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Default The DEFINATIVE link between 9.11.01 & 7.7.05

The post initially deals with 4:44 and Jay-Z but it leads into its direct connection with those other events before very long. Stick with it & you'll be happy you did.

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Im going to try to make a good clean yet basic run thru of this , but for access to a more detailed examination ill provide a link to my whole article about this at the bottom of this post.

I dug into the Jay-Z album title 4:44 & i believe i nailed that time/titles exact meaning .... This in turm led to this info.

* note * it is much more thoughly explained at link.

Jay Zs 4:44 is inspired by the weight of 44.4 OZ ( ounces )

Jay Z used to be in the narcotics trade , which deals heavily with weights and measures.

He made a song called 'Forty Four 4's' as well to tighten up the correlation.

44.4 Ounces is equal to 2.775 LBs ( pounds )

This is when a conversion takes place. The conversion is from POUNDS to DAYs ( specifically minutes - hours )

2.775 DAYS is 66.6 hours ( exact )


Furthermore 66.6 hours is equal to 3996 minutes ( tesla ) AND also

2 days &
1116 minutes

2 1116 COMPARE to
911 21 ( 9.11.2001 with Zeroes yanked as they should be )

2 1116 the mirror image of 911 21 just so happens to be 66.6 hours

.775 ( by itself ) days is equal to 1116 minutes

Compare again

911.01 or 9111

That .775 also is a straight PORT to 7/7/05

The article has a lot more info , please click the link in original post if so inclined. Any interest or feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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