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Default 2147 ad

Looks like a movie’s title, doesn’t it ?

I once alluded to our paranoid and schizophrenic media and politicians, well you here got a proof that some non-governmental organizations are literally talking to themselves, which may be seen as a symptom of mental illness.

While being funded by and their idle members overpaid with public money, they issue reports bearing ‘codes’ which when thus released act as signals for implementing or stepping into new chapters of whatever conspiracy they’re being secretly running against populations. These codes are how they use to communicate between each others.

As part of the topic of China being taking possession of Africa, I randomly learnt about a new dancing show called What if Africa disappeared?… It’s said that through a 2005 prequel its creator and director had been reacting to an UN report stating that Africa won’t be able to reach its poverty reduction objective until 2147…

I didn’t even wonder why such a precision in the date as accustomed we got with that kind of antics by as many fraudulent scientists, economists or sociologists, but just checking the very first bit of it led me to discover this…

Published for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
[…]Regionally, at the current pace Sub-Saharan Africa would not reach the Goals for poverty until 2147 and for child mortality until 2165.[…]
United Nations Security Council
Resolution 2147
Democratic Republic of the Congo
S/RES/2147 (2014)
Distr.: General
28 March 2014
Resolution 2147 (2014)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 7150th meeting, on 28 March 2014
Resolution 2147 (2017)
The need to reform European migration policies
Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly
Origin - Assembly debate on 26 January 2017 (7th Sitting) (see Doc.14248, report of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons, rapporteur: Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger). Text adopted by the Assembly on 26 January 2017 (7th Sitting).
You may notice how UNSC’s 2014 resolution on the situation in Congo and the 2017 COE’s resolution on migration have no reason to bear the same number since having no APPARENT connection to each other but the fact of actually bearing the same number…

Act II’s 2014 resolution conveniently refers to all what’s been done by the West to stir up conflicts in Africa and destabilize its democratically elected governments including real or alleged slaughters, genocides and horrors we’ve been shown or made believe by our media these last years.

You may thus see Act III as the very point one wished to get to since 2004 because this second resolution wearing the always same ‘prophetical’ numb€r #2147 looks like being paving the way for the further 2018 Global Compact for Migration…

In ACTIII’s prior resolution indeed, the migratory phenomenon wasn’t addressed for itself as the matter of debate and agreement between European host nations as it would later be to the GCM, but was then straight regarded as ‘natural’ and an ineluctable fact not worthy of any discussion. Here is how the resolution’s text starts by promoting ‘collective guilt’…

1. The Parliamentary Assembly is very much concerned about the failure of European leaders to find a common policy approach and effectively address the ongoing migration and refugee crisis. This includes the continual loss of lives in the Mediterranean Sea, inadequate reception conditions, responsibility sharing between States with regard to mass inflows of people, violence at borders and against migrants, and the ensuing loss of public confidence in governments’ and European institutions’ ability to deal with the crisis.

2. Europe’s inadequate response to unfolding developments and continuing mass arrivals of refugees and migrants has revealed systemic weaknesses in the existing legal instruments and mechanisms. These include the inability to control external European Union borders, the practical inapplicability of the Dublin Regulation, dysfunctional asylum systems and divisions between countries, depending on their political stances and geographic situations.

3. Furthermore, the Assembly regrets the absence of a global and comprehensive vision for the management of migration flows and sustainable solutions and the lack of a serious debate at European level on the migration phenomenon from a long-term perspective and its consequences for host societies.

4. The Assembly welcomes the continuous efforts of Turkey and Germany, which have taken in most of the recent influx of refugees and irregular migrants who have arrived on their territory, and recognises the efforts made by Italy and Greece, who are faced with the arrival, as countries of first entry, of the main flows of refugees and migrants.

5. Several recent terrorist attacks committed by refugees or asylum seekers raise questions about security.

It’s only further that the question of migration itself is addressed in terms that leave no doubt on the will to support and encourage it conversely to what’s been claimed with insistence in the GCM.

7. Furthermore, the Assembly stresses that the right and obligation to protect national and European Union external borders is not incompatible with the commitment to uphold international humanitarian law.

8. Regrettably, dysfunctional status determination procedures prevent quick distinctions from being made between people in real need of international protection and other migrants. Combined with inefficient return policies this compromises the concept of international protection and may lead to abuses. The Assembly believes that it is of crucial importance to strengthen the existing legal and policy framework at national and European levels with a view to ensuring efficiency of the asylum system.

Emphasize added to once more show how blatant the will and purpose are to support, promote and encourage migration by getting it easier through a blackmailing making that signing countries are left no choice but to cooperate or withdraw, and we know what happens to those who do the latest. Remember the Morandi bridge’s ‘collapse’ which I think was connected, remember contestation in Hungary plus what we don’t know or is yet to come.

Several other such resolutions are referred to in the text and you should go through each one of them to get an overview of the UN’s hidden purpose and agenda in that field. But there are two facts of which the above observation is a blatant proof…

1/ The European Nation of United Councils or however it calls itself issues faked and forged bogus reports while dating a deadline in regard to no criteria being part of their alleged ‘mission’, which renders all reports or statistics issued by such non-governmental organizations notoriously unreliable and unusable.

2/ By using such a precise number as 2147 to determine both a deadline and a new ‘resolution’ to come with a ten years minimal difference, these organizations prove themselves to be following an agenda they hide from the public by having this one confuse a date with a resolution number, which agenda therefore is reputed unrelated to the interest of the countries or populations it was supposed to serve and support.

No country’s government would or should be careless enough to willingly welcome and host migrants when being unable to house its own growing homeless population in the first place. If it does though, then such a government shouldn’t be kept in power.

It’s gone blatant now that migrants are taken care of and given public housings practically upon arrival while natives run out of job are left to sleep in our streets until they die on a sidewalk or at a hospital’s emergencies.

I remember having seen a TV report showing cops searching a bus of protesters on their way to Paris and taking placards from them saying it wasn’t allowed and you may wonder why. Because they be might used as ‘weapons’ ?

Abusers fear way more their own victims than any authority let alone when such abusers ARE the authorities… So if we keep repeating the truth enough often and for long enough then it has a chance to be restored, because it’s how the conspirator did to impose lie and forgery.

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