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j stuart little
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Exclamation "It's all cooling down" Researchers say!!

Seen today in the news:

The world-renowned Teuscher institute, already famous for proving in 2002 that American tap water contained an average of 3% tranquilizer, strike once more against the mainstream media. Last February, the geothermic research unit issued a seminal report revealing that global warming is merely an unholy hoax of the most grandest and disproportionate proportions.
Their proof? An intricate equation (the simplified form you will find bellow) illustrating the intuitive principal that “if the meteorology institutes are unable to predict the weather even as few as eight days ahead, trusting predictions stretching up to twenty years is not only naïve, but deeply troubling.” Elaborating on the concept, they explain that predicting weather and temperature requires to obtain an incredible amount of data (humidity, particulates, position of the moon and overall CO2 density) before running them through complex – and often bogus – models.

“Any error in the measurement or in the models, comments Professor Helmutz Yolo, of the East German city of Lagos where he chairs the local “New Look” unit, would result in incredibly inconsistent result. If you mess up the field work, you might predict a global drought or a mini ice-age.”
Their solution? Stop predicting and start looking at the data we can actually collect. Among them, the Teuscher institute collected an impressive amount of samples from North Atlantic waters, to study the presence of a very specific molecule: C9H9N. This little molecule, contained in the organism of the aye-aye (a tiny fish found en masse in the area) is an incredibly efficient means of studying shifts in climate. The aye-aye is so sensitive temperature fluctuations, that any increase in world temperature sees its population plummet. So, a decrease in the presence of C9H9N would actually show that world temperature is decreasing. Instead, here is what they found:

A STEADY INCREASE!! World is not warming up, it’s cooling down! A result borne out by the presence of a derivative form of the C9H9N molecule, that only forms after a steady cooling down.

“I thought we would find evidence for global warming, explains Yolo, but in the end, it’s the opposite that came up. And we need to accept the facts, whatever the mainstream media says.”
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