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Post Royal Naval Pull

The Glasgow Herald - Jun 5, 1982

Pull for charity

TWENTY-THREE sailors arrived at Stoke Mandeville Hospital near Aylesbury, Bucks, yesterday after pulling a Crimean War field gun weighing three-quarters of a tom for 114 miles in seven days. The men, all from HMS Sultan, the Royal Naval Marine Engineering School at Gosport, were raising money for the Jimmy Savile Appeal which aims to raise £10m to rebuild the national spinal injury centre at the hospital. They raised £1151.
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Post Royal Academy dinner

Evening Times - Jun 20, 1984


Burrell Museum designer Barrie Gasson has won another major award - 3500 and a bronze trophy sponsored by Towco Group and the Architects Journal.

It will be presented by Jimmy Savile at a dinner at the Royal Academy tomorrow. Mr Gasson received the OBE in the Birthday Honours List.
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Post Savile hosted Mr Universe 1972

The Telegraph
03 Dec 2003

Paul Grant

Paul Grant, who has died aged 60, beat Louis Ferrigno (the original Incredible Hulk) to win the Mr Universe contest in 1973; he was later a pillar of the Welsh Federation of Body-Builders and a popular ambassador for his sport.
He won several amateur titles, including Mr Wales, Mr Britain, Mr Europe and Mr World. He twice came 2nd in the World Championships. But his finest moment came at the Mr Universe Show at London's Victoria Palace Theatre in September 1973.

Grant had been favourite for Mr Universe the previous year, but during the preliminary posedowns he fretted about a competitor in the Short Men Class called Elias Petsas. As Grant pumped himself up (his muscles, one observer wrote, "snapping and hopping like rabbits in a sack"), his friends assured him "You'll walk over him, boyo".

"I dunno," said Grant. "He's got lovely pectorals. And his bloody calves have come on." Grant won the Tall Men Class, but his fears were confirmed when Jimmy Savile declared Petsas the overall winner.
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Originally Posted by dextermorgan View Post
This thread is far too big and far too confusing!

99% of the posts dont even mention Savile.

Might not mention Savile but does not take much to work out most of this thread is linked to Savile and the people that enabled him to get away with his crimes for decades. His enablers, working for the Police, Judiciary, Government health workers Doctors the list goes . These are scum that helped Savile and other abusers get away with such heinous crimes. Not linked to Savile you must be joking. When I see a comment like that I have to wonder what the motive is behind it ,when everyone is doing a good job here.

Keep going folks.

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Default Henlow Grange 1st draft chronology

Originally Posted by white horse View Post
In the last few days we have seen many of the major nodes be revisted and reposted;

Stephen Purdew and Champneys is another of those major Nodes.

So Henlow Grange was the first of what was to become Champneys?

So favoured by the likes of the Blairs, Bruno, senior coppers and politicians, adn Rebekah Brooks. And also where apparantly at least on eepisode of Jim'll Fix It was filmed as a Champneys resort.

Steven Purdew and friends in high places

Leida Costigan:
Apologies if a repost, Leida at 1:06

Plenty at TTW4s blog on Leida and links with Savile and HdlG

I've looked into the Purdews and Tring, but not Henlow Grange and Leide Costigan much.

Something I will come to in more detail later.
I've been trying to consolidate everything I can from 3 books I've got hold of: The Story of Henlow Grange (2009) D Purdew , the Long road to Champneys, D Purdew, Adventures of an Aircraft Designer (1980): here's where I've got to so far. Key things I've got to add are chronology of Joe Costigan's dad (engineer, worked for Mercedes, suspect he was on Churchill and Morton's intelligence radar, also rose to become a Grand Master of a lodge through which Joe gets a couple of breaks he admits to, who knows about those he doesn't!)

Henlow Grange is one of the keys (christ there's so many) in terms of blueprint of approach taken from From McAlpine to Polaris (a sociological study by savile's friend G Giarchi) and the effects on sexual attitudes (brothels/underage girls becoming pregnant) of a small town faced with influx of servicemen staying for short periods of time.

I've also been trying to weave in all the good work on here as well so some reptition

In 1980 FJ Costigan published an autobiography called adventuresome aircraft designer the publishers Courtney publications, Luton.

1912: F Joseph Costigan born

1917: Leida born at "Ryazan, South of Moscow in Russia, from Estonian parents who were then working for the Czar" (AAD p.67); Year of the Russian Revolution; Parents escaped to home town of Tallin

1921: Leida, training to be a ballet dancer from a very early age

1925: Joe's dad dies when he's 13

1926: Joe starts 5 year apprenticeship at Weybridge Motor Engineering Co.

1929: Apprenticeship ends; Great Depression

1930 (?): Aged 20 Works at Waterloo Sub-Station/ Engineering Dept of Southern Railway - gets job through friend of father, 'Uncle Sam'

1931 (?): Hersham Motors, jig & tool draughtsman, made redundant within year?

1931/1932: Becomes a sports car designer, job through father's friend again (not the same one); business dries up as re-armament gears up

1934/1935?: Aged 24/25 Works at Vickers Aircraft Co at Brooklands, Weybridge. Meets Chief Designer Barnes Wallace (geodetics), Vince Broughton in aircraft designer

Moves to Hawker Aircrafts at Kingston Upon Thames, aircraft design

1936: Returns to Fairey Aviation

1936: "Alan Tindall Lennox-Boyd and his family come to live at Henlow Grange. Lennox -Boyd represented mid Bedfordshire in Parliament from the 1930s to the 1950s" (TSoHG p.92)

1937: Aged 25, leaves Fairey Aviation Co disillusioned with making war planes, takes a pacifist turn and leaves for Philips & Powis (later Miles Aircraft Co) near Reading designing civil aircraft

1938/1939: Returns to Fairey Aviation Co in Hayes, Middlesex. Leida is 20, and has become a full ballerina at the famous Hellerau finishing school in Vienna

States WWII starts 3rd September 1939

1 December 1939: Britain declares war

23rd December 1939: Aged 27, gains first patent. Hayes Fairey factory is being bombed, evacuated to Taplow, near Maidenhead

1940: Adrian, Joe's son is born. RAF Henlow is bombed by the Luftwaffe. Eight bombs fell on the airfield, damaging two hangars (TSoHG p.92)

Leida flees WWII through Eastern Europe to Balkans and eventually to Baghdad in Iraq, where a bad fall from a home seriously injured her hip and this put an end to her dancing career. At about the same time, Russia invaded Estonia and took her parents off to Siberia and Leida was declared a Stateless person." (p.68)

Leida spends the war in Baghdad, and uses her physiotherapy knowledge to help wounded soldiers in Baghdad hospitals; starts beauty business together with French girl, Elyan from Paris. During the war Leida marries an Italian Civil Engineer working for British Army in Baghdad who has a British passport.

1945: Aged 32, Joe leaves wife Iris and son Adrian. Leida moves to South Africa, Cape Town with her husband.

1949/50: Leida's marriage ends; she travels by sea to England to stay with Elyan and her husband, Maynard at their home farm in Warwickshire, quite near to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Here, Leida learns a peculiar Shakespearean English through translating plays with Elyan. Leida could already speak 8 languages before learning English (AAD p.68) (Estonian, Russian, Italian and...?)

In promotional literature distributed in the early 1960s it is stated Leida spoke 7 languages, including English "She is also a linguist and speaks English, French, German, Estonian, Russian, Italian and Spanish." (TSoH p.60)

1950: "Lord Boyd of Merton gives the Boyd Memorial Field to the Parish when the family left the village."

1955: Aged 42, Iris divorces him; Meets Leida who is in London obtaining a Beauty Therapy Degree (p.68)

1956: Moves to work at De Havilland Aircraft Co; now specialising solely in guided weapons

1957: Promoted to become Chief Designer; George Brown promoted to become Assistant Chief Engineer under Guy Gardiner; Visits Australia for Firestreak trials; on return trip diverts to Delhi, India to give lecture on Firestreak to the Indian Air Force (p.69)

1955 - 1960: Costigans purchase a beauty farm [called Pelham Lodge] in Knebworth, Hertfordshire (TSoH p.59)

1957/8: Anna Kristina Costigan born

1959: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/the-way-to-beauty Leida Costigan films "The Way to Beauty" at Pelham Lodge

1961: Henlow Grange is purchased and refurbished as a health farm by Mr & Mrs F Costigan (TSoHG p.92)

"Leida first visited Henlow with her husband Fred in 1961 to consider its potential. It needed someone with vision since thousands of panes of glass had been broken by vandals and two huge elder trees had grown up through the magnificent wrought iron gates." (TSoHG p.60)

March/April 1961: Vicar of Henlow Church, the Reverend R Howerd had retired and starts to help with restoration of the Chinese wallpaper in the Peacock Room. Costigans employ a scenery artist from Elstree film studios who only charged £47 including materials. (TSoHG p.64)

spring 1961: Costigans lobby Dame Irene Ward in the House of Commons who invites them to lunch in the Commons restaurant. Dame Ward speaks to the Minister of Housing and full planning permission is granted 3 days later so that restoration work can start.

27th April 1961: Costigans exchange contracts to purchase

10th July 1961: Within 2 1/2 months of wok starting, half main house and half beauty treatment centre in the basement ready for use. Champagne party to celebrate. One of the first guests on opening night was Lady Cecil Douglas (TSoHG p.68)

December 1961: Rest of main house & treatment centre restored and central heating installed in entire house. Restoration moves to North Wing.

1962 onwards: Swimming pool built in basement, christened "The Dolphin Rooms".

17 October 1963: Californian Beauty therapist trainee, Russell Winterbottom, is found burnt to death in Henlow Grange grounds

Oct 29-1963
CLIFTON, England, An American male has disappeared from a beautician's course he was taking with 21 girls, officials at the Henlow Grange Beauty Farm reported
He is Russell Winterbottom, 37, from Santa Barbera, Calif.

He disappeared Oct 17 (1963) after setting off for a run in his tracksuit.

Dec 3-1963
Calif. man found dead in england
Apparently drenched in gasoline, burned to death
BITCHIN, England, A 37 year old Californian, the lone male at a beauty school for girls was found dead in a lonely wood Monday.
Police say the believe he drenched himself in gasoline and set himself on fire after the style of the recent Buddhist suicides in South Vietnam.

During the 1950s and 1960s Savile is reported as being a frequent visitor to St Francis Boys home in Shefford, the longest serving children's home of the poor established in 1868 and run by the Catholic Diocesese of Northampton, it housed boys from 5 - 16 years old http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/N...0616090000.htm

Father John Ryan was Rector from 1963 - 1969 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england...herts-22702632


Guests: International tennis stars (TSoH p.72)

Rosina Everitt remembers: "Peter Murray was one of Leida's favourites and also Jimmy Savile. We had Shirley Bassey who was lovely and also Dusty Springfield, who was a bit of a recluse and spent a lot of time in her room. Matt Monro was a regular too and went to the local pub a few times, sometimes to do charity events. Pat Phoenix used to come too - she was just as glamorous as you'd imagine. She loved the facials. Leida used to do all the facials personally for the celebrities." (TSoHG p.108)

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage...#ixzz2XIZWshFz

Meanwhile, Savile's former BBC radio colleague Pete Murray has told how the late entertainer used to invite young girls to his house even before he found fame.

Ex-Top of the Pops presenter Pete said Savile had two girls aged 16 or 17 in his living room when he arrived to spend a night there in the mid-60s.

The 87-year-old said he knew Savile "liked young girls" but never saw him do anything.

Murray, who expressed surprise at the abuse claims, said: "We all knew he liked young girls but that was it. Nobody knew if he did anything with them and I never asked him about it."

Murray added: "The girls I saw him with were about 16 or 17. I certainly never saw him with any girl who looked younger than that but it's hard to tell when girls wear make-up.

"I would be very surprised if he ever forced himself on anybody.

Jill Bennett Joan Gallagher (aged 85 in 2009) recalls: "During Leida's time, it was just me and Eartha Kitt for a few days. She was lovely. I've also talked to several other names including and Jimmy Savile>" (TSoHG p.103)

June 1963: Henlow church fete held on the lawn. Joe Costigan writes: " Each year we stack away our sports equipment so that the fete committee can bring in marquees, stalls and side shows, all run by volunteers from the village. Leida has usually found a well-known radio or television star to open each fete, which usually draws in crowds of around 500 people and raises hundreds of punds towards the maintenance of St Mary's parish church. The beautiful old Henlow Church was also in the possession of the Augustinian Canons of Llanthony up to the Reformation." (excerpt quoted from Leida & Her Beauty Farm in TSoHG, p.72)

1970: Costigans research entire history of Henlow Grange, record and frame it in fine handwriting and mount at foot of main staircase. "Much of the material was gathered from the Reverend Howerd. It came from the church records and tombstones and partly from correspondence with Prinknash Abbey in Gloucester. Other sources were reference books that Mr Howerd recommended in Bedford Library." (TSoHG p.70)

1970: Rosina Everitt joins Henlow Grange as a 16 year old trainee hairdresser (TSoHG p.106); Rosina remembers the pageants Leida organised "I'll never forget one evening when the girl who was playing Miriam tripped and baby Moses (a doll) fell into the pool."

"Slightly surprisingly, there were quite a few men there in Leida's time. 'Like the women, they were quite well off and came for a rest. SOme also wanted to lose weight. We had a men's room where they could all sit. One of the men actually married a therapist although Leida never heard about it; relationships were strictly forbidden.'" (TSoHG p.108)

Alan Guard, 72 (2009) and Evelyn Guard, guests at Henlow Grange since 1965: "It was much smaller in Leida's time with fewer people. I certainly didn't stand out because there were always other men there. We had a men's room with three or four massage tables and a gym...Often we see the same faces but we don't really speak to celebrities although we did talk to Jimmy Savile once." (TSoHG p. 104)

Evelyn: "(Leida) made everyone feel very special. There were only thirty-two guests then, compared with 200 plus. We love Henlow because it makes us feel at home. We can relax. We have a photograph of ourselves with Jimmy Savile on our sitting room wall." (TSoHG p.104)

Barbara Windsor: " I first went at the beginning when Leida owned Henlow. Someone recommended that I should go there because I had a lot of worry because of my personal life. I had gone to some other health farms but they were far away and I'd heard so much about Leida that I wanted to see what it was like. I loved it!" (TSoHG p.95)

Looks like Pelham Lodge was demolished in the 1960's

September 1971: 10th anniversary party held at Henlow Grange. Costigans bid for a house in the village, The Limes. (TSoHG p.73)

May 1973: Summer Press Ball, beauty students perform a Tableau of Beauty Through the Ages (TSoHG pp 74-75)

1973: Anne Costigan (now a spa owner) moves to Spain permanently:

Anne Costigan
Basic PLUS Level Expert Author

I was born in Barnet U.K. and was educated in England and Switzerland. I trained as a beautician in Henlow Grange and have worked professionally since 1975. I visited Spain with my family since the early sixties and have lived here since 1973.

For many years clients came to stay at our Spanish Health Farm. Often we accompanied our clients to see the Alhambra in Granada Spain, or to see Cordoba, the city which is la crème-de-la-crème of history and varied cultures.

Writing and researching, became my passion. I always want to know "what happened, how it happened and the consequences of that event." I began a website with an in-depth slant on geographical history. A detailed guide used frequently by schools and graduate schools for a closer view of historic Spain. It is my guided tour of Andalucia.


1974: St Francis Boys' Home, Shefford closes and Savile has to look for other sources to procure children from.

1975: Anne Costigan starts work as a beauty therapist (pictured massaging Maureen Lipman)

1977/78: Wendy Mantle, daughter of convicted sadistic child abuser Jeffery Mantle is assaulted by Jimmy Savile while working at Henlow Grange as a chambermaid, aged 18.


1980: Joe Costigan publishes "Adventures of an Aircraft Designer"; Officer cadet training ceases on April 24th at RAF Henlow. The station is passed to the Radio Engineering Unit.

1981: Purdew family buys Henlow Grange from Mrs Costigan

1985: Sir Jimmy Savile opens the Savile Wing extension

1985: Local Shefford historian Audrey White, 83, was photographed with Savile at the Shefford VE remembrance celebration in 1985.

Audrey said: “We thought he might be at The Grange as we knew he was a frequent visitor so we phoned the health farm and he was there, so we invited him to our celebrations. Mr Savile was very nice and said he would come along. He arrived on Sunday morning with two other men and agreed to be photographed with me and my husband. He stayed for a while, drew a poster for us and even made a donation”.

May 1990: Bob Purdew dies

1990: Sir Nicholas Lyell, MP for mid-bedforshire unveils the cupola clock and dome of the Llanthony wing, dating from 1687; and restored at a cost of £40k with the support of English Heritage.

1991: Stephen Purdew first reports meeting Rebekah Brooks: " I've known her since 1991. She was a journalist trying to do a story on [footballer] Paul Gascoigne and I got to know her really well. And I went to her wedding to [first husband] Ross Kemp, and I went on holiday with her and Ross." http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2...neys-interview

1993: BBC2 film a 40 minute documentary at the Grange - Beryl Downing, a travel writer from The Times, writes about it (TSoHG p.112)

1994: RAF Henlow was launched as a Defence Agency with the role of designing and installing ground and airborne electronic systems, such as communications and navigation aids. At this time the base supported 753 civilian posts and 818 servicemen with an annual budget of £41 million. (TSoHG, p.93). Purdews spend a £4m upgrade for a 25 metre half Olympic size swimming pool, a whirlpool, computerised gym, and separate sauna and steam facilities for men and women. (TSoHG p.113)

2001: In 2001 the Purdews briefly acquired Inglewood health hydro from agents of Saudi prince Mohammed bin Fahd. Inglewood had been the scene of allegations, published in the Guardian six years earlier, that then defence minister Jonathan Aitken, a director of the spa, had tried to arrange girls for a Saudi prince and his entourage. The report led to the notorious libel action brought by Aitken ultimately culminating in his being sentenced to jail for perjury.

November 2002: Fire starts (inexplicably) in the sauna (TSoHG p.86)

"Another programme of refurbishment begins - but in November, there is a serious fire which started in the ladies' sauna. Henlow Grange is shut for six months and staff are found jobs in the other three Champneys spas: Tring, Forest Mere and Springs." (TSoHG p.113)

2003: "Henlow Grange opens again after a major refurbishment. New facilities include a laconium ( a dry Roman heat room); additional treatment rooms; a rasul mud chamber; and a thalassotherapy pool. Luxury bedrooms are provided for Premier Guests and there is also a holistic studio, a herbal steam chamber and 35 treatment rooms. The wax bath becomes Henlow's signature treatment. All the bedrooms are renovated and equipped with flat screen TVs and DVD players." (TSoHG p.113)

July 5th 2003: Dorothy & Stephen Purdew hold a ball to celebrate the re-opening of Henlow Grange, at which Sir Jimmy Savile is the guest of honour."

23rd August 2006: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/c...ess-diary.html

23rd August 2006

Now then, now then, Sir Jimmy heads to the Royal Opera House
Stephen Purdew, owner of celebrity health-club Champneys, is throwing a party at the Royal Opera House to celebrate 25 years of wrapping people in seaweed. Guest of honour will be his mother, Dorothy, with whom he bought his first health farm, Henlow Grange, in 1981. Two more followed until the pair bought Champneys in 2002. Among the 100-odd celebrities and royal guests invited are entrepreneurs such as John Caudwell, who has plenty of time to relax now he's sold his Phones4U business, media bunnies Richard Desmond and Piers Morgan, and Purdew's closest adviser, Sir Jimmy Savile. I hear the bank manager has also been invited, though an insider denies any corporate action is imminent. Still, the company has recently incorporated two new subsidiaries - Mayfair and Day Spa - which may indicate a face-lift.

2009: Dorothy Purdew publishes "The Story of Henlow Grange"

2009: Stephen Purdew gets married: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/ju...-phone-hacking

"Rebekah Brooks was among the guests at Purdew's wedding at Claridges in 2009, along with Liam Gallagher, Piers Morgan, soap actress Samantha Janus, Stephen Gately from Boyzone, a clutch of former Arsenal footballers, Frank Bruno and Jimmy Saville.

Reports at the time said Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, was also there, though his spokeswoman was not able to confirm that late on Sunday night."

"Vaz’s daughter Anjali was a bridesmaid when Purdew, 52, married his longtime partner, blonde former model Isabele Cave, 30, two years ago."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/ar...#ixzz2XIl9zPfw

Neil Wallis, a former News of the World assistant editor who was arrested in June 2011, had until recently been providing public relations advice to both the Met and Champneys.

17 July 2011: Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson resigns over free 5 week stay at Champneys http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/ju...-phone-hacking

11 August 2011: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2...neys-interview "The networker who made Champneys' name: Spa owner Stephen Purdew likes to be generous to newspaper editors, sports stars ... and sometimes policemen. They give the place a buzz, he says"

29 October 2011: Savile dies.

5th November 2012: http://www.biggleswadetoday.co.uk/co...nter-1-3218245 : "Jimmy was a regular visitor at Champneys health spa in Henlow, first visiting in the 1960s. He became a close friend of the owners, Stephen Purdew and his mother Dorothy. When a new bedroom wing was opened in 1985 it was named after him.

Stephen Purdew said: 'He was a very significant family friend loved by everyone.

“Many people in the Henlow area will have very fond memories of this great man. My mother and I will miss him dearly.'"

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Originally Posted by troyhand View Post
Not connected to Savile as far as I can see (SO FAR), but DEFINITELY connected to MECCA. It's looks like mafias at work and there's an obvious murder in this story, so it might be worth a look-see.

Mecca, the catering and dance-hall organization, have made an offer for the share capital of Plaza Palais de Danse (Glasgow), who own the Plaza dance hall at Eglinton Toll, Glasgow. This was confirmed last night by Mr E. D. Morley, a director of Mecca.

Their problem is common of the Vogue at Cathcart, Singleton Cinemas, Ltd., are left with Vogue cinemas in the Possilpark and Riddrie districts of Glasgow, and the two Cosmo cinemas, in Glasgow and Aberdeen, which specialise in Continental films. The group has no Bingo halls, although some former cinemas they owned have been sold as Bingo halls in recent years.

Last week a bid by the group to take over the Plaza ballroom in Glasgow failed when it was announced that Mecca, Ltd., had gained control.

Hi Troyhand, (I snipped some of your post to save a lot of repetition) I've been interested in Savile's early days in Glasgow, where apparently (according to this blog - link and partial post below) his career kicked off. It definitely states that he was around the Glasgow dance hall scene in the early days. I can't help wondering if there were any connections with Fred West, Ian Brady or Bible John, because these guys all had connections to Glasgow around the time Jimmy would've been there. Anyway this blog confirms when he was there.

Mike Glover's Media Blog

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Double confession of dealings with Jimmy Savile

IT has become fashionable among journalists to recount their encounters with Jimmy Savile, the former DJ whose alleged sexual misbehaviour has dominated the media over recent months. I am not sure whether this represents some public display of guilt that he was allowed to get away with it with apparent impunity for so long. But whatever the motives here are my two pennyworth. It was after all my dad who put Jimmy Savile on the road to stardom. For many years this would be said with a degree of moderate pride. Not unreserved pride, as Savile was always seen as a bit of a creepy character. Over the decades there were those who thought his demeanour was obnoxious. For some, but not all, this odiousness was trumped by the herculean feats he performed for charity. Surely no-one who was evil would give so much time to supporting paraplegics in Stoke Mandeville or giving up free time to be a porter at Leeds hospitals? Now there is an explanation for his deeds that transcends creepy. But no one I ever met suspected that his motive may have been sexual predation. Certainly when my father was deputy programme controller of the infant TV station Tyne Tees Television at the very start of the 1960s, he could not have suspected. Peter Glover saw it as part of his mission to bring on other young directors. One was Malcolm Morris, who he put in charge of the project called Young at Heart aimed at the teenage market. He went on to direct the iconic This is Your Life for many years. His own autobiography This Was My Life recalls how my dad discovered Jimmy Savile. Yorkshireman, Savile was then plying his trade in the large dance halls of Glasgow. My dad brought him to Newcastle to launch his TV career. I met him at the studio and he had dyed his hair tartan and developed the outrageous cigar-smoking persona which came to dominate the English pop scene in its halcyon days. We were not left alone so I was under no threat, even though he demonstrated his larger than life character. I was, however, abused by Savile 20 years later. During my first freelance journalism career in the early 1980s I was getting plenty of shift-work on the Nationals, with the Daily Star giving me at least two evenings a week. It was a strange set up with the head office in those days in Manchester. The London office was in the back of a corridor in the Daily Express offices in Fleet Street. There was a four-man news desk who not only decided the agenda, they also told reporters exactly what they wanted out of a story, even before the facts were gathered. The introduction was provided in advance of the stories being researched. It was the reporter’s job to make the facts fit the imagined headline. It was coming up to Christmas 1983 when the assistant News Editor, Ken Bennett, had one of those ideas the popular nationals love. There was a severely disabled girl from the Home Counties who was housebound and a freelance had filed a story saying she had never had a Christmas card from outside the family, sad enough you might think. But Ken had spotted a another story claiming that Savile, by then one of the top Disc Jockeys and TV presenters in Britain, had never sent a Christmas Card. So one awful snowy night I was dispatched to a shop to buy a card and catch a bus to Shepherd’s Bush where the BBC was recording Jim’ll Fix It, a programme where Jimmy Savile made wishes come true for children. That seems an awful thought now. My task was to get him to sign the card and the Daily Star would send it to the poor girl in Surrey. Well easier said than done. I had to blag my way into the BBC and then wait for a break in recording, so I could button-hole Mr Savile. He kept me waiting in the corridor for about an hour and then, having finally let me in to his private dressing room, took the Mickey mercilessly at my choice of card. I thought he was going to refuse to sign it. I was tempted to remind him that it was my father that put him on the road to stardom, but in the end I decided that was unprofessional and persuaded him to sign the thing anyway, mainly by refusing to leave until he had. Then it was back to the Daily Star to report my triumph and file the story in time for deadline. Of course this whole episode took on a new perspective when Savile’s alleged predatory paedophilia was highlighted thirty years later. What had he been doing for the hour he kept me waiting outside his dressing room? Certainly it seems his aggressive mocking of me was typically symptomatic of his general bullying of journalists. Even worse, had I tempted him to get in touch with another poor potential victim by sending the Christmas card? I will never know the answers. Until the scandal which rocked the BBC in 2012, my experience of being abused by Savile was just a light-hearted human interest story. But it did give an interesting insight into the mind games he is said by many to play with journalists, police officers and others. These two episodes are selected extracts from my nearly-completed autobiography “Flirting with Fame”, as yet not available from any bookshops anywhere at all.


I am also searching for a blog that I can no longer find which referenced Savile getting beat up and thrown out of one of the Glasgow dance halls. It was a blog with a conversation going on in the comments section, but the date was before his death. I remember at the time as it was the date that struck me. This was a blog about Glasgow clubs or dance halls of the old days, but because it was in the comments section, I didn't think to save it and now I can't find reference to it anywhere.

P.S. The Rangers Club in Glasgow was taken over by Morley's dance club for a spell and Eric Morley was there at the opening night. Hmm....connections indeed.
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Default Charles Napier arrested

Charles Napier arrested under Fairbank according to exaro

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Default The Pageants at Henlow Grange

Savile/Costigans kitted out the basement swimming pool or "Dolphin rooms" (remind anyone of another Dolphin Square with a noted swimming pool once hired by Cliff Richard, home of MPs?) - will do photo of accounts of beauty pageants because it's important - names of women from history (they start with a Queen of Babylon) and then you cross reference that to Rosina Everitt's comments about Miriam dropping the baby Moses (a doll) during another pageant - all sounds like a masonic son et lumiere to me with the girls playing parts and the especial mention of Moses and Miriam - isn't there a story that Moses was Egyptian and not Hebrew and the Masons are fixed on that? Ties into Savile buying Marjorie or Mary his elder sister a house in Cairo and paying for her to study Egyptology which Caroline Robinson, neice refers to in her interview with This Morning)

Savile was working every myth/every belief system of any hierarchical set up from the BBC to Mecca to Decca to Cunard to charitable organisations to hospitals to NHS to Masons to royalty to clamber to the top of that pyramid
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Just seen this..,
@SkyNewsBreak: Detectives investigating alleged historic child abuse in North Wales care homes have arrested a 62-year-old man in Leicester
My Blog about how my dad sexually abused me how my mum abandoned me when I told her: http://sexuallyabusedbymydad.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks for reading.
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Originally Posted by petest1 View Post
Charles Napier arrested under Fairbank according to exaro


Charles Napier, former executive member of Paedophile Information Exchange, and half brother of the Conservative MP John Whittingdale, current Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and formerly Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has been arrested.

This is in connection with Operation Fairbank and is the first arrest as a result of that investigation.


A bit more on gojam blog too

Detectives investigating alleged historic child abuse in North Wales care homes have arrested a 62-year-old man in Leicester – source Sky News

More on this soon but I have heard that the number of alleged victims that have been identified, which had stood at 140, has increased substantially in the weeks since Op Pallial gave an overview in late April Channel 4


Brilliant post on Costigan timeline.

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Originally Posted by welshwitch View Post


A bit more on gojam blog too



Brilliant post on Costigan timeline.
Leicester man Paul Bicker Wilson??

Paul Bicker Wilson, 49, residential care officer at Bryn Estyn. He was given a suspended sentence of three years and two months in
1994 at Knutsford Crown Court for assault and bullying.

Joined the Bryn Estyn staff as a temporary child care officer in 1974. Before that he worked as a Press photographer for six years and
in linen and shoe factories in Northern Ireland for another five. He also worked at children’s homes in Leicester and Southwark and was
a lumberjack in Scotland. Stayed at Bryn Estyn until it closed in 1984 when he was employed at Chevet Hey care home.

TRIBUNAL: Heard complaints by 39 ex-residents of physical abuse spanning Wilson’s 10 years at Bryn Estyn. Seven former members of staff
also admitted he was a violent bully. In 1994 he pleaded guilty to three offences of assault causing ABH and one of common assault on a boy at Bryn Estyn


He was 49 in 2000

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Looks a probable candidate- let's see if he's named in the near future?

From Exaro

Mark Watts ‏@MarkWatts_1 2h

We were preparing one story, but that will have to hold. Dramatic developments have overtaken it this am. Update from @ExaroNews shortly.
Looks like there is more.

Napier is John Whittingdale's half brother. WHITTINGDALE worked for LEON BRITTAN 1985-86 until Leon Brittan resigned over Westland.

DICKENS took his dossiers on PIE to LB. Those TWO dossiers that THERESA MAY can't find - and those TWO DOSSIERS that BRITTAN can't recall.

Despite these attacks, Dickens carried on campaigning against child abuse, and in November 1983 he gave the Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, a dossier containing information connecting the Royal Household with the Paedophile Information Exchange. In January 1984 he gave another dossier to Brittan with allegations of sexual assaults in a children’s home, which also named prominent paedophiles including a television executive. No action was taken by Brittan and he now claims he cannot recollect these events.


My first encounter with Margaret Thatcher was on her election battle bus in 1983. I was 23 and had been despatched by the Conservative research department to supply her with any facts or figures that she needed while out on the election trail
I spent nearly five years as Margaret Thatcher’s political secretary, three of them in No 10 Downing Street. It was a tremendous privilege to work for – and to become a friend of – someone who was, without doubt, one of this country’s greatest prime ministers.

CONSERVATIVE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT- where PETER CAMPBELL (who founded CHEin 1975) was influential. CAMPBELL was named on the ELM HOUSE GUEST LIST.

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brilliant post on costigan timeline.
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Napier arrest in the Daily Mail:


Tory MP John Whittingdale's half brother arrested by police looking into 'VIP paedophile ring' at 1980s guest house
By Martin Robinson
PUBLISHED: 11:06 GMT, 26 June 2013 | UPDATED: 11:22 GMT, 26 June 2013

  • Charles Napier was held by officers from Operation Fairbank this morning
  • He lives with his, and John Whittingdale's, 92-year-old mother in Dorset
  • Fairbank is probing an alleged paedophile ring who targeted children in care

Detectives investigating an alleged VIP paedophile ring have today arrested the half-brother of senior Conservative MP John Whittingdale.

Four officers from Scotland Yard's paedophile unit travelled to Dorset to hold Charles Napier, 65, under 'Operation Fairbank', according to investigative website Exaro.

Fairbank is focused on claims of sexual abuse and the grooming of children at the former Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, and the nearby Grafton Close children's home, during the late 1970s and 1980s.

Detectives swooped at 8.30am on Napier's address in the picturesque town of Sherborne, where he lives with his 92-year-old mother.

Whittingdale and Napier have the same mother, Margaret, but different fathers.

'I am aware that my half-brother has been arrested at my mother's home,' Mr Whittingdale told MailOnline.

'If there are allegations against him then they should be properly investigated.'

Napier, a retired teacher, was arrested at the house of his 92-year-old mother where he has been living the life of a country gentleman.

Two detectives led Napier out of the house 40 minutes later, and took him away in an unmarked police car.

Today Scotland Yard said: 'Officers from Operation Fairbank have this morning, Wednesday June 26, arrested a 65-year-old man in connection with a historical allegation of sexual assault.

'The man was arrested at an address in Dorset and has been taken into custody locally.

'This arrest is part of a new strand of Operation Fairbank entitled Operation Cayacos, which has now reached the criminal threshold.'

Napier is the half-brother of John Whittingdale, the Conservative MP who chairs the House of Commons culture, media and sport committee.

He is a former political secretary to Lady Thatcher when she was prime minister.

Whittingdale has headed the influential committee since 2005, overseeing investigations into the phone-hacking affair that ultimately closed the News of the World, and has been a key figure during the course of Lord Justice Leveson's subsequent inquiry into newspaper practices.

Napier was questioned previously by an Exaro reporter on the doorstep of his mother's large limestone house in the historic town of Sherborne, which is famous for its public school, two castles and an abbey.

Operation Fairbank has moved from a 'scoping exercise' to a full-scale investigation.

The operation, focussing on alleged VIP paedophiles, was set up in the wake of the exposure last October of Jimmy Savile, the late BBC star, for sexual abuse on a huge scale.

Tom Watson, the campaigning Labour MP, told Exaro: 'I am extremely grateful for the dedicated team of police officers of the Met who are investigating a number of allegations regarding child abuse. I am sure that people will appreciate that we should let them continue with their forensic and comprehensive inquiries into this area.'
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Prince Bernhard Accused Of Ritual Abuse (UPDATE)

Last week we brought the shocking story below of Toos Nijenhuis. The video that was placed with the article is only a part of the whole story. Because these parts were not properly stuck together here and there, some things appeared, as a reader also expressed it, literally cut up.

From the same reader (thanks!) we received the following video. This is the complete story that makes it better to follow in it's entirety and also comes across as more logical.

For all clearity, The story of Toos is shocking.


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Default Savile lifelong friend John Swale

Savile & John Swale

This man, John Swale, hasn't been looked into very much - he was close to Savile from way back and visited Savile the day before he died, helped arrange his funeral, has known Savile since he (Swale) was 14 yrs old and Savile joined Swale for family holidays in France and worked with him on numerous fundraising ventures, including Jim’ll Fix It projects.

Friend of Sir Jimmy Savile recalls the good times

8:36am Thursday 3rd November 2011

DJ Jimmy Savile and Wharfedale businessman John Swale staged what was believed to be one of the world's first discos at Otley Rugby Club.

The man who helped Jimmy Savile stage one of the world’s first discos in Otley has paid tribute to “an amazing character”.

John Swale, who spoke to Sir Jimmy the day before he died and has been helping arrange his funeral, had known the larger-than-life DJ and presenter since he was 14.

That unlikely meeting, when they joined forces to move some hen huts at Norwood, took place in 1948.

It blossomed into a lifelong friendship that saw the celebrity, who would have turned 85 on Hallowe’en, join John for family holidays in France and work with him on numerous fundraising ventures, including Jim’ll Fix It projects.

The pair got involved in all kinds of entrepreneurial adventures, including selling on bale wire from local mills, in the early days.

But it was in 1951 that they made their mark on history.

John, 77, said: “We’d get a band on at the Civic Centre and James would be the MC and do the patter while I’d be on the door. Then, after we’d done a few, a lady wanted us to put a party on for her daughter’s 21st but we couldn’t afford a band.

“So I went to Neil’s Secondhand Bicycle and Radio Store and bought two old wirelesses and the innards of a gramophone, screwed lampholders onto a board and wired it all together so the lights flashed to the music.

“We took what was then the Wharfedale Cafe’s upper room for five shillings and put the records on with Jimmy spinning them and chatting – and that was the world’s first disco. If I’d patented it I could have made a fortune!”

John helped Sir Jimmy take his first steps into showbusiness by suggesting he take up a job with the Mecca dance hall in Leeds.

Jimmy, using a more sophisticated version of the prototype disco equipment, started putting records on and chatting during tea dances, and was soon in demand nationwide.

His big break came when he joined Radio Luxembourg, but at the height of his fame with that station – in 1967, just before joining the BBC – he returned to Otley to present the town’s first Pop Civic Ball.

The event, the brainchild of the chairman of Otley Council, Ronnie Duncan, proved a huge success and saw Jimmy performing at Otley Rugby Club in his trademark Union Jack jacket. This paper described it as: “The Swinging Scene Takes Over Otley”.

John has scores of other anecdotes about his famous friend, including one about the time Sir Jimmy arranged for a controversy-surrounded Jerry Lee Lewis to play a ‘secret’ show in Guiseley.

But he is keen for people to remember a more complicated person than the cigar chomping figure often portrayed. Someone who, as well as a philanthropist, was a close friend and confidante of Margaret Thatcher and who, as a devout Catholic, raised money for the first mobile intensive care unit to help disabled pilgrims get to Lourdes.

“He raised a phenomenal amount of money for all kinds of good causes,” said John.
.................................................. ..............................
earlier post
@ fayekinnet #27266

quote from the biography

life-long friend John Swale recalls him coping with his injuries: ‘He must have been 21 when we met in Otley. I was younger than him, but I recall him struggling with his back and having sticks.


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"Savile joined Swale for family holidays in France."

"Savile joined Swale for family holidays in France."
Was that when Swale was a 14-yr-old boy or when he was a grown man, or both?


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Well all this thread is for OP's mum basically, not for the rest of us to worry about.

Broadmoor Special Hospital is a place that keeps cropping up in the story. I heard the following from the unpublished memoirs of a mental health advocate who was involved in a Broadmoor visitors' group during the 90s.

During the 1980s a man called Paul Taylor, the son of a Greater Manchester Police officer, was sent to Broadmoor for a bomb attack on a Manchester police station which killed seven police officers. An immediate and effective DA-Notice was placed on the attack and subsequent trial and very little reached the public about the bombing, Taylor's motives or his father's connections and history.

Can anyone find anything on this ?
I can see the wood
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Default Savile & Otley

@WW "Location, Location, Location..."

I think Otley, also, needs more looking into.

Sir Jimmy Saville visits Barber's Tobacconist in Otley where he takes part in a marathon cigar roll on his thigh

Go to 3:30

Otley RSS Feed
Otley tobacconist's 'open mind' on Sir Jimmy Savile revelations

The man who used to supply Sir Jimmy Savile with his trademark cigars has said that he is keeping an open mind about the claims about the entertainer.

Otley : James Barber

Listed as one of the 'ten most charming shops in Britain' by Country Life magazine in 2010 this tobacco, pipe and gift emporium dates from the 1860s when Joseph Barber set off for Kentucky to build up a tobacco business. At its height 80 ton loads were exported back to Britain where his factory in Otley processed the tobacco for sale around the north of England. (He was a plantation owner during the U.S. civil war)

Now the business is run by James Barber who started at the age of 11 when he opened up the shop and swept the floor for his father. At the modest age of 36 James became the Chairman of the Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists, the UK's governing body for the tobacco trade.

In 1996 Barbers launched the first commercial website in Otley and became the first UK tobacco business to trade online. By 2007, after 140 years, the time came to leave their tiny shop in Kirkgate for their bright, contemporary new home in Beech Hill.

Amongst many accolades have been the Millennium Cigar Awards Northern Regional winner (1999), the Worshipful Company of Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders Tobacco Retailer of the Year (2008), Peterson Pipes of Ireland Pipe Retailer of the Year (2009) and BBC2's Great British Menu when Barbers tobacco was used to flavour a duck dish.

Counting royalty and Britain's once foremost cigar smoker, Sir Jimmy Savile, as regular customers, Barbers also demonstrates cigar rolling with expert rollers brought over from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. At a dinner in Havana James and wife Angela found themselves on the table next to iconic Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

Oh, and don't forget to ask James about worm charming - he was once world champion!

Over the years James has attended numerous cigar dinners and tobacco conferences with royalty and celebrities. His favorite celebrity moment was being a backing singer on Ringo Starrs album "Vertical Man" recorded in L.A. The backing vocals that James sang were "La Di Da" which is cockney rhyming slang for a cigar which still makes him laugh to this day.




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Originally Posted by oonalu View Post
Well all this thread is for OP's mum basically, not for the rest of us to worry about.

Broadmoor Special Hospital is a place that keeps cropping up in the story. I heard the following from the unpublished memoirs of a mental health advocate who was involved in a Broadmoor visitors' group during the 90s.

During the 1980s a man called Paul Taylor, the son of a Greater Manchester Police officer, was sent to Broadmoor for a bomb attack on a Manchester police station which killed seven police officers. An immediate and effective DA-Notice was placed on the attack and subsequent trial and very little reached the public about the bombing, Taylor's motives or his father's connections and history.

Can anyone find anything on this ?
From 2007 article.

GREATER Manchester's top race cop was told to leave an awards ceremony honouring the Asian community
after being involved in a fracas. Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor was escorted out of the Palace Hotel
in the city centre by a security guard after a row about the wine bill.



Rob Taylor-Brown

Greater Manchester Police

January 1978 – January 1983 (5 years 1 month)


I think the bottom one of the two as he left the force in 1983.

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