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Default Should we declare gods public enemy # 1.? Do you understand why we cal

Should we declare gods public enemy # 1.? Do you understand why we call immoral gods, “Gods”?

Not all gods are immoral but our mainstream ones are definitely that.

God’s law, should he/she/it ever show up, --- is supposed to become earth’s law, imposed by force, --- as need be, --- and the religious way, --- instead of sound moral arguments.

God is demonstrably not moral.

One of the more important commandments to us is that of not killing humans. God kills humans.

I assume that that law would be high on our commandment list; commands to a slave from a master. Yet God exempts himself from that good law and does this evil will and kills humans.

That commandment is a subjective position and as I can think of a few instances where killing a human would be the moral thing to do. That commandment is thus immoral.

I do not think it’s a good idea to give an obviously and demonstrably immoral Gods respect but many theists do.

The power to make human laws should never be given to our immoral gods. Especially Yahweh and Allah, who I think are the bottom of the barrel on morals.

Human law seeks to be moral and humane and should never be putrefied by the immoral Gods that mankind has create in our image.

To do so would be insane.

So tell me please, --- fellow religionist and believers, --- something I do not understand.

Why you and I call our gods, “God”, --- when he is such an immoral character, --- fictional or not?

Are we such immoral entities ourselves? I am immoral. Are you?


P.S. When you reply, I might have to do this to those who will not answer from the heart and try to use their holy book of myths and turn to preaching.
Remember also my fellow religionists and believers, all clergy of all faiths are liars. God himself told me this when he told me to think more demographically.
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