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Default Are they tracking you by your computer?

For a long time, Microsoft had a "backdoor" application allowing the potential for NSA spying, which confirmed my suspicion that Microsft gets viruses by design. After all, no good operating system can be that cheesy as to get viruses after all these years--- they would have figured out how to fix that by now (and virus writers merely use that inherant "weakness"). Why not? Well, here's a video explaining possibly why and the NSA factor:


Although the video is slightly dated (targets windows 7), it is a known fact that the new Windows 8 has a "kill switch" application.


Steve Ballmer merely has to sit back in his easy chair, light a cigar, and by one click of a measly mouse render hundreds of millions of Microsoft computers and devices useless in the blink of an eye. There is no need for an "Internet Kill Switch" that everyone was fearing. It's already inside most people's computers.

I guess that's the price to pay for a supposed good operating system. No privacy, and no control. Even what you privately write on your computer is no longer yours, because it's NOT your operating system and whatever is on it is not yours --- and don't write a story about terrorism. It can be taken for a real threat, and you'll be locked away indefinitely without a trial while everyone that you loved will not know what happened to you and simply report you as a "missing person".
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the killswitch you mention was lifted from apple's OS 10, both operating systems 'ring home', use Linux with no emulator making it unusable?
what is your point?
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Originally Posted by gnomonist View Post
Are they tracking you by your computer?
Yes, yes they are.
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I never go anywhere, so they won't have to work hard tracking me.
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They are tracking where your browser "go" not you!

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