lindsay, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Brookings Institute, in 2000:
But how to raise the political stakes in foreign policy? A renewed threat to American security would clearly do the trick.
Michael Leeden, American Enterprise (AEI), in 1999:
of course, we can always get LUCKY. Stunning events from outside can providentially awaken the enterprise from its growing torpor), and demonstrate the need for reversal (from peace), as the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 so effectively aroused the U.S. from its soothing dreams of permanent neutrality (…) Peace increases our peril ... Peace . . . is a dream . . . and would undermine the power of the state (…) Lying is central to the survival of nations.
Project for a New American Century (PNAC) in 2000:
their ambitious military and foreign policy plans ('process of transformation') will be interminably delayed, "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.
Zbignew Brzezinski, Rockefeller agent, Trilateral commission, before 1998:
The pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being (…) that America is too democratic ... this limits the use of America's power, especially its capacity for military intimidation (…) we may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat (…) The public supported America's engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Patriot Act designed in advance
The implementation of the Patriot act had already started on 13 February 2001 with the bill to implement NSDP-1 (passed by congress March 13). The objective of NSDP-1 is instigating the National Security Council (NSC), which will provide for: “National security includes the defense of the United States of America, protection of our constitutional system of government, and the advancement of United States interests around the globe”. Here you can read the NSDP-1: http://fas.org/irp/offdocs/nspd/

Starting on 13 September 2001 a number of bills that deal with “national security” were proposed to the US congress.
The first was the Combating Terrorism Act of 2001 on September 13 (5 pages).The first draft of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 was presented on September 19 (8 and 25 pages).Then Public Safety and Cyber Security Enhancement Act was introduced on September 20 (9 pages).The Intelligence to Prevent Terrorism Act was introduced on September 28 (19 pages)
The Financial Anti-Terrorism Act was submitted on October 3 (126 pages).
The first version of the Patriot Act was introduced into the House on 2 October 2001 (245 pages). The final version of the USA Patriot Act (342 pages) together with the Financial Anti-Terrorism Act (132 pages) were introduced to congress on October 23. A motion was made to suspend the rules, and the bill was accepted by congress by a vote of 357-66 on 24 October 2001.

I don’t think it would’ve been possible to propose the Financial Anti-Terrorism Act and Patriot Act without advance preparation within 3 weeks after 11 September 2001.
The introduction of the Patriot Act bill, and passing it a day later is already evidence that congressmen couldn’t read it. Congressman Ron Paul made clear that he tried to read it before voting against it, but couldn’t get a copy because “the bill wasn't printed before the vote” and “They played all kinds of games, kept the House in session all night”: http://www.rense.com/general17/at.htm

The (first) 342 pages USA Patriot Act that was signed on 26 October 2001; you can read the full document here: https://epic.org/privacy/terrorism/hr3162.pdf

Glassner, Blackstone, Olmert, Bloomberg, Chertoff, Woolsey
Michael Glassner of American Israel Public Affairs (AIPAC) arranged the lease of the WTC by Silverstein. Strangely (or maybe not) Michael Glassner is now Donald Trump’s top political planner in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.
Another interesting link in WTC-7 is that the Jacob Rothschild owned Blackstone Group took over the mortgage to WTC-7 from Silverstein. Blackstone was founded in 1985 by Rothschild agents Peter George Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman.
A week before 9/11 the Israeli Zim Shipping Company left the WTC, although it had a contract for the lease until the end of the year. This amounts to an estimated loss of 50,000 dollar: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=8977

On 11 September 2001, 5 Israelis were making some New Yorkers upset when they were dancing in a happy state of mind when the Twin towers came tumbling down. Later they were arrested in a suspicious looking white van. They worked for the Urban Moving System, which was probably a front for the Israeli secret police Mossad. The White House ordered to stop the investigation against these Mossad agents: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WR...eisraelis.html

On 10 September 2001, Ehud Olmert, then Prime Minister of Israel, flew in for a secret, undocumented meeting with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Soon after 9/11, Michael Bloomberg became mayor of New York. Bloomberg covered up billionaire Zionist fraudster Maurice Greenberg’s put option scam through Bear Stearns.
Bloomberg awarded clean up duties to fellow Zionist Jew, Alan Ratner and his Metal Management company

On 9/11, eyewitnesses reported “middle eastern” men “dancing and celebrating” as the towers were engulfed in flames across the river in New Jersey. The men were subsequently arrested by the cops. The moving van they were using was registered under Urban Moving Systems, a Mossad front company managed by Israeli Dominic Suter. The 5 arrested “dancing” Israeli, Yaron Shmuel, Omer Marmari, Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, and Oded Ellner, were all Mossad agents.
None other than dual US- Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff had them released from custody, and sent to Israel on minor visa violations.

Michael Chertoff is the son of a founding member of the Mossad.
Chertoff was the main author of the Patriot Act.
Chertoff later became the head of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Michael Mukasey was the judge who awarded “lucky” Larry Silverstein twice the sum for 2 terrorist attacks (WTC-1 and WTC-2), which forced the insurance company to pay Silverstein and his co-conspirators $4.6 billion.
Michael Chertoff and Mukasey had earlier co-operated in covering up what really happened after the WTC was bombed in 1993. Chertoff was the lead prosecutor and Mukasey was the judge presiding over the trial of Omar Abdel Rahman.

Joseph Hellerstein worked for an Israeli law firm, Amit, Pollack and Matalon, which represented the Israeli firm ICTS. ICTS was responsible for passenger screening and airline security at Newark, Boston Logan, and Dulles, from where the “hijacked planes” departed.
The Israeli ICTS also ran the security at the Schiphol Amsterdam airport from where the “Underwear Bomber” on Christmas Day 2009 departed.
The Chertoff Group has made hundreds of millions of dollars off the electronic body scanners that became part of airport security in the wake of the “Underwear Bomber” hysteria: http://www.lostscribemedia.com/news/...s-masterpiece/
(archived here: http://archive.is/la8iN)

Kenneth Feinberg was appointed to control the $7 billion taxpayer funded Victims Compensation Fund. It is estimated that the total settlement amount was less than $3.5 billion total for all the victims. Where did the rest go?
Feinberg later was appointed as the key clean up man for the BP oil spill, for more information on that: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=315148

A month after James McGreevey was inaugurated as Governor of New Jersey, the father of the husband Jared to the daughter of President Trump, Charlie Kushner, was nominated for chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This would have put him in charge of the billions of dollars for rebuilding the WTC.
Charlie had to refuse this offer, after he got some bad press over his (illegal) campaign contributions: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2...ers-power-play

CFR member James Woolsey, CIA Director under Clinton, became the New York Fire Department’s antiterrorism consultant. I’m not sure at what time, but it’s bizarre that somebody of his calibre (Senior Vice President of the giant Booz Allen Hamilton from 2002 to 2008) would take such a low job.
Why would a fire department even need an “antiterrorism consultant”?
I don’t think that a man like James Woolsey would be needed to “gag” the fire fighters, but that’s the story on Infowars.
It particularly names Paul Isaac Jr., who was prevented to speak out on the bombs in the WTC: https://www.infowars.com/ex-cia-chie...-firefighters/

Already in the early hours of 12 September 2001, James Woolsey claimed that Iraq was probably responsible for 9/11: https://youtu.be/4X4HFQK6YDE

ABN Amro bank
The Dutch ABN AMRO bank luckily moved (consolidated operations) out of floor 35 of the South Tower (WTC-2) shortly before 9/11: http://edition.cnn.com/2001/BUSINESS...nts/index.html
(archived here: http://archive.is/bved1)

And then returned later to the newly built WTC-7 (in May 2007): http://www.nywtc911.com/newwtc.htm

I haven´t been able to find the date when ABN Amro New York left the WTC (which involved acquiring some part of the Dutch ING bank).
This reminds me of the Israeli ZIM shipping company that moved out of the WTC shortly before 9/11.

There is also an interesting link between ABN Amro and the Bin Laden family, which have been partners in crime with the Bush crime syndicate for a long time.
ABN Amro was probably even involved with a company directly connected to Osama Bin Laden (the Al Shamal Islamic Bank): https://www.theguardian.com/business...01.afghanistan
(archived here: http://archive.is/OG9Mo)

Meetings October, November 2001
I have information on 2 meetings in the wake of 9/11 (October and November 2001) where these psychopaths discussed how to take advantage of this false flag.

On 29 October 2001, Richard Perle (AEI), Michael Ledeen (AEI), Newt Gingrich (AEI, former speaker of the US House of Representatives, Jim Woolsey (former director of CIA) and “very special guest” Natan Sharansky (Deputy Prime Minister of Israel).

Iraq at one point had produced 2,300 gallons of anthrax.

I will primarily cite two countries, Iraq and North Korea.
al-Qaida is currently the poster child in the United States, but the truth is that Hamas and Hezbollah are equally dangerous and that there are other organizations and that there are people who suggest that Syria could be a part of a coalition when there are ten terrorist groups headquartered in Damascus.

both FBI and CIA agree in the spring of 1993 that Saddam had been behind the effort to assassinate former president Bush in Kuwait, President Clinton's response was to launch a few cruise missiles in the middle of the night at an empty building.

We should not discuss this in terms of criminality, set ourselves criminal justice standards, beyond a reasonable doubt, use words like "proof" and all the rest. This is a matter of war and, just because most wars begin with banners flying and people in uniform and this one did not, doesn't mean we treat it any differently. We are not to be held to some sort of lawyerly standards of proof here. We are going to have to make judgments, hard judgments and we can't get trapped in legal niceties.

Democracy and freedom means the long process, building of institutions. Those very institutions which elect free press, free courts and human rights organizations.

I am really thrilled to be on this panel, where my favorite people, Newt Gingrich, one of my favorite politicians; Jim Woolsey, my lawyer who saved me; Richard Perle, my constant inspiration; and Natan Sharansky, my hero. So it is really a real inspiration.

The first point is that terror has always been directed against democracies. You don't find big terrorist organizations fighting dictatorship.

our children are unfortunately being raised to believe that all people are the same, and all people are not the same. People are enormously different.

Can we afford to wait and hope that he chooses not to do something that is perfectly within his means to do, and that is distribute anthrax to anonymous terrorists who might then use it, not a few spores at a time in letters sent through the mail but in a way that could kill tens of thousands of Americans, maybe even more, in a single attack?

And remember, all these so-called stable, strong regimes, have secret police because they don't trust their own people. I mean, by definition, if you have to be surrounded by five layers of secret police, there is a hint that you might not have a stable populous under you and you are keeping them repressed.
These “democratic” arguments really show how filthy the US dictatorship really is (just look at the last quoted paragraph).
Or what about a corrupt lawyer like Woolsey saying that we shouldn’t have “some sort of lawyerly standards of proof”: http://web.archive.org/web/200807192...transcript.asp

Just look at some of the participants in the 6 November 2001 meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):
Newton L. Gingrich, CEO The Gingrich Group
Jamie S. Gorelick, Vice Chair, Fannie Mae
Jerome Hauer, Managing Director, Kroll Associates
Peter G. Peterson, Chairman Blackstone Group and Chairman CFR

Arthur Ross, Vice Chairman UN Association of the USA
George Soros, Chairman Soros Fund Management
R. James Woolsey, Partner Shea & Gardner
James J. Zogby, President, Arab American Institute: https://www.cfr.org/report/improving...rism?excerpt=1

And see some excerpts from the paper after the meeting - look at what they say on brainwashing Muslims by education.
Our ongoing struggle against the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks has many critical elements. The military campaign in Afghanistan is one; however, another campaign of potentially decisive significance is winning the battle for public support among Muslims around the world.
Release a White Paper explaining our goals and rationale for the war in Afghanistan, and outlining the evidence that the al-Qa'eda network was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
Provide long-term education and scholarship assistance funding to the region to help them take education out of the hands of the fundamentalists and help extirpate the anti-American and anti-Semitic bile that plagues their educational systems.
Disseminate stories of particular victims to convey the range of people killed in the 9/11 attacks-stress range of religions, races, income levels, etc. (Stress that bin Ladin has killed co-religionists by showing Muslims killed, counteract myth that Mossad was behind the attacks by showing Jews killed, etc.)

Bush Stratases – ACE Elevator company
Martin Bush (brother of George W.) was on the board of directors of the security company Stratasec (previously: Securacom) until 2000. The CEO being Wirt Walker III, that is such a good friend of the Bushes, that some even call him a part of the family (Bush). The company was backed by the Kuwait-American Corp, for years involved with Bush.
Securacom set up a system for the security of the WTC, after the 1993 bombing, and handled the security for the complex at least until 1998. In September 2001 it was responsible for the security at Dulles International Airport (from which both planes that reportedly flew in the WTC departed) and arranged the security for United Airlines (the company of 2 of the 4 planes that were supposedly hijacked) until 1998.

Coincidentally the A.C.E. elevator company had been working in the WTC for 9 months until the day before 9/11. I don’t think that A.C.E. employees placed the explosives in WTC 1, 2 and 7, but it would have been very easy (especially for Marvin Bush that knew about the security of the WTC) to give some secret agents an A.C.E. uniform and security pass and plant the explosives in the WTC.
And while a cousin of the brothers Bush, Jim Pierce had his meeting on the 105th floor of the South tower rescheduled to another location, Marvin Bush - in one of those strange coincidences - was in New York on September 11, 2001: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WR...1security.html

Companies in the Twin Towers – Kroll, Marsh, Bremer
They couldn’t have demolished the Twin towers and WTC-7 without explosives placed on the outer columns. It wouldn’t have been necessary to do this on all floors, but a lot of companies “located” in the WTC must have been in on 9/11.

Kroll associates was responsible for the security of WTC. Prior to working for Kroll, in 1999 and 2000 Brian Michael Jenkins was chairman of RAND. Jenkins also served on the National Commission on Terrorism, led by Paul Bremer. Jenkins returned to RAND after his stint with Kroll. Other RAND advisors during the times Jenkins worked there were Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Frank Carlucci (Carlyle), Paul Kaminski (In-Q-Tel and PNAC).
Jules Kroll was a member of Quill and Dagger (just like Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Friedman, National Security Advisors Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley).
In 1993, American International Group (AIG) bought 23% of Kroll. AIG was also working with Kroll on security issues. In May 2004 Kroll was bought by Marsh for $1.9 billion.

A very interesting name is that of L. Paul Bremer. Bremer was managing director at Kissinger Associates from 1989 to 2000, and then took a job with Marsh. In September 2001 Bremer was CEO of Marsh Political Risk Practice with an office in the South tower. Already the same day Bremer told NBC that Osama bin Laden was responsible and that maybe Iraq and Iran were involved.
Bremer was on the advisory board for the Japanese Komatsu. Komatsu had been involved in a joint venture with Dresser Industries, connected to Prescott Bush and George H. W. Bush (Dresser merged with Halliburton in 1998). The Komatsu-Dresser mining division patented a thermite demolition device for demolishing a building in July 1996.
Bremer was also on the board of directors for AkzoNobel (from the Netherlands).
In 2003 Bremer became the Iraq Occupation Governor.

American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north face of the north tower (WTC 1) between floors 94 and 99 - Marsh & McLennan (Marsh) occupied all of these floors. These floors had been upgraded for “fireproofing” shortly before 9/11. Marsh’s chief executive was Jeffrey Greenberg, a member of the Brookings Institution, Trilateral Commission, and son of the chairman of American International Group (AIG), Maurice Greenberg. At Brookings, Greenberg hobnobbed with Lee Hamilton, co-chair of the 9/11 Commission.

From 1982 to 2001 the President of Marsh Real Estate Advisors, was Craig Stapleton, the husband of George W. Bush’s cousin, Dorothy Walker Bush (at one time he co-owned the Texas Rangers with Bush junior). In 1997 Stapleton was a member of the board of Cendant, when the President of Cendant was Henry Silverman (former partner of Blackstone Group and later Vice Chairman of PANYNJ). Stapleton later joined Winston Partners, founded and led by Marvin Bush.
Stephen Friedman was not only working for Marsh, but became George W. Bush’s top economic advisor. Friedman was also a member of Brookings, the Bilderberg group, the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and the board at In-Q-Tel.

The previous is from the story of Kevin R. Ryan: http://www.911truth.org/demolition-a...t-one-tenants/

Anthrax false flag
The anthrax attacks started on 18 September, 2001, but were only first reported on October 3, and then 2 days later Robert Stevens, reporter at the Sun paper, was the first death because of anthrax. The whole hysteria for a total of 5 people dying because of anthrax until the end of 2001 (including a 94 years old woman) was completely justified, especially since more died because of the vaccine (not even considering all the deaths in the “War on terror”).
In October 2001 Bush and Cheney accuse Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden for the anthrax attacks. On October 18, 2001 John McCain implicates that the anthrax comes from Iraq. On October 26, Peter Jennings on ABC News’s World News Tonight calls Saddam Hussein responsible for the anthrax attacks. The FBI quickly destroyed the first Ames strain of anthrax, after it was discovered that it originated from a dead cow in Texas, used in US military research.
If we weren’t surprised by all of the physical laws on 9/11 that were mysteriously broken, it was really not suspicious that those senators against the Patriot Act, Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, were intimidated by anthrax letters: http://www.historycommons.org/timeli...ks_patriot_act

When it was clear that this anthrax was produced in the USA, on October 27 the Washington Post reported that a lone extremist operating from the USA was probably behind the anthrax attacks. From the summer of 2002 on, the FBI tried to frame Steven Hatfill that worked at USAMRIID (that had passed a lie detector test in January 2002); on June 25 several newspapers were tipped and report that Hatfill’s house has been searched in connection to the anthrax attacks, while he’s constantly under surveillance and harassed by the FBI. But Hatfill comes back fighting - on August 11, 2002 he defends himself in a public speech and Washington Post interview. On June 27, 2008, Hatfill accepts a $5.82 million settlement from the government for his legal claim that the Justice Department and FBI ruined his career and invaded his privacy.

On April 2007, 2007, the respected researcher at USAMRIID Bruce Ivins is subpoenaed to testify (with the promise that he isn’t a suspect) and becomes the fall guy. From November 1, 2007 on Ivins is openly followed (and harassed) by the FBI, to intimidate him and his family.
Since 2000 Ivins was stupid enough to seek help for psychiatric problems. In 2008 Ivins was attending group therapy sessions led by “social worker” Jean Duley. On July 9, 2008, Duley seeks a restraining order against him, because Ivins had told her he has “a very detailed plan to kill his co-workers” at USAMRIID, that Ivins had a history of making homicidal threats, had threatened her, will soon be charged with 5 murders (the anthrax deaths in 2001) and Ivins’ psychiatrist had “called him homicidal, sociopathic with clear intentions”. It is clear that Duley has been talking with the FBI (how could she know he would be charged or about his psychiatrist?). A month later Duley no longer works as a “social worker” (she was probably hired to frame Ivins). Nobody from the group sessions has confirmed that Ivins had homicidal plans: http://www.sharonkgilbert.com/?p=321

From July 10 till July 23, Ivins is locked up in a psychiatric hospital. On July 29, 2008 Ivins is conveniently suicided. Three days later the Los Angeles Times reports that Ivins died just before he would be charged for the 2001 anthrax attacks. The story is that Ivins had swallowed prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine on July 27 and was hospitalised with an overdose and died 2 days later in the hospital. The Frederick Police Department lieutenant determined that “an autopsy wouldn’t be necessary”.
Why would a man like Ivins, that would know how to kill himself, commit suicide with poison that would only cause death 2 days later? Ivins was under 24 hours surveillance (harassment) by the FBI, so how could he commit suicide unnoticed?

On 6 August 2008, the FBI presents their case that Bruce Edwards Ivins did all of the anthrax attacks in 2001 by himself, without being suspected for years and keeping a job at the same time with a high clearance, where he hid being a terrorist and made the anthrax powder – case closed. It appears that his emails are the “hardest” evidence. Ivins had even passed a lie detector test in December 2001 about the anthrax attacks. Several colleagues of Ivins said that Ivins was not capable of these anthrax attacks. Anybody with half a brain can see that it would have been impossible for Ivins to perform these anthrax attacks all by himself: https://www.911tap.org/557-news-rele...k-summary.html

BioPort, Bayer, BMI – profits from anthrax scare
BioPort holds the monopoly on vaccines on anthrax in the USA. The Carlyle group, linked to George H.W. "poppy" Bush, owns part of BioPort.
BioPort is also connected to the Jacob Rothschild owned Blackstone Group, an investment bank that had the mortgage on WTC-7 (and effectively owns Carlyle). Blackstone was founded in 1985 by Rothschild agents Peter George Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman. Blackstone is also connected to the Kissinger inc.: http://www.rense.com/general15/theoverthrowofus3.htm

Then there’s Bayer that holds the monopoly in the USA for the antibiotics Cipro for anthrax. Bayer was part of the notorious IG Farben - the producer of Zyklon B that was used by the Nazis and owner of the largest Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. IG Farben was affiliated to Rockefeller’s National City Bank and Standard Oil. The ties between Rockefeller and the IG Farben were never severed: http://www.healingcelebrations.com/s...andanthrax.htm

Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) has a partnership with BioPort. During the presidency of Bill Clinton BMI was contracted by the US government to develop a more deadly strain of anthrax (from their laboratories in West Jefferson, Ohio).
BMI had gotten the Ames strain of anthrax used in the attacks from USAMRIID. BMI hired William Patrick III for a risk-assessment about dissemination of anthrax powder by mail. The FBI had investigated BMI in December 2001, after the company was discussed in several articles by the Washington Post: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/epi/bioter/FB...ialmotive.html

From 2000 till 2002 Bruce Ivins had been working for BioPort, to solve problems with their vaccine. According to a 2004 book by Gary Matsumuto (before Ivins was named as a suspect) Bruce Ivins knew that the experimental vaccine given to Gulf War US soldiers since 1991 could cause “toxic, allergic, ulcerative, or lethal reactions". Ivins could have been targeted and suicided because he knew too much about the experiments on US soldiers in the Gulf War. Maybe Bruce Ivins even suspected that Battelle Memorial Institute had motive, expertise, possessed the Ames strain, and had planned the anthrax attacks in advance of 9/11 (there were more bio weapon experts that suddenly died): http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ci...nthrax-cia.htm
(archived here: http://archive.is/JsZsw)

For the short summary of the suspects see the picture.

9/11 commission cover-up
At the end of 2002, after much of the evidence had already been destroyed, Bush set up the 9/11 commission to “investigate” what the intelligence agencies should have done to prevent Al Qaeda from attacking the USA (this could only lead to something like the Patriot Act).
George W. Bush had the great idea to appoint none other than Rockefeller’s favourite war criminal Henry Kissinger to head this investigation. Kissinger inc. is connected to the Blackstone of Jacob Rothschild. After some doubts about his connections to the oil industry, they appointed another great patriot, Thomas Kean, to lead the investigation.
The (only?) evidence that Al Qaeda was behind 9/11 came from the confessions of captured Muslim terrorists, that were so badly tortured (including waterboarding) by the CIA that they would have confessed that the prophet Mohammed was behind the attacks. The 9/11 commission didn’t even interrogate these “terrorists”, but only read the interrogation reports. Even members of the 9/11 commission raised doubts about their work.

The 9/11 commission destroyed all the evidence on the put options trading by Deutsche Bank, because:
A single U.S.-based institutional investor with no conceivable ties to al Qaeda purchased 95 percent of the UAL puts on September 6 as part of a trading strategy that also included buying 115,000 shares of American on September 10
The 9/11 commission simply ignored the collapse of WTC-7 (because Al Qaeda couldn’t have placed the explosives in the building?): http://georgewashington2.blogspot.nl...documents.html

Kurt Sonnenfeld – FEMA
Kurt Sonnenfeld fled to Argentine after he was charged with murdering his wife on 1 January 2002 (Sonnenfeld´s claims his wife committed “suicide”). Following are some of the things Sonnenfeld said in an interview: http://www.voltairenet.org/article160636.html

He was dispatched to go to New York even before the second plane hit the South Tower, while the media was still reporting only that a “small plane” had collided with the North Tower — too small a catastrophe to involve FEMA. Later Sonnenfeld learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into the command centre at Pier 92 on 10 September 2001 (before the attacks)!
FEMA is the agency that takes over the US government in the case of a major calamity.

Sonnenfeld walked around at Ground Zero to tape what he saw. WTC building 6 was crushed and totally incinerated. Below WTC-6 were voids, where Sonnenfeld descended with a special Task Force. He saw that the vault below WTC-6 was empty. It was probably plundered shortly before 9/11.
After 9/11, it was discovered that within WTC-7 was the largest clandestine domestic station of the CIA outside of Washington DC, from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions (was that including the 9/11 terrorist attacks?).
The 2 videos of Sonnenfeld, some 8 hours in total, I found earlier have been deleted from Youtube. It is a tape of how Ground Zero looks and he also interviews some workers at Ground Zero. I watched a few snippets, but didn’t find anything good. It´s long, with no voice-over or text to explain what we see, so I gave up.
I found an alternative 7 1/2 hours version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KGaOj6S69E

McNiven – 9/11 planned 20+ years
Timothy (Tim) McNiven, when he was stationed in Germany in 1976, was ordered by his commander Lt. Michael Teague to describe how terrorists could hijack a plane and crash it into the World Trade Center. The hijackers would use plastic box cutters to hijack a Boeing with a full fuel tank. The hijackers would take control of the plane by cutting the jugular vein of one of the stewardess. The WTC would collapse in between 1 and 2 hours because of the fire caused by the jet fuel. McNiven also said some interesting things about Bill Clinton. McNiven has successfully passed a lie detector test. Here’s the affidavit of McNiven of 10 November 2003: http://www.futile.work/uploads/1/5/0.../grillfire.pdf

After 9/11 McNiven saw it as his duty to blow the whistle on the terrorists in the US government that committed this foul act (or didn’t prevent it). McNiven was harassed by the FBI. He asked the ACLU to file a court case against the US government, but this was refused with the bogus excuse that they don’t have the resources.
The original story was removed from the internet, here’s the archived version: http://archive.is/XqwWR

McNiven’s affidavit was used in the RICO law suit of Ellen M. Mariani who claimed $911 million in damages (I’m not joking). This law suit was mostly based on the official version of what happened and the assumption that the Bush administration could have prevented the terrorist attack.

Aaron Russo – 9/11 planned in advance
In 2000, Nicholas (Nick) Rockefeller tried to recruit Hollywood director Aaron Russo for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). 11 months before 9/11 Rockefeller explained how wonderful it would be to be a part of the CFR because:
there was "going to be an event" — never told me what the event was going to be — but there was going to be an event, and out of that event we were going to invade Afghanistan to run pipelines from the Caspian Sea, we were going to invade Iraq, to take over the oil fields, establish a base in the Middle East, and make it all part of the New World Order, and we would go after Chavez in Venezuela.
Only after Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded Russo connected 9/11 to the “event” Rockefeller talked about. Russo was also told about the following objectives for the CFR:
But they felt that they wanted to reduce world population, and he felt that it should be reduced by half. (...)
And the whole agenda is to create a one-world government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips — there'll be no more cash.
And, if you're like me or you, and you're protesting what they're doing, they can just turn off your chip. And you have nothing. You can't buy food. You can't do anything. It's total control of the people.
In an interview from 2006 Russo explains (or tries to) how the elite rule over us: https://sites.google.com/site/themat...ull-transcript
(archived here: http://archive.is/wgxDU)

Russo in fact strongly opposed the World dictatorship (NWO). In 2006 he finished the documentary “America: From Freedom to Fascism” that’s largely about taxes, but also addresses missing government money, violation of constitutional rights, interest rates, election fraud, spying on people, microchip implants, paper money, bankers controlling politicians and starting wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKeaw7HPG04

Of course Russo couldn’t take them on all alone, so Russo died on August 24, 2007 (they say “cancer”). Please watch the last will of Russo (it’s only a short video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDF8R7dXJyo

William Cooper
On 5 November 2001, less than 2 months after 9/11 William (Bill) Cooper was killed by the police for tax fraud and resisting arrest.
An important fact is often overlooked in his death and that is that he had only one leg. I guess that shooting a police officer twice in the head while running would be twice more difficult than with both legs intact.
William Cooper on 28 June 2001 (2 ½ months before 9/11) announced on his radio show that some major event would happen soon and “Whatever is gonna happen that they are gonna blame on Osama Bin Laden, don’t you even believe it”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKT5XxJ1sbQ

Here is a transcript where William Cooper talks about what is (really) happening - broadcast live on September 11, 2001: http://deceivedworld.blogspot.nl/201...anscribed.html
(archived here: http://archive.is/27joY)

Iran found guilty
I thought I knew a little bit about both the official story on 9/11 and what really happened...
I was shocked to find out that Iran has been sentenced to pay more than $10.5 billion because they were found guilty for this horrendous act.

I already knew that literally within a day Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Saddam Hussein were accused of being guilty by the US...
Subsequently it was a undisputed fact that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the whole thing from a cave in Afghanistan, so the allied US/UK army had no choice but to swiftly invade Afghanistan for aiding Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden (since then Afghanistan has produced even more opium than before, but never mind the facts...).
Then a while later Iraq had to be invaded, because it was an established fact that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction (never mind that it is an undisputed fact that the US, Britain and Russia all have WMD and that no WMD were found in Iraq).

There are also some, probably psychic, US expert witnesses that explain that in their “expert” opinion, Iran was behind it all (case closed - $10.5 billion...), including: Daniel L. Byman, Janice L. Kephart, Patrick Clawson, Claire M. Lopez, Bruce D. Tefft, and Ronen Bergman.

Nr. 122 – The cunning Iranian border authorities didn’t stamp the passports of the terrorists, because otherwise this group of 19 Muslim extremists would have drawn attention of the US authorities.

Nr. 154/155 - Ex Iranian intelligence agent Abolghasem Meshabi in 2008 testified that Iran in 1985-1986 devised plans to crash a hijacked Boeing into the WTC and Pentagon (in 1976 the US had already detailed a plan to crash a passenger plane into the WTC, but never mind the facts...).
Nr. 158/159 - From 1996-2000, Abolghasem Meshabi was a government informant in Germany, after escaping Iran, and helped to get Iran sentenced for several acts of terror.

Nr. 169-174 – On 23 July 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi was informed that the plan (which included crashing a hijacked Boeing into the WTC and/or Pentagon) would be executed soon and immediately informed German authorities.
Nr. 176-178 – On 13 August 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi was informed that the hijacked Boeing crash into the WTC and/or Pentagon would be executed soon and he again informed German authorities.
Nr. 181-182 – On 13 September 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi informed German authorities that 9/11 was performed by Iran.

Nr. 183-186 – Since September 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi tried to inform US authorities that 9/11 was performed by Iran, but nobody would take his message.
Nr. 187-189 – Abolghasem Meshabi finally achieved in reaching “investigative journalist” Kenneth Timmerman, and told him that 9/11 was performed by Iran. Timmerman confirmed this “highly reliable” witness testimony (Timmerman was even used as expert witness)

Following is the 22 December 2011 (is this something numeric 12/22/’11?) verdict by the court, that shows how the guilt of Iran was established: https://1tjy1il8myg2badl72uj53gv-wpe...d_12-22-11.pdf

On 9 March 2016, a US civil court ruled that Iran must pay the victims of 9/11 more than $10.5 billion in fines (this is just a short document without explanation):
The Ashton plaintiffs are awarded a default judgment against Iran in the amount of $7,494,720,000. The Federal Insurance plaintiffs are awarded a default judgment against Iran in the amount of $3,040,998,426.03.

The same judge that pronounced Iran guilty, George B. Daniels, had on 29 September 2015 ruled that Saudi Arabia can’t be sued because it has sovereign immunity.
On 14 March 2016, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Iran won’t pay, because:
The ruling is ludicrous and absurd to the point that it makes a mockery of the principle of justice while [it] further tarnishes the US judiciary’s reputation.
Iran’s state media summarised the US court decision with:
The court ruling is based on the 9/11 Commission Report which stated that some attackers moved through Iran and did not have their passports stamped.
The verdict comes as none of the 19 hijackers on September 11 were Iranian citizens. Fifteen were from Saudi Arabia, while two from the United Arab Emirates and one each from Egypt and Lebanon.

WTC, Pentagon, Shanksville
I’ve previously started threads on 9/11.
Here’s about what happened at the WTC: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322350

Here’s about Shanksville and the Pentagon: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=322038
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On 16 October 2008, Robert Baer the CIA Case Officer in the Middle East for almost two decades during an interview claimed that he knew somebody that had prior knowledge of 9/11 because his brother worked at the White House. Robert Baer (RB), Jeremy Rothe Kushel (JK) and Stewart Howe (SH):
RB - I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said ‘cash me out, it’s going down tomorrow.’
JK - Really?
RB - Yeah.
SH - That tells us something.
RB - What?
SH - That tells us something.
RB - Well his brother worked at the White House.
At the end of the interview (9:48-10:02).

Larry Silverstein – WTC-7
For WTC-7 it’s not even claimed that it was hit by a plane, but collapsed anyway…

Larry Silverstein (at the time the owner of the whole WTC complex) has even admitted that he ordered to “pull” it. On September 11, 2002 Larry Silverstein in front of the cameras of PBS admitted said:
I remember getting a call from the...er...fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.
Of course Silverstein couldn’t have made the decision to demolish WTC-7 if the explosives weren’t placed in the building in advance: http://www.serendipity.li/wot/swissreletter.htm

Interestingly ‘lucky’ Larry Silverstein told that the plans for the new WTC-7 were already made in April 2000. Because the asbestos would have to be removed before a demolition would be allowed this would be expensive (for the whole WTC complex an estimated 200 million dollars): http://www.mintpressnews.com/911-lar...ttacks/214821/

Here’s the video where Silverstein tells about the plans from April 2000 (he doesn’t mention about plans for the removal of asbestos): https://youtu.be/j-_WYHwUtcI
The complete video from which this was taken is also worthwhile (from 59:00 – 59:13 he tells about the plans from April 2000). Silverstein tells amongst others how he beat the insurance companies (with the help of his good friend that became governor): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUvLCzk7nh4

Larry Silverstein – insurance fraud
“Lucky” Larry Silverstein leased the WTC after George W. Bush became president, and “coincidentally” insured the WTC for a large amount of money for a terrorist attack in July 2001; he reportedly made $4,550,000,000 (4.55 billion dollar) for the terrorist attack on the twin towers.
Silverstein and his family were lucky enough to not be in his office in the WTC on that faithful September 11; on a normal day he would’ve been in the Twin towers (with his daughter that worked for him): http://web.archive.org/web/201702281...nce-buildings/

James Corbett has made a detailed report on some of the financial aspects of the 9/11 operation.
The Port Authority insured the WTC complex for only $1.5 billion. Silverstein insisted on more than double that amount, insuring the buildings for $3.55 billion. Silverstein’s insurance broker had to split it among 25 dealers to put that much insurance coverage on the WTC complex.

Larry Silverstein and Co settled the insurance case for 2 terrorist attacks for $4.55 billion, for a mere “investment” of $125 million.
In 2003, Silverstein, Goldman and Cayre, who were the investors, got a total refund from the Port Authority for $125 million, according to Corbett $98 million and a further $130 million for the site’s rebuilding, while they retained control of 10 million square feet of office space: http://911research.wtc7.net/cache/wt...tml?refresh=on

Donald Trump – Silverstein, Giuliani, cheering Mossad agents, Woolsey
In the following video on 9/11 by James Corbett, Rudy Giuliani tells he was warned the Twin Towers would come down (11:52).
Larry Silverstein tells about his decision to “pull” WTC-7.
Donald Trump tells that Silverstein is a good friend of his.
It also addresses the plans to make an “event” happen by Mossad. Ehud Barak fingers Osama Bin Laden immediately.

In the following video, Donald Trump (an expert in constructing high buildings) explains on 11 September 2001, that the building couldn´t have collapsed by planes.
So there must have been explosives in the building: https://youtu.be/Rt-ldMj9y9w

Then Donald Trump was warned that the previous interview contradicts the official story and on 13 September 2001 Donald for the German TV…
Starting at the 2:45 mark, Donald explains that the tremendous heat of the “fuel” (1600 degrees temperature…) could have taken the buildings down, “because” people were willing to die (4:38 video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYXygIcIJ6I

Trump says "thousands of people were cheering" when the World Trade Center buildings came down on 9-11 (was he talking about the 5 Mossad agents dressed up as Muslims?):
Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” Trump told rally goers in Birmingham, Alabama Nov. 21, 2015. “And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.

A day later (starting 7:08) he confirmed this:
There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well covered at the time, George. Now, I know they don’t like to talk about it, but it was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.

Rudy Giuliani these days works for President Trump…

CIA Director under Clinton, CFR member, James Woolsey who was part of the cover-up as New York Fire Department antiterrorism consultant, was also an adviser to Donald Trump and a board member of the Flynn Intel Group of Trump’s candidate for national security adviser Michael Flynn: https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...8&postcount=14
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This is all very true jimmy ... but it's ancient history ...

How long do we have to rake over the ashes of 9/11 ??

Let me summarize and then we can move on.

9/11 was an event engineered by the cabal so they had a nebulous enemy , not one country but ANY country they could say was harbouring 'terrorists' . They now had public support to invade any country afghanistan , iran , you name it .

In the US and other western countries it was a reason for body scanners , pat downs , monitoring phone calls etc ... tip toeing into a 1984 police state ....

And why not screw the insurance companies for billions at the same time .. (those who really pay are the public by increased premiums)...

So that's all you really need to know...

Much better spend our time on the SSP or other more relevant subjects.
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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
So that's all you really need to know...

Much better spend our time on the SSP or other more relevant subjects.
If we don't learn from history, we will get fooled over and over again.

"False flags" the name is relaitively knew but in reality they have been playing this type of games for more than a 100 years: https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=316186
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Trump referenced 911 to Jeb Bush and he immediately dropped out of the race.

Fact, you fucking idiots.

But, of course, y'all hate Daddy, and Trump is your Daddy right now and your butthole is still aching from past violations.

Fuck you.

You fucking morons.
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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Fact, you fucking idiots.

But, of course, y'all hate Daddy, and Trump is your Daddy right now and your butthole is still aching from past violations.

Fuck you.

You fucking morons.
It looks like at least one Trump supporter is retarded: https://forum.davidicke.com/showpost...02&postcount=9
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Put options
Put options give someone the right to sell a stock for the current price (this only makes money when on the short term they decrease in value). There was an enormous peak in put options of American Airline and United Airlines (the companies of the 4 airplanes). Predictable both stocks came tumbling down from 30 to 20 dollars, there was also a suspicious high amount of trade in put options of Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

From 6th September 2001 till 10th September 2001: United Airlines sold 9000% more put-options, American Airlines 6000% more; Morgan Stanley 2600%; Merrill Lynch 1100%! The investigation about who profited was abruptly stopped. According to Michael C. Ruppert, who died in April 2014, CIA Executive Director “Buzzy” Krongard was directly involved in this scam: http://www.globalresearch.ca/9-11-at...st-ranks/32323

James Corbett also describes that around the time of the terrorist attack AIG and Marsh & MacLennan were used to funnel more than $100 million through the WTC.
According to Convar director Peter Henschel:
The suspicion is that inside information about the attack was used to send financial transaction commands and authorizations in the belief that amid all the chaos the criminals would have, at the very least, a good head start.
According to Richard Wagner:
There is a suspicion that some people had advance knowledge of the approximate time of the plane crashes in order to move out amounts exceeding $100 million. They thought that the records of their transactions could not be traced after the main frames were destroyed in the moments right before the attacks and during the attack — there was a 40 minute window between the time the first plane struck the World Trade Center and the second plane — that Deutsche Bank’s computers in New York City had been “taken over.” Absolutely co-opted and run. There was a massive data purge, a massive data download, and all kinds of stuff was moving.
And what this person said very clearly was that no one in the Deutsche Bank offices in the towers at the time had the ability to prevent what was going on from any of their terminals.
At the time of 9/11, Marsh’s chief of risk management was Paul Bremer, the former managing director of Kissinger and Associates. On the morning of 9/11 he was at NBC’s TV studio, where he said that Bin Laden, Iran and Iraq were the prime suspects.

The $180,000 for the put options United Airlines were worth $2.4 million when stock trading resumed.
The $337,000 in put options American Airlines on 10 September 2001, made a return of $1.8 million.
There was also a six-fold increase in call options of defence contractor Raytheon on the day before 9/11. The options allowed the traders to buy Raytheon stock at $25, within a week they were worth more than $34.
According to the FBI the purchase of 56,000 shares Stratesec in the days prior to 9/11 was suspicious.
Stratesec provided security systems to amongst other Dulles Airport, United Airlines and the WTC, and its share price almost doubled when the markets re-opened on 17 September 2001. Mr. and Mrs. Wirt D. Walker III, a business partner of Marvin Bush, brother of George Jr., were the buyers. This wasn’t suspicious because Walker had “no ties to terrorism”. At Stratesec Wirt Dexter Walker hired several people from The Carlyle Group, affiliated with Bush, Cheney and the Bin Laden family. Wirt Walkers fellow … director James Abrahamson was a close business associate of Mansoor Ijaz, who claimed that he could contact Osama Bin Laden.

A 2,500 order for put options United Airlines in the days before 9/11, was not processed through the regular Chicago Board of Options Exchange, but by Alex Brown & Sons (ABS, at the time owned by Deutsche Bank): https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com...sider-trading/
(archived here: http://archive.is/fP7xw)

Deutsche Bank / Alex. Brown – Shattuck, Krongard
In 1997, Mayo Shattuck was made trustee of Bronfman’s Seagram Company. Literally one day after 9/11, on 12 September 2001, Shattuck resigned as director of Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown.

Securities regulators and law-enforcement throughout the US and Europe investigated “unusual patterns” in sales and purchase of put options United, American, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter & Co. and Merrill Lynch & Co on 6, 7 and 10 September. Morgan Stanley occupied 22 floors in the WTC.
There were also unusual trades in insurance companies with significant exposure to damage claims, including Munich Re of Germany and the French AXA Group. At that time it was expected that Munich Re would have to pay out more than $1.5 billion.

Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown was used to purchase part of the options: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/...ne-2874054.php

In September 2001, the president of Germany's central bank, Ernst Welteke, said there was evidence that people connected to the terror attacks in New York and Washington profited from the tragedy by engaging in “terrorism insider trading” on European stock and commodity markets.
There were suspicious sales of shares in airlines and insurance companies, along with major trades in gold and oil markets, shortly before 9/11 that suggest they had advance knowledge of the attacks: http://web.archive.org/web/200111091...ocs/099922.htm

On 26 September 2001, CBS reported that "at least seven countries are dissecting suspicious trades that may have netted more than $100 million in profits".
The “insider trading” was done from countries that included: Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Canada and the US.

Thirty-eight companies that placed put options on behalf of clients were placed on a SEC list, including TD Waterhouse, NFS (subsidiary of Fidelity of Boston), Deutsche Bank Alex Brown, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/HEN204B.html

On 10 September 2001, the purchase of call options for Raytheon (that would increase in value in the wake of 9/11) had suspiciously surged by 600%.
The sale of five-year US Treasury Notes, among the best investments in the event of a world crisis, especially one that hits the US, also spiked just before 9/11. Among the purchases was a single $5 billion transaction.

In the mid-1990s, Alvin ‘Buzzy’ Krongard was a consultant to the previously mentioned CIA director James Woolsey. Then he became chairman of Alex Brown and Sons. In 1997 Alex Brown merged with Bankers Trust and in 1998 Krongard resigned as chairman.
In 1999, BT Alex Brown was in turn acquired by Deutsche Bank, the firm that placed the United Airlines put options. Krongard became the Executive Director of the CIA on 16 March 2001.

In 1999, BT Alex Brown pled guilty to criminal conspiracy charges, after it was revealed that top-executives had created a slush fund from $20 million in unclaimed assets.
Mayo Shattuck III, as co-head of investment banking, oversaw Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown's 400 brokers for wealthy clients. Shattuck himself handled the private accounts of such notables as Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and his associate Edgar Bronfman: http://www.comedonchisciotte.net/mod...ticle&sid=4964
(archived here: http://archive.is/RYAir)

In one of those strange “coincidences” Alvin ‘Buzzy’ Krongard sat on Blackwater's Advisory Board.
That’s the Blackwater that was founded by the brother of Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – Erik Prince: https://thinkprogress.org/krongard-c...-58db92227847/
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Default Ptech, Al-Qadi, Clinton and Bush

In mid-June 2001, WBZ reporter Joe Bergantino received a tip from a systems analyst at JP Morgan that computer software company Ptech (located in Quincy, Mass.) is tied to terrorists. Ptech was doing business with every federal government in defense and had access to key government data.
Bergantino was ready to air his story on Ptech (renamed to Go Agile) soon after 9/11 in September 2001 - that the US defense and law enforcement computer systems had a critical component which was in the hands of foreign company Ptech with extensive ties to terrorists.
Ptech software is embedded in the systems for government agencies like the US Army, US Air Force, US Naval Air Command, Congress, Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, IRS, FBI, Secret Service, the White House and NATO.

One of Ptech's prime benefactors was Yassin al-Qadi, founder of the Muwaffaq Foundation and according to the Treasury Department's a "Global Terrorist".
Even after President George W. Bush signed an executive order freezing Yassin Al-Qadi's assets for links to terrorism, the government still didn’t investigate Ptech when in October of 2001 Bergantino brought the information to the authorities. After the “investigation”, in August 2002 (when Ptech could have already destroyed evidence), Ptech was only charged with a small loan fraud and given a small fine. As Go Agile, Ptech remains in charge of government-embedded software that has access to just about every software system the government uses.

Some have criticised (the lack of) the US military's response to the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 11 September 2001; in particular the failure of nation's air defences to stop the planes to hit their targets.
The morning of 9/11 was not typical, as communications breakdown and simultaneous war games “interfered with the military response”, according to the 9/11 Commission.
The communications and control systems of the entire US military were overseen, and could have been sabotaged, by the "enterprise-wide" system of Ptech.

Years before 9/11, FBI agent Robert Wright charged the Clinton administration with aggressively blocking investigation into certain terror subjects; this included “the money trail” behind Osama bin Laden.
After the 1998 bombings of two US embassies in Africa, Chicago federal prosecutor Mark Flessner (an ally of Wright) told ABC News that the Clinton Justice Department simply didn’t allow him to build a criminal case.
A prime suspect in Wright's investigations was Ptech investor Yassin al-Qadi, who is also the son-in-law of Sheikh Ahmed Salah Jamjoom, a former Saudi Arabian minister with close ties to the Saudi royal family.

Ptech (Go Alige) had Israelis working for them that had previously worked for Israeli Military Intelligence that later were employed by Log-On’s Israeli subsidiary Guardium.

In 1991, US journalist Danny Casolaro was digging a little too deep into the criminal cartel with the money laundering BCCI bank at its centre (the “Octopus”). Later that year, Casolaro was “suicided”...
Casolaro amongst others looked into the theft by Bush officials, of a software system called PROMIS. Some believe that PROMIS later evolved into Ptech’s system: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/w...#ixzz5KhqvEsLK
(archived here: http://archive.is/OBtFG)

In 1997, the US government under a “government-efficiency improvement effort” gave Ptech permission to market its services to "all legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the federal government". According to Ptech, it has security clearance for sensitive projects since December 1997.
By August 2002, revenue from work for the federal government totalled $3.1 million.

According to the US Treasury, Saudi businessman Yassin al-Qadi was a financial backer of al Qaeda and other terrorists.
The US Treasury also named the investment company Sterling Management run by M. Yaqub Mirza. One of the companies Mirza set up, is the Sterling Ptech Fund LLC.
Ptech also received backing from Bait ul-Mal Incorporated (BMI Inc.), a now defunct New Jersey firm with financial relationships to Muslim “charities” involved in terrorism: http://web.archive.org/web/200411132...tic&page=ptech

“Indira” was informed that PTech is a CIA clandestine operation on the level of Iran-Contra.
CARE International is a renamed version of Al Kifah which financed the WTC 93 bombing. The co-chair of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas Kean, had been involved in a $24 million real estate transaction with BMI, one of the PTech investors: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-se...-trail/5475639
(archived here: http://archive.is/pX0z6)
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Default Ptech, BMI, Muslim Brotherhood, CARE

Another interesting link from Donald Trump to the 9/11 cover-up is member of the 9/11 Commission Jamie Gorelick. These days Gorelick is the lawyer for daughter and son-in-law of President Donald, Ivanka and Jared Kushner.

Please note that the New Jersey-based real estate investment firm Bait ul-Mal Incorporated (BMI Inc.) that was founded in 1986, which is closely associated with computer company Ptech, is NOT the same as the Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) that has a partnership with BioPort (that profited from the anthrax scare in the aftermath of 9/11).
Former counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke will state in 2003:
While BMI [has] held itself out publicly as a financial services provider for Muslims in the United States, its investor list suggests the possibility this facade was just a cover to conceal terrorist support. BMI’s investor list reads like a who’s who of designated terrorists and Islamic extremists.
According to enterprise architecture expert John Zachman, Ptech can collect crucial information from the organisations that uses its software: “You would know where the access points are, you’d know how to get in, you would know where the weaknesses are, you’d know how to destroy it”.
Another computer expert said: “The software they put on your system could be collecting every key stroke that you type while you are on the computer. It could be establishing a connection to the outside terrorist organization through all of your security measures”.

“Muslims” investors in BMI (including the Bin Laden family, that’s affiliated with Bush)
Abdurahman Alamoudi – a founder of Ptech, and an investor in BMI. In 2004, he will be sentenced in the US to 23 years in prison for illegal dealings with Libya. US prosecutors say he is also in the Brotherhood, and has ties to Hamas.
For many years, Alamoudi runs the lobby group American Muslim Council, founded by a top Muslim Brotherhood figure.
See Alamoudi, with Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton, 1997 (from an American Muslim Council newsletter).

Soliman Biheiri - former head of BMI and a member of Ptech’s board. US prosecutors will later call him the US banker for, banned Egyptian militant group, the Muslim Brotherhood.
Biheiri left the US immediately after a raid of the SAAR network in March 2002. When he returns to the US, he is arrested and interviewed by Customs agent David Kane. Biheiri tells that he has longstanding ties to leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Agents discover ties with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzouk and 2 principals of the banned Al Taqwa Bank, Youssef Nada and Ghaleb Himmat, after searching his laptop. Biheiri also has close ties with supposed high-ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yousuf Abdullah Al-Qaradawi, who’s also a shareholder in Al Taqwa.

Yassin al-Qadi - a Saudi multimillionaire, who is also a major investor in the computer company Ptech (with $5 million of Ptech’s start-up money).
Al-Qadi claims to have liquidated his BMI investment in 1996. However, another company operating from the same office as BMI, Kadi International Inc. lists Al-Qadi as its president.
Al-Qadi says in an interview shortly after 9/11:
I have also met with US Vice President and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia] when he came for a lecture organized by the Dallah Group. I spoke to him for a long time and we still have cordial relations.
Yaqub Mirza – Pakistani funder of Ptech, who is also a business associate of Yassin al-Qadi and BMI head Biheiri.
Mirza also manages a group of Islamic “charities” in Virginia - the SAAR network. In March 2002, SAAR charities will be raided on suspicions of terrorism ties.

Tarek Swaidan - a Kuwaiti associate of Al-Qadi, and a leading member of the Kuwaiti branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hussein Ibrahim - Ptech vice president and vice president and later president of BMI from 1989 to 1995.

Abdullah Awad bin Laden - nephew of Osama bin Laden. Invests about a half-million dollars in BMI real estate ventures.
Nur and Iman bin Laden - female relatives of Osama bin Laden. Abdullah Awad bin Laden will invest their money in the BMI real estate project.

Mousa Abu Marzouk - has called himself a top leader of Hamas. The US declares him a terrorist in 1995.

Saleh Kamel – head of the Dallah Al-Baraka banking conglomerate. Dallah Al-Baraka reportedly invests $500,000 in BMI.

Other organisations financing BMI
The Kuwait Finance House - according to Richard Clarke, a BMI investor and the “financial arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait”.
Several alleged Al-Qaeda terrorists have been associated with the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Suliman abu Ghaith, Wadih El-Hage, and Ramzi Yousef.

The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) and the Muslim World League - closely connected Saudi charities suspected of financing terrorism.
They give BMI $3.7 million out of a $10 million endowment from unknown Saudi donors.

More links - CARE
Muhammed Mubayyid and Suheil Laheir are long-time Ptech employees whom formerly worked for Care International, a Boston-based suspicious Islamic charity. This is NOT the more familiar CARE (based in Atlanta), where John McCain’s widow, Cindy, became a board member in 2005.
We also have 2 organisations called BMI.

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, Osama Bin Laden’s mentor, founded the Pakistan-based Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK, Services Office in English), a.k.a. Al-Kifah (struggle in English), in 1984. It opened branches in over 30 US cities, with Americans donating millions of dollars to support the Afghan war “against” the Soviet Union.
Azzam was assassinated in a car bomb attack in late 1989. After that Bin Laden took over the organisation.

By the time of the WTC bombing, Al-Kifah is doing most of its fund raising for the mujahidin in Bosnia.
In March 1993, Newsweek reports that “virtually every principal figure implicated in the World Trade Center bombing” has a connection to the Al-Kifah branch in Brooklyn, New York. In April 1993, Al-Kifah is renamed Care International.

The US will declare Al-Kifah and/or MAK a terrorist financier shortly after 9/11, but by then all the US branches have already closed or changed their names. In September 2001, the Boston Globe will point out that the old Al-Kifah branch in Boston shares the exact same address with Care.
The FBI will wait until 2003 before raiding the Care offices and shutting it down. The FBI will later state that Care raised about $1.7 million from 1993 to 2003.
Shortly after 9/11, Newsweek reports that Al-Kifah’s Brooklyn office: “doubled as a recruiting post for the CIA seeking to steer fresh troops to the mujahedin”.

John Miller, Michael Stone, and Chris Mitchell conclude in the book The Cell (2002): “What has become clear with time is that facets of the East Africa plot had been known beforehand to the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, and to Israeli and Kenyan intelligence”: http://www.historycommons.org/contex...mi#a94ptechbmi
(archived here: http://archive.is/5KTcC)
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Michael Meacher, who died in 2015, was the UK’s environment minister from May 1997 to June 2003 and after he resigned, in 2003, published “This war on terror is bogus”.
Meacher points out that the 9/11 false flag was used to implement PNAC’s plan from September 2000. He illustrates that US intelligence let it happen on purpose...

The most important addition in the context of this thread is:
The BBC reported (September 18 2001) that Niaz Niak, a former Pakistan foreign secretary, was told by senior American officials at a meeting in Berlin in mid-July 2001 that "military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October".
Until July 2001 the US government saw the Taliban regime as a source of stability in Central Asia that would enable the construction of hydrocarbon pipelines from the oil and gas fields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the Indian Ocean. But, confronted with the Taliban's refusal to accept US conditions, the US representatives told them "either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs"

Present at the meeting were: Tom Simons (former US Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia).
The account by Niaz Niak has (understandably) been denied by the state media and by the “senior American officials”.
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Bucky Bush - ESSI

George H.W. Bush’s brother, William Henry Trotter “Bucky” Bush, doesn’t get much attention from our media...
In 1991, George Jr’s “Uncle Bucky” complained that “Being the brother of George Bush [Sr] isn’t a financial windfall by any stretch of the imagination”.

Bucky became an investment banker and consultant in St. Louis.
A few months before his nephew George W. Bush became president, “Uncle Bucky” joined the board of a small and struggling St. Louis defense company - Engineered Support Systems, Incorporated (ESSI).
ESSI’s fortunes took a dramatic turn for the better. Shortly after 9/11 was staged, ESSI won a series of lucrative Pentagon contracts that would make the small firm a top Pentagon contractor.

In the spring of 2003, ESSI acquired military communications company TAMSCO, which suddenly won big contracts from the Air Force and the Army for more than $90 million to train troops in operating radar equipment in Kuwait.
The Pentagon also awarded ESSI a $49 million contract to remodel military trailers for use in Iraq.
Also in 2003, the Defense Department gave ESSI a huge deal to provide the Army with equipment to search for Iraq’s non-existent chemical and biological weapons and a $19 million contract to provide protective tents for US troops from chemical bombs. These tents didn’t arrive in Iraq until it was evident to nearly everyone that Iraq didn’t have such weapons. That didn’t stop payment, you’ll understand...

As the invasion became a military occupation of Iraq, ESSI continued to win nice contracts.
In late 2003, the Coalition Provisional Authority awarded ESSI $18 million to engineer a communications system for its offices.
One of ESSI’s biggest no-bid contracts came in 2004, when it won a deal to upgrade the armor of thousands of vehicles for Iraq. The company’s annual report for 2005 estimated the profits at $200.
Top executives at ESSI, concluded it was a smart move to invite this son of a Bush to its board; Dan Kreher chuckled: “Having a Bush certainly doesn’t hurt”.
This once obscure outfit became a top Pentagon contractor. Next year its revenues will top $1 billion, nearly all of it from the Pentagon or foreign militaries financed by US aid and loan guarantees. Most of these contracts were awarded in no bid deals.

Bucky Bush was paid a mere $45,000 a year in director’s fees, but in 2002 ESSI hired Bucky as a consultant for an additional $125,000 to advise on acquisitions.
Because of the flood of new contracts, ESSI’s stock soared. In January of 2005, it reached its all-time high of $60.39, after the Pentagon had awarded it $77 million new contracts for the Iraq war. A few days before this peak, Uncle Bucky quietly exercised his option to sell 8,438 shares of ESSI stock for at least $450,000. The timing was perfect.
A few days later it was reported that ESSI was under investigation for older Pentagon contracts, awarded to the company in 2002. This made the share price drop.
Bucky later sold another 45,000 shares for more than $2.5 million to buy a vacation home in Florida near his other nephew, Jeb Bush.

In one of those strange coincidences, Bucky also became a trustee for the global investment firm Lord Abbott, one of the top 10 shareholders in Dick Cheney’s former company, Halliburton: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/12...the-iraq-wars/
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try telling this to progressives though

they won't want to hear it as they are too busy celebrating the political career of that arch scumbag george bush senior

so WHY has the fake-left got such a hard-on for bush snr when he was a mass murdering scumbag who was probably involved in the assassination of the US president JFK?

Because he was a globalist and this means that in the eyes of the progressives his other crimes like murder, war, satanism etc should all just be ignored...
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
so WHY has the fake-left got such a hard-on for bush snr when he was a mass murdering scumbag who was probably involved in the assassination of the US president JFK?

Because he was a globalist and this means that in the eyes of the progressives his other crimes like murder, war, satanism etc should all just be ignored...
It is 20 years ago that I concluded that this right-left propaganda is a charade to fool us all. Both aim for a totalitarian state.
I haven't voted since, and since that time have never seen any "evidence" that politicians keep their promises (which already makes it useless to vote).
As for the "mainstream", "alternative", "left" or "right" media... My conclusion is that the only way to find out what's going on is doing your own research. Very rarely I see a good article.

When you talk about the "fake left", I guess you'll agree that the "right" is just as "fake" (with only a few individuals that try to expose what's happening).
As for Bush, I'm not really sure what is "right" or "left", but my impression is that he was/is more supported by the "right" than the "left"...

I haven't found anything on the whole internet that describes the whole 9/11 nonsense.
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