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Man, this is certainly an interesting thread. Food for thought. However, people should follow their own understanding, and not blindly accept whatever is said in this thread.
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thank you for the article and for the discussion, really interesting to know more about astral world.
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Originally Posted by zeeker View Post
This thread is so interesting, I never experienced anything big in my spiritual journey yet, I'm really interested in it and I always randomly google spirituality, but I just read and read and read, being confused and totally not interested and search other things to read, but here it makes me want to read it all, I'm still at page six. :P One day I'll catch up with you all

haensel (or formerly zsymon ), could you introduce me to your mentor, does she/he have a website ? I'm really interested.

I want to ask you personally, do you ever heard of spirit keeping ? is it dangerous ?

I read that astral entities tend to keep their names secret because knowing the name can give anyone power over them (I just watched Conjuring 2 and it confirmed this). why did you mention your higher spirit guides' names here in forum on earlier page (below 6)?

All religions are all good, they provide ways for humans to deal with life,death and afterlife, it's a simplified method for those who don't ask questions, but new age ppl are those who seek more because they know/experience something else.


I just read the above post, I posted while I'm at page 6, why did he leave ? Anyone who knows his mentor please share the contact. Thank you.
Hey, how are you? Are you still around by any chance?

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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
The Kabbalah uses an energy that originates far from the Earth, and was
connected to the Earth to give power to occultists and Kabbalists. This
energy source is very dark, it has no healing properties.. it can only be
used to cause harm. All occultists use this same energy source, which
has recently been disconnected from the Earth.

All occultists and Kaballists have lost connection to this energy now, so
it can't be used for anything anymore.

Occultism and Kabbalah, which is basically the same, have never been
used for the service of others, except then for the service of their master.
Occultism itself means "hidden", and that already says enough.. knowledge
that can be used to heal and help others is never kept hidden.. the point
is to put it out into the open so everyone can use that knowledge.

So no, the Kabbalah and occultist cannot be used to heal and help others,
and it has never been used for that purpose. Those who seek to heal and
help others use energies of healing, restoration and Light, knowledge that
everyone should have access to and that is never kept hidden by those
who know about it.. only by those who want to destroy it.

Those who seek the power to harm and dominate keep their knowledge
hidden (occult), those who seek to heal and restore spread their wisdom
to anyone who wants to hear about it. That is why occultism isn't neutral
or benevolent, it is dark.. and the kaballah is occultic knowledge. What is
found on the internet about the real kaballah and occultism, is just a weak
shadow of real occultism.
Check out this thread, "'The Astral' about to be Closed Down?":


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Love all that I'm learning!
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Originally Posted by TEE_nuh View Post
Love all that I'm learning!
But, try to learn from your own experiences, and not from the experiences of others.

We have the ability to inprint others experiences into our own reality, it's always better to go with an open mind and allow the experience to express itself in a way that is meaningfull to us, rather than enter into it with a pre-concieved idea of what to expect / probability etc.

For instance, my first Shamanic journey opened doors to me that i had not expected. If i had entered that experience with a pre-concieved idea, the subconscious mind might choose to manifest those ideas itself... so then i may ask: did i experience an expression of soul / spirit or did i experience an expression of something that i expected / understood what may happen?

i would caution learning anything from this thread. In saying that i am not ridiculing the op, but i am saying that their experiences were their own - and i feel it is important that we should find our own learning, because our soul can teach us much when we comune with it and allow it to express itself through deeper mergance with it

Don't allow your mind and your experience to be charged with the learning from others, especially while it is in those foremost steps of experiencing itself at a deeper subconscious level - don't allow it to learn from one persons experiences, neither mine own or the OP's, but allow it to learn from yours

And i mean that with the upmost respect to all who have posted in this thread.

i think the thread may be a vauable tool for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of what they have experienced - once it has been experienced.

But, allowing the mind to be a blank sheet of paper is key to discovery without inrpints.
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Originally Posted by protector_ View Post
is the number 666 really evil? and the pentragram?
666 is the number for solar energy. The pentagram represents the balance of 5 elements. Therefore not evil.
I shoot up vertically like an arrow, and become that Above. But it is death, and the flame of the pyre. Ascend in the flame of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is like the cold emptiness of the utmost heaven, into which thou radiatest thy little light.
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