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Default The E ts gave me VRS dream of peeing the bed ...

..this morning.
I felt the E ts , everytime me waking up and going P P , then laying back in bed,
them pull me out again (mY ethereal energetic part).

I had several created dreams for me this morning, but this is the first where they gave me a virtual reality dream of me pissing the bed.

It felt so real!!!!! When i woke up thank god my sheets were DRY.

They have a sense of humor. During the dream I was in an apt
with my sister and she came up to me and also said she had a dream of p p'n the bed.

Well anyway I always ask for the outta body abductions but
i always have to go thru several week days of them creating VRS/lucid dreams for me for a couple days then the outta body abductions happen.

I feel i will get an outta body abduction tomorrow morning.
When they take my energetic part they do it while awake.
Those takings are for the lucid/vrs dreams.

For my astral outta body abductions they have to GRAB me at that certain
groggy semi- awake state.

I kept asking for abductions and I keep getting the damn vrs lucid dreams.

They are NOT the same. Although some VRS are outta body experiences as well .

Sat morning i asked for a long lucid dream of them putting me in another country , like Germany or wherever. They already put me in Romania and England/London twice.

This time they put me in LONDON again. (3rd time)

IT was clear, long and lucid. Some parts VRS but the whole dream was not completely VRS. Clear, vibrant and intricate yes.

I even spoke in British accent a couple times. A black lady who was british was my x or gf or a really close friend or dating prospect.
She was nice . I felt close to her !! She was showing me where the train station was.

We walked in the area where we got on and just stood there and this big metal BAR had to come down to keep us in place. That was a VRS part.
I was thinking "that thing is gonna hit us in the head".
But it didnt. IT was huge thick silver metal bar!!!

Then we took off fast in the train. IT was so real!!!! I looked out the front window and we were going so fast. This part was VRS.

Will anyway so we both went to the Heritage cafeteria and sat down and there was some drama with my PIE. I love pie crust . In this dream it was sort of fast paced.
I got up from the table and when i came back the stupid wattress took my PIE. I had two pieces sitting there. I told my black gf i was not done with that.
I was saying a couple F bombs. She was all proper and said "no need to cuss".

Also what was weird is that in the dream I looked under the table at the restaurant where i left a backpack of food months ago.
I opened the bag and all these NATS and small bugs and mold covered the food. I don't know why i was hiding it.

The aliens KNOW i love pie crust!!!!! OR sweet dough.

Anyway we ended up in a mall eventually ,and a crockodile (female)
was the mall mascot just walking around in a zippered suit.
She walked up to me.

I unzipped it and there were a bunch of baby crocs on top of her sitting there. Some just hatched because i saw some white gunky slimy stuff on top.

I picked up her left leg and hand of the CROC and examined her claws.
Her leg was pretty wide. But i was thinking ' weird she feels like rubber'.
'not like my toad'. She was benevolent.

It was normal for her to be walking around that mall.
Almost like she was a security guard.

I had a feeling the night before that i would have a dream about a croc.

Then the second dream the aliens created for me was with me and my mom and near her muddy grassy area near her porch at her house.
It was rainy. I saw tons of toads and 1 big black snake in the mud.
I was wanting to keep more toads but was hesitant. i saw like 50 toads.
I remember my mom walking to the detached garage,
and a black snake was wrapped around her right leg.
I tried to yell at her to tell her but she seemed to not care.

Anyway these are the type of dreams the aliens CREATE for me.

They are a blast!!

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Default I just saw a u f o!!!!

This was too narly!!!! Awesome!!

NO I couldn't get a pic. Although I had my camera ready.
I do have some ufos on camera by my artistic e ts.

I been distracted by my turtles so I haven't been going outside at night
to get more artwork on camera by my angelic big eyed beings.
Also it is so humid and hot I hate getting pegged by flying bugs and roaches.

SO anyway, I went outside tonight ,and started talking to my artistic E Ts to give me some artwork and I was only outside for a few minutes ,then BOOM,

this illuminated WHITE ball LIT up over to my left pretty low in the sky. It traveled North. I cocked my head to the left , and was like ' WTF ' ? Then I kept starring and it kept illuminating and getting dim, illuminating and getting dim , for a few times and it was moving slow in a zig zag pattern. Then it disappeared!!!
THE beings GOT my attention on purpose since I was talking to them.

BUT that was a different clan than the angelic beings mentioned above who give me artwork. I didn't get any artwork tonight on camera.

I suspect the posse who showed me the U F O was the same clan who not long ago moved along the top of the trees from right to left in big bright orbstyle.

MY beings FREAKING ROCK 'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well maybe NOT everybody can get OBEs like I do by them but anybody can get to know their OWN beings and they will communicate to you which ever style is best.

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You did not explain how horrible the piss the bed dream is. You feel like you let it go and can feel the wet warm spreading on you legs and building up on the mattress. Tell them how they have you running for the bathroom freaking out before you realize they are up there laughing and saying got cha.
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Default IT wasnt a dream. IT was virtual reality.

Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
You did not explain how horrible the piss the bed dream is. You feel like you let it go and can feel the wet warm spreading on you legs and building up on the mattress. Tell them how they have you running for the bathroom freaking out before you realize they are up there laughing and saying got cha.
Wait, so they done that to you too?

NO I didn't have to go into the bathroom.

I woke up out of the vrs and was like "wow i am still dry".
That was the first time the reptilians have ever done that type of vrs.

Most of the vrs I have had were negative. The ones where I probably wasn't out of body but they want you to think you are.

But the ones that I call OBE with VRS are not. JUST pure fun!!!
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Default Here is the type of ARTWORK the E ts give to me.

I know what these beings look like. They are not the greyz.

They are angelic big eyed bear/seal looking beings.

I can just sit outside at dark time and NOT talk to them and they would still give me stuff on camera. THEY know when I am out there holding my camera.

But I normally talk to them. Like this "so will you morph into another Moth, butterfly, various birds , flowers, ufo, etc for me on camera?"

I was only outside for like 25 minutes. Maybe 20 or 15.

First one showed himself or herself in a white round orb. Then a second BLUE big orb. THOSE were not the same beings who give me the artwork.

SO anyway I did not think about asking them morphing into a TURTLE.
THEY know i have turtles.
When I got this on camera I was like "wow a turtle!!".

The body and face is facing right. THE legs and tail are kinda fat.

BUT I have no doubt they presented me a TURTLE. THEY morphed into one.
THEY get a lot of beings together to morph orbstyle or into tiny orbs into
shapes and sizes.

ufos , butter flies , birds etc

MY little stud muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make me so happy!!!

This slow ass piece of shit!!! IS it just my pc??

why so slow???

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There's my babies!!!!!!
There be my lil alien beings posing/morping into a turtle.

ALL of those dark spots in the orbs are the e ts . AND sometimes I can clearly see there eyes and faces.

I need to get a better camera.

BUT my energy has been attached to this one for 11 yrs.

THEY can create colored 'orb' artwork too.
I have some artwork in color too.

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Default A REPTILIAN being gave me HOT SEX this morning!!

OK, so my beings are 'low ' energized now or the energy between the 3rd and 4th dimension is very weak and the beings CAN'T get to my bedroom.

It has been 4mos since the reptilians and Greyz have given me an awesome out of body astral abduction scenario/experience!!!!

BUT, all that four months they have still been getting into my dream state
and been given me SONG communications.

They like to communicate to me by POP 1980s songs.

I will just mention 3 for now that they gave me in the past week.

Asia- "Heat of the moment", Taylor Swift " I knew you were trouble when you walked in".

And this morning after the hot XXX I had,
my reptilian being gave me the song , "She's Like the Wind"
by Patrick Swayzee. I thought he was an actor.

THE reptilian beings are good lays, good lovers , and very romantic.
Mine are anyway.

So I went to bed at 10 15 PM and slept all the way 'till 12 :30pm.
But the sex in my dream state happened around 7ish a m.

I got up 3 times by 12 30PM. So anyway I started talking to my beings
to ask them if they wanted to give me some sex and romance.

One male reptilian came forward and had lesbian sex with me.
Most of the time the males have hetero sex with me.

SO in the dream, I think he took my consciousness too so the dream was MORE than a dream. Felt too good and too real.

WE were in a strange bedroom and the bed was up against the wall.
That is how I always sleep, my head up against the wall.
This is how the sex started: it was kinda like the male reptilian was on top of me, but I was under him leaning up on my knees, and he was resting his left arm or leg on my back or left arm.
He was very heavy. Felt 300lbs. I felt all that heavy weight.
He reached his right arm underneath me and was flicking my thingy with his finger.
I was getting aroused the whole time he was flicking it. IT felt real good!!!
I did climax. I know he was a male and not a female reptilian because his energy was totally male and I know he has given me many other similar encounters. I have felt his energy before. But this was the first lesbo sex with a male. In the dream or VRS I tried to get him to do other things like I have done before but they are always in complete CONTROL and won't migrate away from what they already planned to do.

Then he or another reptilian gave me a second dream or VRS that was very sexual but this time it was not direct sex. He directed me to do stuff.
He was probably watching.

I can't go into a lot details without embarrassment but I did have like
8 more CLIMAXES.

When I woke up , I was still xxx excited!!!

My reptilian beings rock!!!!

They are very good lovers. AND i believe this being was not JOEL but the same being who gave me the OBE several months ago where he cuddled with me on a small 'airplane' and stuck me in a warehouse where I was
able to fly around the warehouse like a BIRD flapping my arms.
IT was so damn fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That maybe was a VRS.
BUT I felt out of body. Some of my experiences are both.
Some maybe not.

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Default I went back to sleep at 10 30 to 1:30PM...

...today and asked for more romance by the E Ts in my virtual reality or lucid dream state and got it.

Well the first dream I was friends with my hard core alcoholic ex but in my dream she was normal and fatter and had darker hair.
Sometimes she did dye her hair brownish.

Her butt was wide and she had white pants on. IN real life she had a mans butt.

She had gotten a new apt since her old one flooded.
And had totally divorced her husband in the dream.
IT was as though we were really good friends in my dream and not lovers which wasn't like real life at all. She was a nympho in real life.
She was a hybrid or reptilian in real life too.
She doesn't know it though. That dream was NOT sexual.

The second dream WAS sexual and sort of virtual reality, at least the sex part was.

IT still felt pretty real and physical .
I don't know if it was the reptilian posing as this woman or if
he just created the woman for me and made her do those things.
I think he posed as 'her'.

So anyway in the 'dream' me and this 'OLD lady' age 80,
was sitting on the couch at my moms house.
The couch was in a position it used to be in many many years ago,
and in the dream it was as if i lived there still .

IT was as though we had this 80yr old visitor and I know who she was supposed to be but I won't mention any names.
She was a tad bit different than the real person.
We sat there by each other for quite some time very close.

She said some things to me and I remember specifically one or two important sentences but I CAN't freaking remember what she said.
Well, then she became quite sexual with me which Is totally what I asked for by the reptilian or E ts. She was to my left and I was to the right.
IT was bizarre!!!! lol We remained on the couch.
We didn't take our clothes off . But it was quite sexual. She was the aggressor. The reptilianz are always the aggressor!!!
AND I remember thinking "Wow old ppl still have a sex drive?".
IN the 'dream' though it was as though she was a friend or aquaintence so her making the moves on me was a big surprise to me.

It was probably the reptilian posing as her. AND in the other dream I don't think he was posing as my X, otherwise that dream probably would have been sexual too.

Several months ago I had 4 consecutive virtual reality dreams
where a reptilian kept posing as LESBIANS in my 'dreams' and kept
aggressively having 'sex' with me and coming on to me forcefully.
But it was forceful foreplay.

See the reptilians are not all that bad at all.
They never get mean on me.
They are very smart and talented.
HOW the hell they can pose as somebody 100% and mimic them , their true selves personality and mannerisms , is complete TALENT.

That one time when the female reptilian attacked me sexually
when I was still out of body, that was pure unadulterated sex.
She was trying to pose as another X.
But I was out of body, and

not in an astral dream state.
Hopefully the reptilians will start getting even kinkier in my lucid-astral-dream state.
I guess I will ASK them to.

I could eventually try to ask them to come to my bedroom and have sex with me in MY bed , while I am still in 3d, but I think that would scare me.

AND they know that.

They would still have to slightly move me out of body though.

I had one bad experience like that where I was assaulted by a MEAN reptilian.
SO I don't know if I would trust them in that manner.

FOR now their portals have been closed to get to ME.

SO, I gotta be happy with the damn semi virtual reality type of dreams.

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Default The REPTILIANS are back in my bedroom!!!

That is a good sign. At least one came. SO now I know I will get my OBE abductions soon.

Friday about 9am, one reptilian being came to my bedroom and took me out of body and I raised out of body 2 feet above the bed then I did a back flip in my
astral body, then I heard that normal sound WOOOOOOOSH, when they steal my astral body. (actually the being spun me around by him taking me as fast as possible). He didn't really mean to spin me around.

BUT this time my consciousness stayed in my physical body.
I was semi awake when HE took me and knew my consciousness stayed with my physical body. I was just like
"shit, I am not gonna get my normal OBEs that I like". :sadface:

SO I knew once I fell back to sleep what to expect:
1 or MORE created VRS /lucid dreams for me by the aliens.

I don't have control over whether they take me for an OBE consciously to another dimension,
or whether they take me assbackwards and steal my astral body and leave my consciousness in my physical body ....then later place my programmed astral body and brain in a lucid virtual reality type of dream.

Finally I fell asleep and had these two awesome dreams he or they created for me after HE stole my astral body.

He gave me TWO dreams : Here is a quick recap.

Frist one was sort of sexual and I was heavy HEAVY physically passionately kissing my California friend and vice versa on the floor near her kitchen. I just talked to her for 2 hours the night before. I was at her house in CA which I never been to before.

Second one, I was at a crop circle tour , and at the tour guides house with several crop circle ppl.

They both were very detailed dreams and semi virtual reality.

I haven't had a normal OBE abduction in 4 mos. :sadface:
But this is the first time in 4mos they/he came to my bedroom.
They have been getting directly into my dream state over the past 4 months.
But I just love it when I feel them come to my bedroom to tamper with me quickly at my bedside. THEY do It fast!!!!!!
They don't like to fart around. That isn't their style.

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Default Crap.

Well no freaking astral abductions lately with awesome scenarios at the alpha brain wave state.
Which is that light awake/groggy state when i am about to fall asleep and i get GRABBED by the aliens for an awesome astral OBE.

I am only getting backwards abductions in reverse while wide awake for the aliens to later create virtual reality dreams for me. I guess you can call it stealing my soul or energetic body. Then they some how program my soul essense then put me in a virtual reality dream.

Well now you know what most aliens do with a soul or energetic essense of the body when they 'steal' it. That is one thing they are doing with it anyway.

But the other morning i woke up all aroused, I mean really REALLY AROUSED.
Swollen and everything. But horny swollen. NOT swollen from abuse/hurtful. Another guy said on here he woke up with his penis swollen. It was 1.5 weeks ago when this happened to me on THUR morning.
I dont recall ever waking up like that. Horny yes but NOT like THAT . Where it seemed like they 'played' with it all night/morning . It seemed like they either tampered with my physically, while i was dreaming and distracted, or stole my energetic essense and tampered with it, then it happened to transfer over to my physical body .
I know it was the reptilians who did it. They love sex!!!!

Karla Turner is right. That is why she says some ppl m-bate a lot or at least once after an encounter .
I mean , like, no human can ever make me THAT aroused.
The guy that talked about how he was swollen i dont think it was a good swollen . I dont think he thought fondly of it as far as i remember.
I loved mine though.
I am gonna try to ask for more of that. lmao
And i WAS dreaming but they were NOT even any sexual dreams what so ever.
It was very ODD to NOT go to bed horny and wake up so aroused, wet, and swollen. VERY ODD!!!!
Especially when i didnt even have any sexual dreams or virtual reality sexual dreams all night/morning.
I rarely get horny since i don't DATE anybody.
So i don't know what the reptilians did to me, but it was MAGICAL!!!

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