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Default Inverting Terrorism

Inverting Terrorism

•To Terrorists Civilians Are Prey And They Are The Predators

•Invert Terrorism So Civilians Become Predators And Terrorists Become Prey

•Chase Away Or Herd Or Shepherd Terrorist Cells And Or Networks Into A Trap Or Traps Where Proper Authorities Are Waiting For Them

•Turn The Tables On Terrorists

•Chase Them Away Into A Trap Or Traps

•Utilize Their Fight-Or-Flight Projections On Them

•Classically Condition Or Train Them Or En-Train Them As They Have To Civilians And Neutralize Them And Herd Or En-Trap Them

•In The Multi-Verse There Are Far Worse Things Than Terrorism

•Terrorists Are Not Gods Their Gods Are Not Gods

•Terrorists Are As Vulnerable As Any Entity

•Terrorists Have Natural Predators

•Terrorists Have Weaknesses

•Terrorist Networks Can Be De-Crypted

•Defeating Terrorism Is Theoretically Possible And May Have A Calm Peaceful Non-Casualty Solution
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