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I don't believe it was a hoax, but if it was then perhaps something to do with manipulation of dark energies, what with all the outpouring of grief, the crowds, the ubiquitous floral tributes.

Aleister Crowley believed that energies congregated in Scotland - specifically Loch Ness - thus he aquired Boleskin to conduct rituals.

I still can't get my head round the fact that the incident began at Tam Shepherd's joke and magic shop, the truck suddenly veering to the left. Tam Shepherd's is at number 33 by the way.

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Originally Posted by newspaceman View Post
I am not sure who felix is, or how exactly you measure "obsession", or how I could "show you", but I am interested in it Alfie.

A man/woman in a black suit comes up to you, knowing you're on twitter, or he/she coaches you to join twitter , offers USD xxxx if you send a tweet to say that you've seen a garbage lorry crash into a helicopter at ab.cd hrs, on xx/yy/zz. Even better, you give the man/woman in the black suit your twitter log-in. In the meantime, you send out a torrent of retweets or vacuous naval gazing.
Hey presto, it's ready to be picked up, with screenshots, in the Daily Telegraph/Guardian live blog the next day after the event.
xxxx You're not going to refuse, are you? That's how news is manufactured.
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Glasgow bin lorry crash driver prosecution refused
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Glasgow Bin Lorry Incident : Finsbury Park Mosque / Muslim Welfare Centre "White Van Man" event on 19 June 2017

See DIF thread : Breaking Van runs over muslims London

See also DIF post : Finsbury Park Mosque / Muslim Welfare Centre "White Van Man" event : Glasgow Bin Lorry Incident


From the "Glasgow Bin Lorry incident" on 22 December 2014

to the Finsbury Park "White Van Man" event on 19 June 2017 is :

INClusive =

= 911 days

The Number : 911


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