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If Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church then why would the same Church feck about with the expense and trouble of all those Crusades it launched against Islam back in the day?
All they would have had to do was have a word with their guys embedded on the Moslem side. Job jobbed, no wars, no cost.
That never happened but the Crusades did and the rest is history so I reckon the OP is pure BS.
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Originally Posted by adbasque View Post

For ignorant people, yes he would impress them, his one hour lecture with be refuted in 5 minutes.
I mean refuted and debunked as a total fabrication and this guys is no different than all the other liars, now either he is a total ignorant or a big liar.

if he knew 1/10th of what is Islam he will probably hide from shame, but then he is paid for it so..

1) When he mentions the all seeing eye, he either failed to link it to the correct sect who calls itself Muslims
2) The crescent and the star were never part of Islam until the fall of the Ottoman empire when Mustapha kamal took commands who by the way was put there by the Vatican and the Brits.
3) Alat, Uzza and Manat were what the Arab pagans were worshiping before Islam, and he didn't mention Houbal did he? :-D I wonder why?
4) If those were significant in Islam why did Mohamed destroy those idols then?
5) Alat it means one thing which has nothing to do with the name "Allah"
it is not spelled the same, it is not pronounced the same either.

6) if Alat is the one of the daughters what happened to the other two daughters why are the Muslims not worshiping them?
7) if that were the case what happened to Houbal as he was the main God in the Kaaba before Islam?

7) Islam does not allow any symbolism the reason you see symbolism on top of mosques is for the simple reason 99.99 % of mosques in the Muslim world built by their governments whom are corrupt anyway, just like the Saudis any Muslim out there knows they are traitors and they are the number ones enemies of Islam.

The Muslims had three flags with no symbols or writings on them
a) Green (Prosperity)
b) White (Peace)
c) Black in war time

The dress code for women if anyone who knows a little about Islam's history he would soon realize that the color the Muslims women and men preferred to wear was "WHITE"
for two reason, it symbolizes peace and love
and the second reason which is most obvious is to do with the heat of the desert, the black clothing only came since AbdelWahhab hence the word Wahhabi, who married (surprise surprise the daughter of Ibn Saud) What a coincidence!!
So the black dress was never part of the Muslim Uma and many other sects copied it but the true Islam is still intact

In Islam there's no association, no idols no symbolism and I can honestly go on like this for many pages, they have tried many times before, and every time their pathetic lies have refuted time and time again, and they keep coming with the same old bs.

Now for the crescent and the start I did mention Mustapha Kemal Ataturk the founder of the Turkish republic


He was responsible for adding the pagan symbolism of the freemasons to the mosques to confuse generations but thankfully Islam has nothing to do with that and it can easily be proven and all of these fabricated lies can be debunked.

These are just

Do you know that "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ", the dictator and the so-called founder of "Republic of Turkey", was jewish?

To this date, there is extreme confusion among Muslims and non-Muslims alike regarding who was Mustafa Kemal, the dictator of Turkey. Recently, new evidence has surfaced that Mustafa Kemal, the ruthless dictator of Turkey, was not only a non-muslim, but a secret Jewish descendant of the Jewish Sabbati Zevi! The evidence comes not from tracing his genaology, but from the statements he himself made. Check out the following:


Just like the dictators of Saudi Arabia their ancestors were Jews of the ancient Babylon
Knowledge requires wisdom
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