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Default The Russian formula for destabilization of a nation.

People love to have opinions and care about things. It is how they are so easily manipulated emotionally.

There is an old Soviet intelligence formula utilizing this tactic to prepare a nation for takeover.

1. Demoralization (the overture)
2. Destabilization (undermining of regime)
3. Crisis (collapse of the current regime)
4. Normalization (replacement with new regime)

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov detailed this process and various implementations thereof in a video from the 1980's below:


Notice his use of the term "Marxist-Leninist social justice" in the context of ideological subversion. Now the term 'social justice' is proffered often as a liberal virtue and moral issue. Yet this KGB operative detailed things like social justice movements and deviant sexual liberation as subversive Soviet espionage tactics to undermine and destabilize western society. As ideological open societies, western countries are particularly vulnerable to this tactic and most don't know it is happening. Closed societies like Afghanistan are too ideologically rigid for Soviet style subversion.

It is not just limited to homosexual or liberal socialist agendas. Russian espionage also focuses on the rabid right along with the loony left. Mass protests of the alt-right are just as easily manipulated as the protests of the radical left. The goal is to utilize extremist movements to create destabilization by targeting different political audiences. Again, this KGB agents described DECADES ago many of the social movements happening today.

Brexit is a great example of the Russian subversion model being implemented to destabilize Russia's enemy, the European Union, without firing a shot. This subversion model is what Khrushchev meant when he said the Soviet Union would destroy America from within without firing a shot. The Soviet Union itself 'collapsed' only to have the single party state subverted by their secret intelligence services. Russia went from being communist to being Checkist. Nevertheless, they are still no different than they were with the exception of being Orthodox instead of atheist.

This is why seemingly antagonistic groups like the Assad regime and the Islamic State counter-insurgency are really working together to counter the groups threatening the Assad regime.

Eventually, some even like the civil war in Syria or a nuclear war with North Korea may be used to implement the 'crisis' phase. With Syria in particular, the 'crisis phase' is being used to help the 'destabilization phase' for the European theater by infiltration of refugees with militants. Russian 'separatists' in Ukraine are another example.

The easy way to spot a Russian agent is by their narrative. They will always support Kremlin talking points and Russian causes in geopolitical affairs. These are the good Russian whores Putin was bragging about. Hence right wingers like Alex Jones or Richard Spencer are just as kompromat as Rania Khalek. Left and right has nothing to do with it. Agents on both the left and right will be used to support the Russian narrative. Richard Spencer was married to his Russian handler. Rania Khalek is a notorious whore for the Russian allied Assad regime that denies the chemical weapons attacks or the extra-judicial executions of civilians ever happened. Russian agents are frequently found in 'affinity action groups' like Spencer or 'alternative media' like Alex Jones or Rania Khalek. Exposing groups and individuals like Alex Jones or Rania Khalek for the Russian dupes they are can even be more effective than killing or otherwise neutralizing them.

The weak point in the Russian espionage model is the 'normalization phase' whereby a Soviet style strongman loyal to Moscow is used to 'restore law and order.' Bezmenov outlines how this was used in Eastern Europe or other theaters throughout the twentieth century. The 'normalization phase' is what the entire model is based around. Therefore, acquisition of the Muscovite strongman like Assad is the solution to the subversion model. Without the front-man like Assad, the Russian support system collapses and implementation of the 'normalization phase' becomes impossible. Hence, western efforts should not be wasted on supporting low-level insurgencies but instead targeting high level operatives. Without such high-level operatives like Assad, the Russian subversion system collapses. Without the Assad regime, there would be no Islamic State or militant refugees helping destabilize Europe. Eliminating the choke-point is the key to eliminating the wider destabilizing political influences.

Again, all of these phenomena happening today like the Islamic state, homosexual liberation, radical right movements, etc. were outlined decades ago by a KGB agent in the above video.

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So recently there has been an apparently 'random' shooting committed by a 'lone actor' in Las Vegas.

There is nothing random about this. What our public school brainwashed union thugs in government don't seem to understand is how this was obviously espionage concurrent with the Soviet subversion model. Seriously, the government is supposed to protect America, but what are we getting for the money?

In order to bring America beyond the demoralization stage into the destabilization stage like Europe, firearms must be made illegal. The goal is to accomplish this with multi-generational subversion and brainwashing by engineering 'gun violence' to provoke an emotion reaction requiring 'something must be done.' Predictably, the whole slew of media socialists and other liberal idiots took the cue to make these types of demands. This is social programming, what the Russians call psychotronic Marxism.

Sure, gun violence may be bad, but making guns illegal won't cure that. This was an act of hostile foreign espionage which is already illegal. Random gun violence isn't nearly as bad as being rounded up by foreign troops into trucks where the carbon monoxide exhaust feeds back into the trailer. Again, the real goal is to make America 'demand' gun prohibition so a ground invasion would be possible. A county music event of 'gun supporters' was targeted specifically for this purpose. The idea is to provoke a visceral emotional reaction designed to motivate demands for political change.

America may not realize America is at war, but America's enemies are at war with America.

Let's look at just how far this has gone.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump are obviously compromised by Russian intelligence. What they call KOMPROMAT.

Obama had his entire political career sponsored by Russia, and had a handler going all the way back to the Soviet days named Frank Marshall Davis. This is why Obama let Russia's proxy destroy Syria without any resistance. All he had to do was allow OTHER NATO powers to provide a no fly zone against Assad, but instead Obama took his orders from Moscow.

Donald Trump gave an acceptance speech for his nomination at the Republican National Convention that might as well have been written by the Kremlin. Actually, it was written by the Kremlin. Let's get along with Russia? Seriously what the fuck? This guy is supposed to be a republican? The best way to spot clandestine Marxism is by the narrative. If the politician or public figure is on narrative, they are obviously a clandestine Marxist. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric on North Korea. They fire missiles over Japan and Trump does absolutely nothing about it. China is doing more to protect the world against Marxism today than America, pathetic.

America is leaderless and defenseless against the threat of clandestine Marxism.
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So now from the media onslaught the real target of the Las Vegas massacre is obvious: bump stocks. Predictably, an onslaught of media clamoring for 'something to be done' comes into play like clockwork, easily manipulated by Russian intelligence.

Again, the Russians cannot begin to implement the destabilization phase in America while guns are still legal.

To recap, here are the four phases of Soviet style subversion and a current example of each:

1. Demoralization phase; America (sexual activism, 'random' gun violence, radical left and right wing protests, Marxist-Leninist social justice)

2. Destabilization phase; Europe (infiltrating militants into the refugee population, 'random' terror)

3. Crisis phase; Syria (a civil war, the ISIS counter-insurgency)

4. Normalization phase; western Ukraine

Russia is very adept at manipulating 'terrorism theater' to influence public opinion. The fake Moscow apartment bombings blamed on Chechnya was how Putin came to power in the first place. The well choreographed 'assassination' of a Russian ambassador by a 'Syrian' militant was another of many examples.

A multi-faceted and multi-generational subversion campaign is being waged to create support for gun control in America. The Las Vegas shooter was obviously a Russian asset. He fits the profile for their recruitment, a low level government employee, a loner. Who knows how they turned him, either with blackmail or by other means. Sexual blackmail is the usual. The casino gambling was a cover to finance him. Casinos are notorious for being places where people can launder money.

Anyway, lets examine some of the other phenomenon of Russian subversion tactics.

There are several attempts to follow a Soviet style "independence referendum" system being implemented to attack Russian targets. The latest would be Catalan in Spain. A small minority of voters turns out to 'vote' in an unofficial referendum ignored by the opposition. The result is taken as a 'democratic mandate' for Barcelona or Donbass to separate from the country opposed to Russia by means of violence. So even though the territory of Spain or the Ukraine is part of that country, the secessionist contingent can 'leave' the country with that territory and disclaim any liability for their share of the national debt. The California independence movement leader was also tied to Russia. It is all part of the campaign of subversion outlined by Yuri Bezmenov in the 80's.

Of course, when Syrians take to the streets against their Russian backed multi-generational dictator for killing political protesters, that isn't "democratic" by the Russian definition. Assad of course has 'democratic legitimacy' to kill civilians because he is a loyal puppet of Moscow.

Nevertheless, there is currently one Russian secessionist plot bigger than all of the others put together, & that is Brexit.

If you don't think Threresa May is one of those 'good Russian prostitutes' that Putin brags about, that Brexit will be financially catastrophic for Britain, that Scotland won't leave the UK (with the North Sea gas reserves) once the UK leaves Europe, or that somehow Brexit is a good idea -- then you need to put down the vodka, wake up, and smell the borscht.

Brexit is designed to both marginalize the United Kingdom and weaken European opposition to Moscow. To make the joke even less funny, Brexit was manipulated by stoking resentment against liberal immigration policies that Moscow also helped implement in the first place with their subversive campaigns for Marxist-Leninist social justice. The UK, EU, and US are all under attack but don't even know it because the enemy has decided to just wage war without declaring war. It is an insidious subversive war of attrition that most westerners are too naive to even consider a possibility. Many Russians have already immigrated into target countries waiting for the Crisis Phase to be implemented.
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