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Many women have told their story.
They say the same things about him.
That he was an abuser.
That he slept with men and hated women.
That he treated women like they were prisoners.
He told them what to wear - who to have sex with and who to speak to.
He sent women to nightclubs to pick up underage girls for unprotected sex with him. They never checked the ID's they knew they were underage. That is a story repeated by different women that lived with him.
He brainwashed women that lived there.
Anyone that spoke out he discredited by calling them all the things he was - a whore, a prostitute, bisexual, a pimp, an abuser, a drug addict, an alcoholic etc..., he used top lawyers and celebrity friends and connections to avoid court.
He basically did all the things domestic abusers do but on a bigger scale - the place was often referred to as a cult.
Linda Lovelace wrote books and spoke out and told many people her story yet she is discredited? Why?

Because she is a woman.
Everything she is accused of doing - Heffner did - and much worse stuff too.
He never liberated women - he enslaved them.

A few people on here are quick to discredit the many, many women that have spoken out and take his word over theirs ( they are rich, they are famous) yet for some reason because they slept around, did drugs etc... they are discredited against a man that had a rapist as a best friend.

So if you want to call these women liars you also have to accept that Heffner is also a liar.
He is all the things these women have been called and worse...

If these women were 'liberated' why are they not heard or treated equally when they speak out? LOL

A truly liberated woman does not wear bunny ears and a tail and solicit underage girls I can assure you.

There are literally hundreds of stories that tell the same tale about him.

That is all the proof you need.

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Originally Posted by kiwi_ View Post
RIP to a legend.
An dirty old man a "Legend"? please

If he's a "legend" then Larry Flint is one as well
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