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the nine
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Originally Posted by howie View Post
I agree with her, the laws need changing, smackheads should get 50 years with no parole & all dealers executed.

Burglars should be punished by their victims, if some soppy liberal like Caroline Lucas wants them to come back & break into her home again so she can make more excuses about their habits or poor upbringing, that's fine by her - my burglar won't be returning.

Quite how giving free drugs out is going to solve the problem of wasting £16billion on junkies is going to work, doesn't make sense, like every other crackpot scheme these fruitcakes come up with.

This country has a serious problem with drugs & Caroline Lucas & Russell Brand are the last people I'd use to solve it, it's their soft attitudes which created the mess.
sounds like old testament 'an eye for an eye' to me

are you a zionist jew?

£16 billion..ha ha
cultivating the drug in a controlled environment for sale at affordable rates to users is the answer

its called being responsible

I wouldnt wish the things that have happened to so many heroin addicts on to you, as I am not a hate-filled person

you sound liker you are in full control of your life, yet you wish to castigate others who are less fortunate, or perhaps not as strong as you emotionally/psychologically

do you realise just how much interest we are going to pay the international bankers for creating and then lending fictional [sic] reserve currency this year alone?
this same group who outlawed all drugs CFR (old league of nations)
over £47 billion..yeah thats right

its all a big game to them , and you are suckered right in, jumping down on those in need

how much would 50 years in prison for each 'smack'ed' cost then?
I would say more than your £16 billion

not really thought things through have you?

If you have ANY shame, you would feel disappointed in your post here
"Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled;
The truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason… - Albert Pike Sharpen & Use your reasoning daily - the nine

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Originally Posted by swamideva View Post
My point was the choice was not conscious. You may as well say society should not treat cancer, its their own fault.
So deciding to take a narcotic is not a 'conscious choice'? Perhaps they sleepwalk to their dealer to buy smack then? What a load of old cobblers.
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I wish that people would stop referring to cannabis as DRUGS, it's a negative connotation, if anything apply the word DRUGS to alcohol.

I'm just saying, it winds me up!

This is good news though. Free the weed.
AdZ (",)
Bomb hills not people.
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Originally Posted by borsabil View Post
So deciding to take a narcotic is not a 'conscious choice'? Perhaps they sleepwalk to their dealer to buy smack then? What a load of old cobblers.
You are just playing with words. You know what i meant, the choice to become an addict is not a conscious choice. Can you now appreciate the difference, between that first drug/drink and the total loss of control and also the state powerlessness the occours through addiction years later? Obviously not or you would not need it spelled out for you.

Are you here to help and inform or just to argue for the sake of it in order to support bigoted opinions, lacking in understanding and compassion?
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cannnabis, hemp, norml uk

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