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Default New MC Technology

Have been an UK/USA MC experimentee for at least 12+ years.

British national. 13 years ago, experienced problems working in London with people; abused and talked about in public. Targetted by media. Left UK to SE Asian country, targetted it their too. Experienced directed energy weopan attacks, set-ups, attempted assasination, police beating, prison. British embassy didn't want me back. They broke me. Came back to UK and entered mental health. Put on severe mental health register. Stopped from working by agent provocateurs, old friends infiltrated by enemies.

In the past 1/1/2 years I have been getting the 'voices'. I am housebound for 3 years. Live with mother. The reason I was targetted. The elite were grooming me to be a prostitute for them. Some are gay some are older women. I know the name of one of them. They are the sickest, decay ridden scum I have ever known. Now I am receiving death threats. I am strong and practice martial arts. I aint scared - fight to the death.

One interrogation technique they use is what i call 'suggestion, coercian and manipulation'. They will suggest something and try and coerce me into it. This is usually sex or pairing with a woman. This will be a voice or image or video. They have already tried pairing me with a woman, I have met twice, but declined, because she is a 'slave' too and I have principles. I stopped seeing her. I have a strong belief they could of set me up for a rape crime. Then I would of been murdered/tortured in prison. Basically I am a hard target. The higher controllers call themselves the 'greeks'; so i guess you can understand.

They tell me there are different divisions for different people (mannequins) e.g. media/entertaiment, government, etc. They are extrememly well-spoken people or foreigners.

I understand that they control the mind much like the Unix operating system. They can run scripts in my subconcious, that is very alien to me. They can also 'voodoo doll' me, use spike or pain on my private areas and other parts of my body if I offend them. They can also attack my brain, as if I am being electrocuted; i go into a spastic/epiliptic spasm. This is all done remotely.

The latest technology within the last 5 months, allows them to project video and images into my mind. I have checked with two other mental health patients and they have experienced the same video and image projections while sleeping. This is all done remotely. I know it is video because of the definition quality and sometimes the granularity and aliasing of an object if it is computer generated.

Money men, masons, aristocracy, old boys network. These are the groups i think are targetting me. They use NHS and external agencies that have this equipment. I believe from a source that W.H.O. in geneva are involved too, and the pharma corps. Perhaps even NSA/GCHQ bases too.

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Default Roger Tolces / Electromagnetic Weapons / Torture

Roger Tolces / Electromagnetic Weapons / Torture


"Radio Waves used as Weapons"


Electronic Harassment / Surveillance

Microwave Weapons starts at ......1:04:45

Duration: ......1:30:48

Roger Tolces

Advanced Electronic Security Co.


Posted by:

Gerry Duffett

3358-A McCowan Rd
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1V 5P5

[email protected],
[email protected],



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