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Default Occult Forces Movie - Freemasonry - New World Order - Ritual Symbolism

Same post new forum.


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Only the enemy creates propaganda.
The victors manufacture “what really happened.”
The architecture of history is by their design, in their image.
From that image they can mold people via their impressions made upon other people.
The image isn’t and can’t be up for debate when such an impression matters and is of the upmost importance, that only one major POV gets public credence.
The rest should be made to appear incredulous, null and void.

Such is the work of a brotherhood, man, a conspiracy and is very definitely not a natural state of affairs but by “divine” will of an imposition.
Very often by those whom seek to play G-d, many of which equally believe they’re chosen to carry out such a task as Santa’s Little helpers.

Such identification illuminates the reality of Conspiracy beyond all reason and question.
The only element, shadow of doubt rests on those conspiring to deceive humanity, not those whom witness at the very least, the fact they’ve been deceived.
It’s all the more important to those whom are conspiring a certain state of affairs, that you don’t find out that you have and are being deceived in such a manner.
Or else how can they keep doing it, time and time again?

If these things didn’t mater, nor weren’t important no one would care.
It wouldn’t matter what you believed or the fact Conspiracy Theorists, just people with alternative points of view existed.
Our views are our own and we’re entitled to them and to make our own minds up about who we do and don’t give authority. (Authority starts and ends with you)
Who we trust and whom we’re deeply cynical about.
Why is it so important you believe what anyone else wants you to believe?
Pick an institution, any institution...
Why must we largely believe the same things?
Why must we reconfirm our beliefs in others by asking what they believe, to then judge how we view or don’t things?
For fun and some pathway towards understanding this maybe all well and good.
The problem is we have been tricked into taking this all way too seriously.
As though it really matters and we should feel reconfirmed by our prison belief mentalities, that’s just how things are, that’s just the way of the world, reality, in one another and by us generally believing the same as the person next to us about a majority of things...
Instead why don’t we just not care what others think and get in with each other regardless?Such would be a more secure society. But by this nature we live in an ever growing more insecure society by systematic design. They want us in our own way...

What you believe has been being formed, manufactured and molded by those whom seek to control society by way of engineering your consent.

They can direct the world in a direction that they see fit, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible or a success if they hadn’t created a manufactured history, a state of affairs and overall a reality where the tail very much is made to wag the dog.
You certainly don’t ask any questions about it...


You just accept history is held up to create and justify your future because it’s already planned by way of systematic design, a deception, by those whom wish to bring about a certain reality that otherwise wouldn’t be achievable if the tail wasn’t made to wag the dog in the minds of the masses...

If this spell, this state of hypnosis is broken their control and method of being able to deceive as a way of directing society becomes broken and it it’s that which becomes incredulous, null and void.
It’s as only good of a tool as those whom use it to direct society.
To what end and overall what is their intent and reasoning for feeling the need to do so in the first instance?


Momentum - Fast Acting

If you don’t think WWI and WWII where contrived, you’ll probably be suckered into the next one...


“Forces occultes (Occult Forces - subtitled The mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen) is a French film of 1943, notable as the last film to be directed by Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy).

The film recounts the life of a young député who joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how the Freemasons are conspiring with the Jews and the Anglo-American nations to encourage France into a war against Germany.”

If Nazi Germany created this as pure propaganda without any merit whatsoever, then we should definitely be able to watch it today, dismiss it and see no truths.
It’s the same with “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

Scientific Illuminism - Aleister Crowley - Aldous Huxley

Jews - Zionism - Bolshevism - Divide and Rule

Such may well be said to be a fakery of Judaism collectively.
A fake “anti-Semitic” manuscript used to insight hatred against all Jews out of Soviet Union. Surprising it wasn’t found in Germany, then maybe more people will have fallen for it.

Yet what’s within the text is and has been happening by those whom abuse all organisations and groups they deem fit, in pursuit of achieving overall end goals.
Propaganda often works along side the corruption of half truths.
That’s probably the most important thing to remember.
Yet I don’t see how not wanting war with Germany in the first place and being against an international brotherhood that blocks opportunities being available to everyone, so they can only be handed to a few of “their chosen people”, “desirable types” and they call this deception as actually “providing opportunities” that people otherwise wouldn’t have available to them, as being a bad thing.
It isn’t propaganda. It is what Freemasonry does.
They do have an international empire and scale of influence.
What’s up for debate is the Bad or Good game. Black and White.

On a Grand International Scale that Freemasonry exists, it has the ability to create opportunities or rid them.
Yet instead of removing the wars, they actually support them and push societies into them?
It’s not surprising understanding that in the U.K. the figure heads of Freemasonry are Royalty whom are the heads of the Military.
To not question these blatant associations and possibilities of corruption is to be in-denial of very real dangerous that exist, simply by the way these institutions are collaborated into either creating or stopping wars.
They seem to do very little of the latter...

The only disagreement any fellow Freemason may have is if this arrangement, their cause and their organisation is really being used for Good Or Evil.
Both are and can be true.
Yet to be blind sided that any organisation holds nothing but Good and doesn’t have any Evil underbelly to it, means you’re blinding yourself to the truth because of what you believe and what you want to be the case because of your affiliation with the said group.

This Jewish plot is confused by the idea that all of Judaism stands for this arrangement as do all of Freemasonry.
Freemasonry and it’s members are used and exploited towards the cause of those whom manipulate Freemasonry as they do the rest of society.
All jump through hoops but one does so in their own interests of feeling they’re achieving something by doing so and playing along with their games.
The others largely have do so because they’re educated/conditioned to worship external authorities.

Those whom have artificially created a state to act as a voice box for all of the collective Jews do so for themselves, the control, corruption and enslavement of Jews, by those few power Mad individuals whom have roots deep within Freemasonry and the “Firm” “The Company”, The Royals.

The Royals act as a gateway between many Christians by the way they’ve set up an institution of Christianity, is of equal exploitation of the Christian.
Those Grand Masters of Freemasonry are the Highest figure head Freemasons and act as Gateways between them and their Grand Architect just in the same manner as in Christianity, Royalty being between them and their God as they’ve become to idolise the material as their God, it’s that which they wish to achieve and succeed by such affiliation.

The Grand Masters are holding all the major keys if you want to get anywhere in Freemasonry and if you’re against them, you’re as good as a heretic.
They’ve become Gods of the material, the physical.
You get no homeless people within Freemasonry.
They’re the undesirable types they limit opportunities from.
They don’t fit the system provided as they’re beneath it, unless there’s a war on and they absolutely have something they must do. Or else they can arrange for you to be shot yourself...

They’re a “lower class of people” altogether as Freemasonry is a hierarchical design of class divide, paving way to an illusion of superiority, it being based upon the succession of the ground of illusion as being real itself, it’s of no surprise...

Symbolism and ritual is designed to leech energy for a directed purpose, it does not created, it’s from energies that already exist all around us.
Like a windmill generator creates and harnesses energy from wind.
You may not see it but you no it’s their, you no such is possible.
This may otherwise seem like the supernatural and witchcraft, but it’s equivalent to making use of energies that already exist and many people are nowadays unaware of.
Most groups and societies that have been privy of such where ironically Systematically Exterminated - No one likes to talk about or remember these Extermination’s - beyond all doubt and belief as being uncultured, uncivilised savages.
Paving way for this New World Order.

Only those born into blood, or their minds give birth to a deception of truth enter its fraternity as they expect to get somewhere they’re not now, symbolically giving an illusion legs, compounded with the nature of belonging to a fellow fraternity and brotherhood.
Such an illusion can be stronger than no other in creating a bond and directing your energies through the said group.
That’s the ultimate ritual and symbolism.
Such is paramount to Mind Control.
It’s that which can blind you to the truth that their could be anything negative associated with any institution you create such a deep bond like this with.
Positive and Negative exists in absolutely everything.
It’s the nature of energetic forces.

If you look at Freemasonry on balance and reflection, you can sum up for yourself which polarity the institution itself is geared around directing society...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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the latest pedowood satanist film approved for uk release
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Originally Posted by dannyuk View Post
If you look at Freemasonry on balance and reflection, you can sum up for yourself which polarity the institution itself is geared around directing society...
yeah there's no escaping the fact that it recruits many influential people and that the upper echelons such as the royal family are heavily involved in it

It's not just a social get together
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
yeah there's no escaping the fact that it recruits many influential people and that the upper echelons such as the royal family are heavily involved in it

It's not just a social get together
Yep very much so, you maybe interested in my recent post here on the New David Icke Forum.
Especially the latest comments about Churchill.

David Icke Banned from Australia

The Royal Family is basically an international company.
They use the Royal Family within Freemasonry as figure heads whom Freemasons in turn are manipulated into idolising.
Freemasonry is used to order influential people into the society and create an illusion of self importance within a delusional social hierarchial system.
So those influential people are tethered to the direction of Royalty and the Royalty is used by these international families, working through these societies like Freemasonry especially, to manipulate a world into being that they see fit.
Those whom conform to this world image and especially benefit from its existence will of course not see a problem with this or such a society as they won’t be able to see the deception as they enjoy it and get the better side of this deception, not willing to acknowledge its pitfalls and the price we pay for its existence.

With the Royalty also owning and controlling the military, these internationalists acting as the hidden hand and can manipulate much of our world’s affairs, especially considering they also control Alphabet Intelligence Agencies and not to mention the media whom they drip feed a containment of knowledge or hold back things from public circulation etc...

Such as the OSS during WWII that went on to be the CIA.
The OSS where essentially the hidden hand within Nazi Germany Covertly - Not under the knowledge say of Adolf Hitler and those whom supported him and where against these internationalists - using Germans that would work to their interests within Germany or where planted their by them.
This isn’t unknown or not accepted, that during the Cold War, the CIA and MI6 would get East German defectors whom come over the wall, condition them and use them as tools to go back in and infiltrate a certain operation etc.

Many Germans in Europe and the US, especially those between WWI and II whom had only just recently moved would have been perfect candidates for such a task, of being sent back into Nazi Germany and I’m sure it’s a massive unexplored version of history.
The Rat Lines came about after WWII by official history standards. Not before?
And not by the likes of the OSS/MI6?

Later to be picked up under Operation Paperclip.
Anyone whom believes those who where picked up where originally Nazis have completely missed the point and lost the plot altogether.

Because those who did this don’t want people to know just how involved they where.
It’s far easier to just say it was all Hitler’s plan, any and all the horrors where committed because of him and by his hand or systematic orders that started from him.
Which of course is what is official history, that Adolf Hitler was essentially the anti-Christ and a lunatic so don’t even try and figure out his actions.
But such is simply because you may find out who was really responsible of course...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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