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Default Richplanet new 9/11 show

Watched Richard D Hall's latest show where he guests a 9/11 researcher by the name of Mark Conlon and his regular guest, researcher Andrew Johnson. To cut to the chase they basically talk about the likely suggestion that the "no planes were really in the sky" advocates are disinfo. I agree with that as Richard stated that it would impossible for every piece of footage to have been digitally tampered with. Whether this was a hologram or some type of military craft or missile disguised as a regular plane I don't know.

Richard and his guests brought up an interesting point regarding the fact that no eyewitnesses at the airport where the planes are supposed to have taken off from, from either crew or the public, have come forward saying they saw the hijackers and passengers. Even if no planes ever took off, wouldn't you'd have thought the real perpetrators of the event wouldve created a scenario of fake actors?. And regarding the lack of CCTV at the airport, or rather footage that would've been withheld, wouldn't you'd have thought the staff (security dept) at that airport would've been puzzled as to why their CCTV footage wasn't shown in the news media?. Maybe they were in on it or were told to keep quiet.

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I think Richard d halls richplanet.net shows are the best you will see online anywhere . it is just a shame he does not do more
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