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Originally Posted by blueskull6111 View Post
I bought this skull from an artisan that lives in San Juan Teotihuacan. It is normally just a clear green glass, but when I take pictures of the skull weird images appear in the photos. The artisan said it was made of green obsidian but I don’t know about that, it just looks like light-green glass. Maybe they are some sort of hologram or parallel-dimensional portal. What do you see and think?

By the way, the pictures have not been photoshopped or altered in any way.

You can buy such skulls on the internet. I have a small clear one which is clearly some clear resin but not glass. There are different colours available. Look on amazon for a good idea of what you can get. Ebay also have loads.
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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
Can you please repost that photo you took of the filmstrip that I subsequently gif-animated to reveal a weird image of a pre-pubescent boy transforming into a dog.

I would like to use it in the film I am making on the Gable Film for my youtube channel.
I'll have to make a new photo. (The boy in the truck mirror,..... right)? And hey,..... I recently bought a microscope that takes .jpegs. I can use it to make large files of those 8mm film frames. I could post those frames of "Dogboy" so you can make a higher quality .gif animation. (I used to make .gifs, but I lost that program in a harddrive crash).
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