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Question Global Consciousness Project

Hi Everyone,

I watched a show on the History channel the other day about prophecies and about half way through they dedicated about 5 minutes to a computer that has accurately predicted events. They called this Webbot (Web-bot/Web Bot?). According to them the computer was able to accurately predict the Tsunami and other major events.

Well, I've been searching for Web Bot and this is what I've found. Tell me what you think

Web Bot Technology

In June 2001 I began to correspond with a reader of my website who said he was willing to share access to a promising new web technology, on the condition that I protect his identity. The person related that he had been a very senior programmer with a software company in the Pacific Northwest (you can guess which company, right?) and besides being a SQL ace, he was also heavily into linguistics and a language called Prolog, which is more like an artificial intelligence language than anything else.

I was skeptical, to be sure, but a few days after we began the email exchange of ideas, he sent me a program he had written that allows a computer to be turned into speed reading tool. It was based on rapidly displaying individual words on a computer screen. He said this was a technology that he had developed and sold for a while on the Internet. He also explained how the development rights to the technology had been sold to a company ( www.ebrainspeed.com ). In essence, after looking up the patent he held for the technology, I was convinced that this fellow was for real and might be on to something with the method of looking for linguistic shift on the Internet as a tool to forecast future events.

He described how technology worked. A system of spiders, agents, and wanderers travel the Internet, much like a search engine robot, and look for particular kinds of words. It targets discussion groups, translation sites, and places were regular people post a lot of text.

When a "target word" was found, or something that was lexically similar, the web bots take a small 2048 byte snip of surrounding text and send it to a central collection point. The collected data at times approached 100 GB sample sizes and we could have used terabytes. The collected data was then filtered, using at least 7-layers of linguistic processing in Prolog, which was then reduced to numbers and then a resultant series of scatter chart plots on multiple layers of Intellicad ( http://www.cadinfo.net/icad/icadhis.htm ). Viewed over a period of time, the scatter chart points tended to coalesce into highly concentrated areas. Each dot on the scatter chart might represent one word or several hundred.

To define meanings, words or groups of words have to be reduced to their essence. You know how lowest common denominators work in fractions, right? Well the process is like looking for least common denominators among groups of words.

The core of the technology therefore is to look at how the scatter chart points cluster - condensing into high "dot density" areas which we call "entities" and then dissolving or diffusing over time as the entities change. Do a drill down into a dot and you get a series of phrases...

Our first published work in the area occurred in early July of 2001 and is available at http://www.urbansurvival.com/tip.htm.

What becomes obvious when reading about the technology is that it sometimes reads a bit like the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes) because the technology doesn't come out and say "go look for a terrorist attack over there" What it does is gives phrases that would be associated with how people talk about an event, or more accurately, how they change their speech to reflect their thought processes because of an event (after).

The web bot technology apparently taps in to an area of preconscious awareness. It's here that you run into the ramifications of Dean Radin's work at the Boundary Institute and the work of the Princeton Global Consciousness Project - both of which Art has talked about on his show.

The Global Consciousness Project registered what appears to have been a disturbance in "the force" or the regularly orderly operation of life associated with 9/11: http://www.boundaryinstitute.org/randomness.htm. Supposed "random" numbers generated all over the world appeared to become less random immediately prior to 9/11.

Read More....

A disturbance in the Force...?

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have profoundly shocked the entire world. But perhaps their influence propagates even more deeply than we imagine, even into the fabric of reality itself, perhaps even into events prior to their occurrence. In popular culture, this might be called a "disturbance in the Force", but new and innovative science may have something much more serious to say about the matter.

Since 1998, the Global Consciousness Project has been monitoring the outputs of 40 or more random number generators (RNGs) around the world. Each of these RNGs generates 200 bits of random data every second and sends them to a server at the GCP. The generators are based on physical devices considered fundamentally random, not merely deterministic computer algorithms. It is these data -- not the "global consciousness" hypothesis -- that we are most interested in.

Preposterous though it may sound, significant deviations have been noted in the randomness of data from these RNGs around times of major events in the world. Immediate questions, of course, include "Is this a real effect?" and, if so, "What is going on?".

Roger Nelson, Director of the GCP, and Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and others have been analyzing data from the RNG network on and around September 11. Some preliminary analyses found striking anomalies, four of which are shown below. Note that the apparent deviation from randomness began several hours before the events in New York and Washington. See the GCP web site and especially Dean's draft report for more information on these graphs and extensive statistical analyses of the data before, during, and after the events.

Read more....

Your thoughts?

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Your thoughts?
a little farther down the page...
The Feedback Problem

In the course of writing about the model during the past week, an interesting thought kept coming to mid: If a couple of guys in a think tank came up with something that has the potential to be accurate, why hasn't the government built a huge model of an even grander scale that this small (22 servers is small compared with the government's horsepower), why doesn't the government put up a massive public model so that we can all modify our behaviors on a day to day basis and do a better job of "co-creating our own futures" [after Everest's many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics]?

The answer it turns out, is that there may be such a model, but we can never learn about it. As the think tank found out, as soon as we put the information about the model up on Urban Survival, the model shortly after began to lock up. Here's their email advisory:

We have discovered something very interesting. Your site has
started to pollute more than 8 of the input streams since this
morning. So the model is collapsing under its own regression
algorithm for time.

When we run the model formulas, they now spin down on an
iterative spiral in on themselves. It is because we are finding text
from your warning appearing in the input streams coming back from
the robots so they follow the chains and come back to themselves
so to speak. Also the links are passed to the next layer which
does the processing and all the values are spiraling up as the
iterative examination for weighting starts finding, in essence, its
own dictionary.

Looks like the model is collapsing. I can't get the formulas past
some of the initial analysis. I run out of processing power even with
multiple CPU computers.

Well, we know not to do that again.

On the last run prior to break down, the tech bot brought back
some interesting info that MSFT is starting to spin desperately, the
'activation' required aspect of the new windows xp and office xp.
That they are doing it prior to launch shows that their test groups
are showing resistance to use will be very high and that they are
running into the rising wave of public reeling under the privacy
impacts. So long term your bets are on with that firm. [Ed. Note: George shorted msft 60's this cycle on Thursday]

Also, freak (very rare) wind storms NOT hurricane related crossing
FL east to west. 70+ mph.
Also rupture of nat gas lines in Blaine Washington. Not clear yet
whether lines were involved in any sort of explainable construction

As to any new info out of this model I doubt it. I have to wholly
recreate it, as well as redo all the bots to scrub for ourselves.
And now the further complication that our servers are going poof
when the ISP goes under in about 10 days.

So all the scripts are shot anyway as they grew up with referential
specifics to my ip address, but now our contamination of our own
data streams actually validates the lattice algorithm that we use for
our propagation formula so that at least is good.

Well, we should know more by Monday.

As they used to say in the cowboy movies, "Well, if that don't beat all!" Apparently, when some of the posters to the Prudent Bear boards started referencing this site, the model got into a complex set theory equivalent of a circular reference.[/INDENT]
yep. sure 'nuf. looks like there's an "x factor". i'm speculating something like a subjective bias built-in to the witness, human or man-made (quantum indeterminancy? remember the double slit experiment?). they had this problem with google, in the beginning too, i think.

who knows what's really going on in google headquarters? just how did they attract all that capital, anyway?
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If one who is capable of consciously using his spiritual body with the same facility that we now use our physical vehicles should glide away from the Earth into interplanetary space, the Earth and the various other planets of our solar system would appear to him or her to be composed of three kinds of matter, roughly speaking. The densest matter, which is our visible Earth, would appear to him as being the center of the ball as the yolk is in the center of an egg. Around that nucleus he or she would observe a finer grade of matter similarly disposed in relation to the central mass, as the white of the egg is disposed outside the yolk. Upon a little closer investigation he would also discover that this second kind of substance permeates the solid Earth to the very center, even as the blood percolates through the more solid parts of our flesh. Outside both of these mingling layers of matter he would observe a still finer, third layer corresponding to the shell of the egg, except that this third layer is the finest, most subtle of the three grades of matter, and that it interpenetrates both of the two inner layers.

As already said, the central mass, spiritually seen, is our visible world, composed of solids, liquids, and gases. They constitute the Earth, its atmosphere, and also the ether, of which physical science speaks hypothetically as permeating the atomic substance of all chemical elements. The second layer of matter is called the Desire World and the outermost layer is called the World of Thought.

A little reflection upon the subject will make clear that just such a constitution is necessary to account for facts of life as we see them. All forms in the world about us are built from chemical substances: solids, liquids, and gases, but insofar that they do move, these forms obey a separate and distinct impulse, and when this impelling energy leaves, the form becomes inert. The steam engine rotates under the impetus of an invisible gas called steam. Before steam filled its cylinder, the engine stood still, and when the impelling force is shut off its motion again ceases. The dynamo rotates under the still more subtle influence of an electric current which may also cause the click of a telegraph instrument or the ring of an electric bell, but the dynamo ceases its swift whirl and the persistent ring of the electric bell becomes mute when the invisible electricity is switched off. The forms of the bird, the animal, and the human being also cease their motion when the inner force which we call LIFE has winged its invisible way.

All forms are impelled into motion by desire: the bird and the animal roam land and air in their desire to secure food and shelter, or for the purpose of breeding. Man is also moved by these desires, but has in addition other and higher incentives to spur him to effort; among them is desire for rapidity of motion which led him to construct the steam engine and other devices that move in obedience to HIS desire.

If there were no iron in the mountains man could not build machines. If there were no clay in the soil, the bony structure of the skeleton would be an impossibility, and if there were no Physical World at all, with its solids, liquids, and gases, this dense body of ours could never have come into existence. Reasoning along similar lines it must be at once apparent that if there were no Desire World composed of desire-stuff, we should have no way of forming feelings, emotions, and desires. A planet composed of the materials we perceive with our PHYSICAL eyes and of no other substances, might be the home of plants which grow unconsciously, but have no desires to cause them to move. The human and animal kingdoms, however, would be impossibilities.

Furthermore, there is in the world a vast number of things, from the simplest and most crude instruments, to the most intricate and cunning devices which have been constructed by the hand of man. These reveal the fact of man's thought and ingenuity. Thought must have a source as well as FORM and FEELING. We saw that it was necessary to have the requisite material in order to build a steam engine or a body and we reasoned from the fact that in order to obtain material to express desire there must also be a world composed of desire stuff. Carrying our argument to its logical conclusion, we also hold that unless a World of Thought provides a reservoir of mind stuff upon which we may draw, it would be impossible for us to think and invent the things which we see in even the lowest civilization.

Thus it will be clear that the division of a planet into worlds is not based on fanciful metaphysical speculation, but is logically necessary in the economy of nature. Therefore it must be taken into consideration by any one who would study and aim to understand the inner nature of things. When we see the street cars moving along our streets, it does not explain to say that the motor is driven by electricity of so many amperes at so many volts. These names only add to our confusion until we have thoroughly studied the science of electricity; and then we shall find that the mystery deepens, for while the street car belongs to the world of INERT FORM perceptible to our vision, the electric current which moves it is indigenous to the realm of FORCE, the invisible Desire World, and the thought which created and guides it, comes from the still more subtle World of Thought which is the home world of the human Spirit, the Ego.

It may be objected that this line of argument makes a simple matter exceedingly intricate, but a little reflection will soon show the fallacy of such a contention. Viewed superficially any of the sciences seem extremely simple; anatomically we may divide the body into flesh and bone, chemically we may make the simple divisions between solid, liquid, and gas, but thoroughly to master the science of anatomy it is necessary to spend years in close application and learn to know all the little nerves, the ligaments which bind articulations between various parts of the bony structure, to study the several kinds of tissue and their disposition in our system where they form the bones, muscles, glands, etc., which in the aggregate we know as the human body. To understand properly the science of chemistry we must study the valence of the atom which determines the power of combination of the various elements, together with other niceties, such as atomic weight, density, etc. New wonders are constantly opening up to the most experienced chemist, who understands best the immensity of his or her chosen science.

The youngest lawyer, fresh from law school, knows more about the most intricate cases, in his or her own estimation, than the judges upon the Supreme Court bench who spend long hours, weeks and months, seriously deliberating over their decisions. But those who, without having studied, think they understand and are fitted to discourse upon the greatest of all sciences, the science of Life and Being, make a greater mistake. After years of patient study, of holy life spent in close application, a man is oftentimes perplexed at the immensity of the subject he studies. He finds it to be so vast in both the direction of the great and small that it baffles description, that language fails, and that the tongue must remain mute. Therefore we hold (and we speak from knowledge gained through years of close study and investigation) that the finer distinctions which we have made, and shall make, are not at all arbitrary, but absolutely necessary as are divisions and distinctions made in anatomy or chemistry.

No form in the physical world has feeling in the true sense of that word. It is the indwelling life which feels, as we may readily SEE from the fact that a body which responds to the lightest touch while instinct with life, exhibits no sensation whatever even when cut to pieces after the life has fled. Demonstrations have been made by scientists, particularly by Professor Bose of Calcutta, to show that there is feeling in dead animal tissue and even in tin and other metal, but we maintain that the diagrams which seem to support his contentions in reality demonstrate only a response to impacts similar to the rebound of a rubber ball, and that must not be confused with such feelings as LOVE, HATE, SYMPATHY and AVERSION. Goethe also, in his novel. "Elective Affinities," (Wahlverwandtschaft), brings out some beautiful illustrations wherein he makes it seem as if atoms loved and hated, from the fact that some elements combine readily while other substances refuse to amalgamate, a phenomenon produced by the different rates of speed at which various elements vibrate and an unequal inclination of their axes. Only where there is sentient life can there be feelings of pleasure and pain, sorrow or joy.
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