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Default what science students are taught about UFOs

I found an interesting post on another "paranormal" type forum in which a new
college student tells of his experiences regarding what is being taught to his
college science students about UFOs. It seems more like an indoctrination
than teaching to me:

"I've had an interesting first two weeks at college to say the least. I'm majoring
in Astrophysics, and thus far, almost all my time in my physics classes has been
spent demonstrating the "obvious" baloney of the entire phenomenon [UFOs]
while throwing in the occasional concept or formula to learn. "
And, this strange comment:

"The administration, the real administration, is kinda like the Executive Branch.
You hear a lot of statements and get a few sound bytes, but everything beyond that is
a bit of a mystery. There was a big ceremony at the beginning of the year, where the
President of the university gave a speech along with some other "higher-ups." The people
who are in the peak positions of power look so strange. Their faces... you can pick them
out in a crowd. There was one guy who sat to the right of the President, he caught my
attention and I studied him. And he stared down off the platform at me. We locked gazes
for about 15 seconds. There was such power behind his fiery blue eyes and drooping face;
it made me feel small. It was one of those surreal moments where you are taken out of
sync with the rest of reality. And then it was over.
As I said, things have been a bit odd
since I got here, I should be extra cautious, all these little occurrences might be setting
up for a major event."
This post (by "Neil") is much longer and has a lot if telling information about
how student "scientists" are indoctrinated.
link here

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Government training centres, all of them.


Call-Age and Uni-Verse, one verse, repeat!

Free your minds!!!
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yeah thats basically what it is. Ive hit that stage were I realize this just sucks and its not fun anymore. Its funny how they have changed life so. Im gonna start changing it back.
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