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Arrow Why Matt IS the very LAST Prophet: he could _ _e the _AST at the END

Last Prophet's words from Jun 2012.
Article's body unchanged. CONTEXT and BASICS last updated Aug 2016.

Let's get in the wind (Les Courants d'air)
Tube: one of its meanings in french is "hit song", one of two End Times Paradoxes related to how youtube was named.
The song, by french band Grand Tourism, featuring Terry Callier, never became a "tube" in youtube: the official video, published Feb 2008, didn't yet reach 100,000 views, as of Jun 2012.
The song includes the keyline for what is explained below, which is "coincidentally" yet another End Times Paradox: why End Times Prophet Matt is also the VERY Last Prophet.

Why Matt IS the very LAST Prophet: he could _ _e the _AST at the END
There's one missing character in the riddle's keyword, the word that turns the sentence into yet another End Times Paradox.
Try to solve the riddle, the 3 missing characters, before reading "The riddle's KEYWORD: Examples".
To confirm that you correctly solved the riddle: click the youtube link to the song's video.

Song "Let's get in the wind": the KEY line to solve the riddle
If you google it its youtube video appears in the first page of results.
The keyline includes:
- both words that are to be completed in the riddle
- almost all chapters of the trilogy which the riddle's KEYWORD is part of.
In other words: only one part is missing in the trilogy, and that's P _ _ _ _ _ _ .

The riddle's KEYWORD: Examples
They range from the Ordo Teutonicus "crusaders", who stepped on stage in 1190, to ALL their KEY creations.
These include stellar parallax, released nearly 200 years ago, the script for World War III, 1943 and the ongoing BIG BANG script, released 50 years later.
A script where the title's two words says it all about the two last words in this article's title.

Video Let's get in the wind

Talk of End Times Paradoxes and french songs, but this time those who became hits: Two of them here:
How youtube was named: literal tubes, french figurative hit songs:
Youtube's role in End Times goes beyond becoming the only possibility for songs out of the matrix to become a hit
Who will strip Youtube from TRUTH: Obama or Trump? ISIS at inauguration holds the answer.

Talk of End Times Riddles by Last Prophet:
This one has also includes _AST but has a different keyword:
END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable first Google page: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND

Why Illuminati MUST NOW administrate the KILL SHOT: ZIKA reduced to 3 chars: _I_
Original 1993 BIG BANG script still unfolding, only two words changed

All in Blog

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