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Originally Posted by cathar View Post
I know from experience and books that sociopaths often have eyes that have a "dead" look about them.Sociopaths have a reptillian mind set in that they are always thinking "What's in it for me". The reptillian brain is a stranger to altruism,compassion,etc.
I knew a sociopath once who told me he loved to go to see action/adventure movies because they were "funny"...I later found out that he would laugh histarically while watching these "bodycount" movies when anybody got killed.
The drug of choice for sociopaths is alcohol...it seems to dull the mamalian brain and give them access to the lower reptillian brain.

I recommend THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR by Marthe Stout....
Yet, with-out this complex you would surely die - there-fore; the R-complex has nothing (or very little??) to do with extra-dimensional Reptilians???

It is the base survival complex of the brain - regulating breathing, heart-rate & immediate survival nerve reactions (fight-or-flight etc..). It's been covered many a times here.

In regards to perhaps alluding "dead eyes" to the black-eye phenomenon?? (& we could well be simply arguing semantics here). In my experience I fail to see the correlation (& I too have meet many people whom have displayed sociopathic / psychopathic tendencies / nature) with psychos & the black-eyed phenomenon.

In the earlier-mid 90's I watched with my family (watched for the first time) the Whitey Stribers movie "Communion", as we sat around the TV the first scene of the encounter with the Grey's was unfolding, where a Grey pokes its head around the side of the door as that happened I almost jumped outa my skin & my ass nearly shat itself! - & my feeling was that I had seen this thing before. Now, just as that happened, one of the members of my family - whom is about as far from a psychopath / sociopath as they get - slowing turned their head (rather robotically like) toward me & said "have you seen this before???" & I answered "yes"... Although it was quite dark (living room in movie mode) I could see that this persons eyes looked near completely dark - or like a swirling pool of dark syrup, if you will - & the impression I got was something was wrong with this person or that I'm now looking @ someone else, perhaps.

I watched the movie again, years later & had an impression that this movie had been updated / redone or it wasn't the exact same version of the movie I saw in my mid-early teens, as-in I couldn't remember the scene where this (see clip below) robot thing comes hurling in & thought that the face of the Grey peering around the edge of the door was missing from the movie...

Then there's this clip - which is more of how I remember first seeing this movie;

Well, make of it what you will, but I feel this is most likely the Grey's that are able to somehow 'remote view' / 'control' through people that causes this black-eyed manifestation.
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