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Yehuda Hendrix was an intuitive player he could pick things up and create around them that was his creative talent. As is the case with many rock musicians.

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Miles Davis told a story about when the two of them jammed together. Miles said something about a diminished chord, to which Jimi responded with a lost, confused look. When Miles played it on the piano, Jimi imitated it immediately.

He wasn't aware of the names of chords and that kind of thing, but was highly knowledgeable at an innate level.

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Mainstream music used to have quite a lot of diversity of sound. Among other reasons, one factor for the uniformity of sound is the lack of any real alternative scene/"subculture", especially when you look at the British charts. The alternative scene used to be a 'feeding school' for the mainstream.

The lack of money flowing in the industry, especially at grassroots level, means it's much harder for emerging artists to get the live experience to develop their craft.

On the other hand, at some point record companies got more driven by money and chart placings, and it became all about trying to write hits by formula. Nothing wrong per se with an instantly recognisable sound - 60s Motown, for instance. But when the emphasis is more on attempting to cynically fit in rather than stand out, it means everything starts to sound even more samey than usual.
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