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Default DVD Screenshots

Two scenes I thought were pretty stand out in DVDs I was watching recently

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - blatant symbolism

Tropic Thunder - Chemtrails

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Originally Posted by thedefender View Post
You Crack Me UP..
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Interesting . . . that's the trouble now some people know the signs to look for
but now it's going back over tv shows and movies, to find them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
you have the all seeing eye in the pyramid a trinity symbolizing a
deity. then you have signs of male and female symbolizing duality.
then 8 the symbol of Control the octagon just look at a stop sign.

3+2+8 = (13) the number of reincarnation and everlasting life.
There are 13 high occult families that run the world.

In short the message says they think their all knowing powerful gods
that have control over humanity. also win 8 windows 8 ? guess it's not as new as we like to think.

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