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Exclamation Dodgy judge? Mafia and Masonic links?

Now, this is interesting.
A "active (dormant"" company with unknown assets and a net worth of £10. Seven directors, one of them is a judge!

The company is fronted by one called Trinity Nominees (1) limited. Not Temple Secretaries? Course not! Trinity was created by Temple.


Temple and trinity are owned by the same people.

The company that set the operation up is called "Temple Secretaries Ltd". I looked them up...

They are linked to Mafia money laundering. http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/02/422284.html

According to reports in Italian newspapers this “899 scam” was certainly linked to known organized crime bosses and very possibly to a collaberation between three organized crime groups, Camorristi, mafiosi e ‘ndranghetisti “collaborano” per delinquere in what the Italians call a “Collabortation of Delinquents”. The bulk of the operation was run from three ex council flats in Battersea. It seems that London is specially equipped for money laundering operations, it’s well geared up for organized criminals to arrive in London go straight to a highly respected firm of legal agents / accountants and set up networks of companies from the same address and no one says a dickie bird.
One guy who signed up as a company director decribes in himself as a Waiter, the line above say Occupation is Nationality so the form reads Italian Waiter !! 4 fuck snakes it that obvious it’s a scam.
The firm that set up most of these bogus front companies , Corporate Directors and Temple Secretaries ( same people) 788 790 Finchley Road, ( policy is obviously take the money and don’t ask questions. Organized Criminals can go about there business in a very relaxed manner, knowing that the system is set up to help them and the seriously masonic London police have very little interest in organized crime and spend most of their time bashing people who mistakenly think they have a right to protest.
These corporate specialists are totally above board and will no doubt not eve figure in any police investigations, if there are any police investigations that is.
As Italy is officially run by the Mafia it is very unlikely that the top men will ever go to prison berlusconi has been linked on nunerous occasions to the mafia and money laundering operations, involving for example Tessa Jowells husband David MIlls, nothing much came of them , despite Mills telling large porky pies to both the English and Italian Authorities.
And have been investigated by the US for setting up bogus tax evading companies and third world corruption. https://eyreinternational.wordpress....overnment-why/

788 – 790 Finchley Road, London…… Just one of the Finchley Road “Boiler Rooms” linked to the thousands of fake fraud AIM L.S.E companies.

Another reference with answers to the ¬£billion “Phantom Fuel Deliveries” to the Kyrgyzstan Military Air Base, used as vehicles to deliver pay offs to the families of 2 former corrupt Kyrgyzstan Presidents.

Companies and Directors associated with the United Kingdom also have bogus offshore companies in Cyprus which also happens to be the same location of a person known to Peter Eyre and I (name withheld) who has companies that are registered there and companies under who’s administration that person was arrested and all linked to the thousands of financial disaster companies fronted by:







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