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Default Saddam Hussein HOAX DEATH ACT

If this thread exists somewhere else, please direct me to the thread to post my story there.

I know that Saddam Hussein's FAKE HANGING was staged for the benefit of the American public to put a medal on George W. Bush's halo. While gathering information to prove that Hussein is a 33 degree mason, I found information that GHW Bush was a pal of Saddam's and used his relationship with pal Hussein to stage attacks and to use Hussein as a patsy for Kuwait and again for the 911 lies for staging wars in the Middle east.

I bring your attention to a story which should have been examined with a fine tooth comb years ago. I bet if we looked hard enough in the middle east today, we would find Hussein and his sons alive and well.

Fake Saddam Sentenced to Death (continued)

No one has done any research on the fact the Saddam Hussein's fake death was for some quirky reason. Saddam Hussein's death was faked just as Osama Bin Laden's 9 year old dead body was resurrected from a morgue to aid Obama's horrible prez. ratings. It is my hope that more people will learn that not only Bin Laden's death was faked but also the Saddam Hussein's trial and fake death was another govt ploy to mislead Americans.
Christiane (Amanpour, CNN flunky) had photographs all right, in fact she had several hundred feet of edited video footage direct from the 'courtroom', though we have no proof of where the mock courtroom actually is, or where the video footage was shot. But as we will see quite clearly in a moment, Amanpour's damning footage actually proves that the prisoner cannot be President Saddam Hussein, leaving us with the problem of how to label the different players in this bizarre Orwellian tableaux. So let us shorten the name of the Mossad imposter from "Sham Saddam" to simple "Shaddam", and refer to the absent Saddam Hussein as "President Hussein", which was and still is his correct title in international law.

Before getting technical about the problems with Shaddam, it is probably wise to understand why the Zionists took this massive chance in exposing an obvious fake, best summed up by the sheer desperation of American-appointed & controlled Deputy Foreign Minister Hamid al-Bayati, a loose-tongued Iraqi traitor who was stupid enough to admit yesterday, ""I think the trial will slow down the attacks and the insurgency because Saddam Hussein loyalists will lose hope."

No chance of that happening at all. At exactly the same time that Amanpour started to spew her pathetic propaganda world-wide about Shaddam, a member of the Republican Guard triggered a culvert bomb in the northern city of Mosul, which destroyed a convoy taking fuel and food supplies to soldiers currently on only one hot meal a day. The massive blast tore the right arm off a member of the American Stryker Force, who died before he could be evacuated to field hospital. Christiane Amanpour did not bother to mention this, because her whole world that day revolved solely around psychologically flooding you into believing that Shaddam was President Hussein.

Psychological flooding of this sort is not new, and has been around almost as long as Sigmund Freud. In this particularly crude example, you were flashed more frames per second of Shaddam than you had been flashed frames per month of President Hussein when he was still visibly present in Iraq. This sheer weight of numbers then forces your brain to accept Shaddam as President Hussein, even though you may be deeply skeptical. Once you realize what has been done to you, unraveling the illusion becomes easier, because behavioral psychology in itself is merely a series of manufactured stage tricks.

At this stage there is little point in relying on general indicators such as the "bearing" or "hand movements" of the prisoner to disprove the media, because it is simply not enough. In order to reverse this modern media mind control, it is essential to home in on hard physical irregularities, and then hang onto them grimly.

Remember that your personal recall and testimony might well be needed later, when trying and sentencing journalists at the forthcoming western war crimes tribunals, to be held in New York or Guantanamo Bay.

Allowing Shaddam to open his mouth at all in court was a serious error of judgement, because like fingerprints used by law enforcement agencies, teeth and dental work are absolutely unique, in this case proving one-hundred-percent that Shaddam never was and never could be President Hussein.

If you look closely at the photo-composite at the top of this page, you will see four small inset photographs of President Hussein. In all of them you can clearly see his neat white even teeth, made possible in part by the fact that Iraq has [or had] more dental surgeons per head of population than any country in the world apart from Libya. This expert dental service was free to all Iraqis, and President Hussein's teeth were and are in pristine condition.

Now look again closely, and you will see that President Hussein's upper teeth naturally close in front of his lower teeth, known in professional dental circles as 'overbite'.

This condition is normal for nearly all of us, but sadly not for Shaddam, who in at least fifty of Christiane Amanpour's separate video frames proves he suffers from a rare condition known as 'underbite', where a defective or misshapen jaw bone causes the lower teeth to close in front of the upper teeth.

This single forensic fact is absolute proof that Shaddam is not President Hussein.

The additional fact that Shaddam has ragged uneven teeth when compared to the even teeth of President Hussein is interesting of course, but unnecessary because we already have absolute dental proof that Shaddam is an imposter.

Two hours later while Christiane Amanpour was still furiously flooding your startled and thus receptive senses with hundreds of flashing quasi-hypnotic video frames of Shaddam via CNN, an American Marine corporal on a road west of Ramadi suddenly exploded in front of his terrified platoon.

One second the corporal was standing there quite cheerfully, and the next he suddenly and without warning transformed into more than a thousand bloodied fragments of body armor, tissue and bone.

Lying motionless more than 1,000 yards away, the Republican Guard counter-insurgency sniper responsible for this execution continued to peer through the telescopic site of his South African Truvelo .50 caliber rifle.

The Guardsman had fired a single devastating Norwegian Raufoss round which hit the corporal in his chest body armor, instantly compressing and heating the bullet's internal incendiary tip, which then ignited the high explosive charge, in turn fragmenting the bullet's outer casing, the corporal's body armor, and the corporal himself in less than 10 milliseconds.

Please note that this highly demoralizing trauma in the American Marine platoon was caused by a single .50 Cal armor-piercing explosive Raufoss rifle round, and the Republican Guard still has a minimum inventory of 2.2 million Raufoss rounds secreted across Iraq. No doubt these highly-trained snipers will use these awesone Raufoss rounds sparingly, and with the same deadly accuracy every time.

Back in the mock courtroom, more than a few people were wondering why Saddam Hussein, a real stickler for being clean shaven and having short hair since he was a teenager, should suddenly choose to change the habits of a lifetime and appear like a tramp with long matted hair and a bushy unkempt beard.

Though we no longer need the extra details because we already have 100% dental proof that Shaddam is an imposter, here are those details for readers who still want to know the answers.

Rather like fingerprints and teeth, every human on earth has a uniquely shaped skull. The shorter the hair the more obvious the shape of the individual skull becomes, and because we have already proved that Shaddam is an imposter, mismatched cranial comparison as well would have made the Zionists a complete laughing stock. That takes care of the inexplicable long hair, essential to conceal this particularly revealing element of the deception.

Zionist Storm Trooper gives unarmed Iraqi civilians their first taste of western democracy

In the case of Shaddam, the need for a thick bushy beard was and still is absolutely essential, because there is no such thing as a 'mild' form of dental underbite. Though his sponsors certainly gave Shaddam quite a lot of expensive plastic surgery around his eyes, forehead, ear lobes and so on, there is absolutely no way that soft-tissue plastic surgery can correct a badly misshapen jaw bone.

To quote from a dental textbook, "In this case, the lower jaw and teeth are pushed out in front of the upper jaw. The lower jaw appears to be excessively large, but often the upper jaw is underdeveloped. If left untreated, the problem will worsen and require orthognathic (jaw) surgery."

Any orthognathic surgery would have left Shaddam incapable of speech for months on end: entirely critical months during which he had to learn to speak approximately like President Hussein in front of the mock court, in front of Christiane Amanpour, and in front of the entire world.

Whilst it would be nice to speculate that the Iraqi people will one day be able to uncover this gross deception for themselves, I can assure you this will not happen, if only because Zionists [and in particular the Mossad] never leave any loose ends lying around.

On the same day that the mock trial was announced, American Dictator Iyad Allawi [a former Mossad operative himself], declared that the death penalty had just been placed back on the Iraqi statutes.

So we can take it as read that President Hussein, who was never captured by the Americans at all, will be 'executed' at a classified location for security reasons, then buried in quicklime at an equally classified location to prevent pilgrimages to the grave of a 'martyr'. [Sounds as if it is Bin Laden's burial at sea, doesn't it?]

Of course, Shaddam is hoping that it will only be a mock execution and a mock burial, because he has been promised the usual Mossad perks of a new identity, two million bucks, a fast car, and free airline tickets to Monte Carlo. This would normally be honored if Shaddam had further vital work to do afterwards [like James Bond], but sadly this is not the case.

When the "Tyrant Saddam" has been officially executed by the victorious Zionists, poor old Shaddam will fall into the category of someone who knows far too much for his own good, and in particular far too much for the greater good of the Jewish State. So, one dark night, a Mossad assassin will pump a couple of bullets into the back of his head, and Shaddam's lights will go out forever.

Though this and earlier reports have proved and still prove that President Hussein was never captured by the Americans, nor his sons killed by them in the manner claimed, readers should be very circumspect in assuming that all three are necessarily alive and well today.

Since America first illegally invaded sovereign Iraq, it has killed an absolute minimum of 5,500 civilians with random fragmentation weapons, and targeted various areas with deep penetration bunker-busting bombs.

Thus the total number of Iraqis murdered by the Zionists is currently unknown, as are their individual identities. Under such circumstances, no serious analyst would stick his neck out and claim that Saddam, Uday and Qusay are still alive out there, because it is impossible to tell for sure. The only people likely to know the truth of the matter are very senior members of the Republican Guard, and possibly the Kremlin.

In terms of determining exactly who is ultimately responsible for killing your sons and daughters in a foreign land, and why, we are drawn inexorably towards the words of ultra-Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu, currently the Israeli Finance Minister, who spoke in London on 21 June 2003, when things were going more or less to plan.

According to Reuters, Netanyahu said he expected an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel to be reopened in the near future after being closed when Israel became a state in 1948. "It won't be long when you will see Iraqi oil flowing to Haifa," the port city in northern Israel, Netanyahu told a group of British investors, declining to give a timetable. "It is just a matter of time until the pipeline is reconstituted and Iraqi oil will flow to the Mediterranean."

Netanyahu later told Reuters the government was in the early stages of looking into the possibility of reopening the pipeline, which during the British Mandate sent oil from Mosul to Haifa via Jordan. "It's not a pipe-dream," Netanyahu said. In April, a source at the National Infrastructure Ministry told Reuters Israel and Jordan would hold talks on reopening the pipeline, which Israel believes would lower fuel costs by 25 per cent.

The source said that the Israeli section of the pipeline was in good condition but did not know about the Jordanian section. Jordanian officials denied they would meet Israeli officials, citing cold relations with the Jewish State since the outbreak of a Palestinian uprising in late 2000.

Netanyahu was of course referring to the now failed Operation Shekhinah, the invasion of Iraq planned by Zionists for the exclusive benefit of Zionists and nobody else. But in a way you have to feel sorry for these sick creatures who barely rate the title of 'human beings' nowadays.

Eighty years ago, these Zionists were the ultimate financial power brokers who planned to enslave us all for at least a thousand years, but now their world is collapsing around their ears in a way they could never have imagined.

Even now, the arrogant Zionists remain terminally deluded, because the only way that Iraqi oil will ever be delivered to Tel Aviv, Benjamin, will be in highly modified jelly form, pre-packaged in 100 gallon pods slung under the wings of Russian ground attack jets.

And perhaps in the last split second before each pod explodes inside the Knesset at 3,632°F, the deluded perverts within will just have time to repent for the thousands of innocent women and children they have abused, raped, dismembered and eventually murdered since they first invaded sovereign Palestine in 1948.

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Will Saddam get a fake hanging, like US Army sergeant Timothy McVeigh got for following President Bill Clinton Blythe Rockefeller's illegal orders to pretend to bomb the Fed Bldg in OK City? At least "Saddam" got a trial, if not a public trial by jury per the US Constitution. [It was all fake to get the American sheeple to follow orders as usual.]

Fake capture of fake Saddam to fool stupid sheeple

Allowing Shaddam (picture above) to open his mouth at all in court was a serious error of judgement, because like fingerprints used by law enforcement agencies, teeth and dental work are absolutely unique, in this case proving one-hundred-percent that Shaddam never was and never could be President Hussayn.

Saddam Hussayn had neat white even teeth, made possible in part by the fact that Iraq has [or had] more dental surgeons per head of population than any country in the world apart from Libya. This expert dental service was free to all Iraqis, and President Hussayn's teeth were and are in pristine condition.

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Funny stuff.

Why is it that every picture you post is with his teeth closed together? You do realize that an overbite of the top teeth will cover the bottom row of teeth to give an illusion of straight teeth right?

Find clear picture of him from the past with his mouth open showing his teeth and then we'll talk.

Oh yeah. I forgot. You have me on ignore because I made you look like a fool in another thread.

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Originally Posted by 07august
I bring your attention to a story which should have been examined with a fine tooth comb years ago. I bet if we looked hard enough in the middle east today, we would find Hussein and his sons alive and well.
Ya know its interesting,i have thought over the years this may have been faked also just to get him out of the LIGHT so to speak and to satisffy stupid brainwashed americans......

I dont know if there is anyway to prove one way or another on saddam eiter if you really think it over!
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When they found him in a hole in the ground I already knew it was a con job.
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Default Dental records are proof

Originally Posted by dude111 View Post
I dont know if there is anyway to prove one way or another on saddam eiter if you really think it over!
Dental records would prove that the guy on trial, who I am sure made a few millions pretending to be Saddam was not Saddam.

I don't think anyone cares if Saddam is dead or not, but they should care enough to expose the lies of the U.S. govt, Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Ann Cappelletti, Bill Gates, Giuliani, Condi Rice, Schwarzenegger, Silverstein, Soros & Saddam Hussein.

Hey, next they can prove Saddam is not dead and then claim he set up the plane illusions of 911.

Have you heard Texe Marrs latest program on Texe Marrs - Conspiracy Of The Six-Pointed Star. Marrs could figure out what to do with this Saddam information.

Look for my post on Marrs.
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Originally Posted by 07august
I don't think anyone cares if Saddam is dead or not, but they should care enough to expose the lies of the U.S. govt, Bush, Cheney, Tenet, Ann Cappelletti, Bill Gates, Giuliani, Condi Rice, Schwarzenegger, Silverstein, Soros & Saddam Hussein.
Yes this would be GRAND!!
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Default New World Order and Sept 11 - The Connection

New World Order and Sept 11 - The Connection

HTML Code:
Basics NWO -101 for the newbie.

Spells out the connections all the "Illuminati players" had to Sept 11 events.
Westfield + Lowy Connection to Sept 11.
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Default cross reference


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Originally Posted by 07august
Dental records would prove that the guy on trial, who I am sure made a few millions pretending to be Saddam was not Saddam.
A set of reliable dental records will be available from where ?? .. and with what proof that they are genuine?

Genuine to the false Saddam or the real Saddam. Such conniving to push anti/views .. easily exposed for what it is.

As you imply anything can be faked, even a Saddam Hussein HOAX DEATH ACT thread on a 9/11 forum.

You are a confuser.
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Default Jim Marrs Monatomic Lectures speaks of Saddam

I posted these Jim Marrs videos here. Marrs talks of research re ORME and Nebudchadnezzer II
Babylon history with white gold as anti-gravity matter and DNA replenishing. Saddam considered himself the Nebudchadnezzer of Babylon. No doubt that is why Saddam and GHW Bush were such pals. They had ORME in common.

To understand WHY OF SADDAM and Bush you will have to understand the ORME relationship.

Why was Bush in such a rush to get into IRAQ?
ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

ORME - element with antigravity and DNA rejuvenation properties
What the NAZIs were after, now Bush Cheney luciferians are after ORME to control free energy. Nazis murdered Tesla for his free energy inventions (i.e., HAARP)

Another result for which the 911 mega ritual was staged--another reason to go to war with Iraq
To get to ORME, the secret of life[/B] before anyone else got it.
[Nothing is as simple as it seems, there is always one more reason of which you haven't thought]

Jim Marrs, NY Times best-selling author discusses in this lecture why Bush was in a rush to get into Iraq, get to the museum of antiquities to steal ancient secrets. Many people already know the story, now it is time that everyone listen to Jim Marrs. He and David Icke agreed on this subject, but Jim won't say the Queen mother is a flesh-eating reptilian. Listen to the whole series. In the lecture on ORME, Marrs gives the reason for the mad rush of luciferian George W. Bush and his luciferian buddies to get into Iraq's museum of antiquities and haul out what they could find, obtaining the ORME secret--monatomic element, of gold. Properties of monatomic elements are antigravity and DNA rebuilding (fountain of youth, so to speak).

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 1
HTML Code:
ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements
ORME = Hebrew for "the TREE OF LIFE"
Single atomic elements, monatomic elements.

This powder had an antigravity property.

This is information that the general public does not have. This is ancient knowledge. Make sure to watch the following videos by Marrs. There are 8 on youtube. Youtube has monatomic videos by a variety of authors.

Fuel Cell Technology, knowledge from the ancients. All of human history resides in Baghdad:

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 2
HTML Code:
Baghdad Batteries Sumerian Clay Tablets 80% still need to be translated.
Sumerian Clay Tablets (which remain from this prehistoric time) writings predate the Bible by 4,000 years. They tell of the HUMAN ORIGIN.

432,000 years before the great flood, the Annunaki came from Niburu to the Persian Gulf region to look for GOLD. To escape the hard work the Annunaki decided to engineer a colony of slaves from the species of inhabitants of the region by manipulating their DNA.

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 3
HTML Code:
This could solve the problem of the missing link.

Gilgamesh, the legendary Sumerian king, along with his non-human companion, Enkidu, sought to locate the the ancient god to learn the secret of immortality. The SECRET of the WHITE POWDER OF GOLD (This white powder of gold could be the manna on which the Israelites were sustained in the desert.)

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 4
HTML Code:
U.S. MILITARY looted Iraqi museum of Antiquities. 10,000 pieces were taken by U.S. military and only 600 were returned. Saddam said he was the reincarnated Nebudchanezzer of Babylon. Bush Cheney luciferians wanted to stop Saddam (Saddam was not killed. Saddam is part of the 11 masters who were involved in the 911 mega ritual. Perhaps, his knowledge of the GOLD Power is what the luciferians in the U.S. govt want above everything. Saddam considers himself the modern day Nebudchadnesser.)

Nebuchadnezzar had the arc of the covenant but could get it to make gold power. Neb. got an energy field going, but people died. 3 Hebrew priests, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were able to approach the arc of the covenant without dying.
[Scene from Indiana Jones where Nazis died near the Arc]
Nebudchadnezzar was trying to contact the ancient gods & learn the secret of immortality.

The NAZIs were after the ancient secrets of ENERGY MANIPULATION. Nazis had FLYING SAUCERS ON THE TABLE. Operation PAPERCLIP got the NAZIS into the United States.

We are back again to the Bushes realtionshiips with the NAZIs.

There are other Jim Marrs' videos. GREAT INFORMATION. National Security is only controlled by the President and 3 other people, the VP, Secretary of Defense & Sec. of State, that means only one person-Bush, or any President. Reason to worry about Obama pulling the switch for WWIII. Listen to Marrs explain UFO techonolgy.

Was antigravity matter what let the U.S. get to the moon. UFOs are antigravity FLYING DEVICES.

There are 4 more videos in the Jim Marrs series. Many more videos on Youtube.

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Default Saddam's Wife Says US Prisoner Isn't Her Husband

[INDENT]Maxim Pogodin
April 17, 2004 [09-05-04]
Last week, American authorities arranged a meeting of the former Iraqi dictator with his wife.

She was the first of Hussein-s relatives to meet with the ex-leader of Iraq at a new place, at the American military base in Qatar. Accompanied by Sheikh Hamad Al-Tani, Sajida Heiralla Tuffah has arrived from Syria on his private jet in the end of March. The outcome of their meeting turned out to be quite
scandalous. Sajina claims that the person she encountered was not her husband, but his double. If someone were to say for sure that it was not
insinuation, it would have been easy to believe the wife with a 25-year experience. It is also possible to assume that Saddam has simply changed since the day of his sons' deaths, June 24 2003. This however is highly unlikely. In case we believe Hussein-s wife, all DNA testing of the ex-Iraqi leader should be considered a mere fake. Overall, today there remain
more questions then there are answers. On the other hand however, those statements of Hussein's wife can in fact be quite understandable.
After all, this is the easiest way to demoralize an

Hussein's younger daughter Hala has also arrived at the base in Qatar along with Saddam Hussein's two grandsons and two sisters, total of eight people.
They were all invited by Shekh-s wife Muza to stay in one of the palaces. Eldest daughters Ragad and Rada along with five Hussein-s grandchildren have recently arrived to Doha from Jordan.

Elaf| newspaper writes that, most likely, the entire Hussein's family will stay in Qatar permanently. Saddam Hussein was captured by the American forces in December 2003 and held in one of the palaces in Baghdad in a region controlled by the coalition forces. Afterward, due to security reasons, he was transferred to the American military base in Qatar,
where he is expected to remain until the trial.[/INDENT
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Default 12/17/03 Daughter wants to visit Saddam Hussein

LA VOZ DE AZTLAN NEWS BULLETIN, Los Angeles, Alta California 12/17/03
Daughter wants to visit Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter informed the Saudi-owned Al-Hayat newspaper that she is looking into a legal way to visit her father who is supposedly under arrest by US occupation forces in Iraq.

Raghad Hussein, 35 years old, has expressed doubts that the person under US detention is actually her father. Raghad told Al-Arabiya television on Tuesday that if the person is her father, that he had been drugged because her father does not act the way he was depicted on the video released by the CIA.

"Saddam Hussein is still my father. Every honourable person, and every person who knows him or knew him... knows that the person on the television was a drugged Saddam Hussein," she said.
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Default Saddam Hussein in list of 33 degree Masons

Albert Pike addressing the 23 Supreme Councils of the world on July 14, 1889:- "To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: 'the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine. . ."

It is said that only two U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, were not either Masons or elite members of affiliated bodies
John Adams
(King) Umberto Agnelli
Buzz Aldrin
Yasser Arafat
(Patriarch) Athenagoras I
Gene Autry
Tobias Axelrod
Rabbi Leo Baeck
Foster Bailey
Admiral G.W. Baird
Achille Ballori
M.H. Barroso
Bernard Mannes Baruch
Harry L. Baum
Daniel Carter Beard (Boy Scouts)
Justice Hugo Black
Jonathan Blanchard
Tony Blair
Rev. William Booth (Salvation Army)
John Wilkes Booth
Hayden C. Boyce
John C. Breckinridge
Sir Richard Burton
Senator Byrd
Plutarco Elias Calles
James Cameron
Jimmy Carter
Hugo Chavez
Richard Cheney
Sir Winston Churchill
Henry Clausen
William J. Clinton
Howell Cobb
James B. Conant
Kenneth Copeland
John H. Cowles
Adolphe Cremieux
Francesco Crispi
Delmar Darrah
Morris B. de Pass
Richard DeVos (Amway)
Walt. Disney
Sen. Bob Dole
General James Doolittle
Allen Dulles
Gerard (Papus) Encausse
Frederick Engels
Senator Sam J. Ervin
Walter M. Fleming
Gerald Rudolf Ford
Henry Ford
(King) Frederick II
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Newt. Gingrich
John Glenn
Barry Goldwater
Mikhail Gorbachev
Al Gore
J.J.J. Gourgas
James Graham
Col. James "Bo" Gritz
Rev. Kenneth Hagin
Manly P. Hall
Mark Hatfield
Jesse Helms
Christian A. Herter
Richard Holbrooke
J. Edgar Hoover
Col. Edward Mandell House
King Hussein
Saddam Hussein
Burl Icle Ives
Jessie James
Rev. Jesse Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Dr. Bob Jones Sr.
Jack Kemp
Duke Michael of Kent
Alexander Kerensky
Henry Kissinger
C. Fred Kleinknecht
Kenneth S. Kleinknecht
Helmut Kohl
Ted Kollek
Arnoldo Krumm-Heller
Curtis Lemay
Adriano Lemmi
Lyman Lemnitzer
Vladimir Lenin
McIlyar H. Lichliter
Albert Lontaine
Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Sir Henry MacMahon
Robert McNamara
Vasili Maklakov
Domenico Margiotta
Thurgood Marshall
James G. Martin
Karl Marx
(Baron) Yves Marsaudon
Joseph Mazzini
Lord Alfred Milner
Francoir Mitterand
Henry Morgenthau
Benjamin Netanyahu
G. Bromley Oxnam
Olof Palme
Henry Palmerston
Shimon Peres
Albert Pike
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Prince Phillip
Roscoe Pound
(Gen.) Colin L. Powell
Major General John Quitman
Yitzak Rabin
Ronald Reagan
Joseph Rettinger
Harman Gansvort Reynolds
Marshall S. Reynolds
Michel Reyt
Cecil Rhodes
Oral Roberts
Franklin D.Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Paul Rosen
James Rothschild
Charles Taze Russell
Bishop Carl J. Sanders
Jacob Schiff
Gerhard Schroeder
Rev. Robert Schuller
Rev. Al Sharpton
Senator Simpson
Joseph Stalin
Rudolph Steiner
R.W. Thompson
Storm Thurmond
Leon Trotsky
Harry S. Truman
Pierre G. Vassal
Felix Warburg
Paul Moritz Warburg
Earl Warren
George Warvelle
Chaim Weizmann
H.G. Wells
William Wynn Westcott
Earl Wheeler
Leo Wheeler
John Yarker
Leon Zeldis


HTML Code:

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Default Murdoch hacking story

Now, that people are denying the perp stories of 911, Murdoch story was planted to rejuvenate the perp lies of 911. There were no victims. Murdoch story stirs life back into a story which was a lie from the word go. This is a back up story. Expect more.

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Re: Murdoch spied on relatives of 9/11 victims? What gives?
by simonshack » July 12th, 2011, 8:53 pm

I'm a bit shocked by your take on this umpteenth media ploy.

I'll try to express my view in the simplest possible fashion:

Murdoch is on the "board of directors" of the 9/11 and 7/7 terror hoaxes.

The vicsims of these hoaxes are (partly) his own fictitious creation.

The more the unexisting terror "victims' families" are mentioned in the MSM - the more they become real in the mind of the public.

Murdoch doesn't give a shit about being accused of wiretapping fake victim families. It is just a ploy.

Tutto qui.
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When you get angry of stressed, your jaw can tense up and create an 'underbite' in photos.

It's obviously the same guy.
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Originally Posted by 07august View Post

Fake capture of fake Saddam to fool stupid sheeple

Holy sh1t, this fake or not Saddam looks a spitting image of my uncle.
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Default Clearly these are 2 different men.

Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
It's obviously...
That the look alike and Saddam are 2 different men. A man's pearly white teeth don't decay in 2 months, unless they have been removed and remade.

You must be a man who is very easy to trick. People must laugh at you behind your back.
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Default GHW Bush aided Saddam Hussein

Henry B. Gonzalez, (TX-20)
(House of Representatives - July 27, 1992)

[Page: H6696]
[Do you think this number was purposefully chosen by masons in the U.S. govt?]
"The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the gentleman from Texas [Mr. Gonzalez] is recognized for 60 minutes.

"Mr. GONZALEZ. Mr. Speaker, last week I showed that this administration, President Bush's administration, deliberately and not inadvertently helped to arm Iraq by allowing United States technology to be shipped to the Iraqi military and to the Iraqi weapons factories. Throughout the course of the Bush administration, United States and foreign firms were granted export licenses to ship United States technology directly to Iraqi weapons facilities, despite ample evidence showing that these factories were producing weapons.

[TIME: 1610]
"I also showed how the President misled the Congress and the public about the role United States firms played in arming Iraq.

"Today I will show that the highest levels of the Bush administration, including the President himself, had specific knowledge of Iraq's military industrialization plans, and despite that knowledge, the President mandated the policy of coddling Saddam Hussein as spelled out in National Security Directive 26 (NSD-26) issued in October 1989. This policy was not changed until after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, by which time the Bush administration had sent Saddam Hussein billions of dollars in United States financial assistance, technology and useful military intelligence information.

"I will also show how the President's policy of appeasing Saddam Hussein was at odds with those in the administration who saw Iraq as a major proliferation threat. This will help set the stage for next week's report which will discuss Iraq's clandestine technology procurement network and the Italian bank agency in Atlanta's role in funding that network.

We will bring out the very intricate system which up to now has not been elaborated upon other than through the great alarm sounded by the Commodity Credit Corporation's extension of guarantees through the letters of credit that were issued by this bank. But it was more intricate, it was a lot more elaborate, and it was very well thought out by these overseas students or system, and its gaps, and its failures, which is the reason that I am here today and have from the beginning spoken out, that is on the vulnerability of our financial banking system to these external forces.

I would like to emphasize, however, that the administration knew about the procurement network, and I indicated some of that last week, and decided to go ahead and tolerate it.

From the beginning of the Bush administration Iraq received billions in United States financial assistance and sophisticated United States technology, what actually had started under President Reagan's first term in 1983 when the President took Iran off of the list of nations that he had listed as terrorist nations.

As is well known, the largest financial aid program for Iraq was the Commodity Credit Corporation and their export guarantee program. Between 1983 and the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Iraq received $5 billion in CCC guarantees that allowed them to purchase United States agricultural products on credit. Over half of that program or $2.6 billion was authorized during the first 2 1/2 years of this administration, the Bush administration.

The CCC program was the single largest chunk of financial assistance that Iraq received from what we call the West. It helped to feed the people of Iraq, and it freed up scarce resources that were first used to purchase weapons to fight the war against Iran, and later, during the Bush administration, it freed up resources, and those that were freed up were ploughed into Iraq's military industrialization program.

There have been many allegations, and there are still ongoing investigations that are attempting to determine if Iraq was diverting CCC guaranteed commodities to purchase weapons. And as I said from the beginning when I first started out on this 2 years ago exactly this month of July, there is not and never has been any attempt to verify the end use of the guarantees, that is the loan guarantees and the commodities as they were supposed to have been delivered. But there is still some investigations.

When we started ours, as it was in the beginning, has been and will continue to be, my single-minded purpose was the shoring up of the most vulnerable aspects of our national interest, and that is the banking and financial oversight or regulatory which is full of just absolute gaps, and loopholes, and we have been better analyzed by people all the way from Asia to Europe and the Middle East who have studied these vulnerabilities for years and are still making ample use.

"As I have said repeatedly, my most worrisome problem is that there is no telling how many of these BNL's, how many of these BNL-like, how many of these guarantee programs are still being fed into international places that tomorrow can very well be listed as menaces or enemies, and all guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayer. This has been extremely bothersome to me, because I sat on a committee that has jurisdiction through such subcommittees as the Housing and Community Development Subcommittee, which I also happen to chair and have since 1981. And I hope my colleagues, those who were here then, and those who were not, would try to understand my travail as I have seen billions and hundreds of billions of dollars sanctioned through this committee for private gain for the bankers and the financial manipulators, both domestic as well as foreign, hoarding through greedy accumulation billions of dollars while we have to fight and fight and fight to try to get our communities, 65 percent of which now are strapped financially, taken care. It was in the name of the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development..."
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Default Foreign firms play a big role

The goals of Iraq's military industrialization program, while ambitious, were considered substantial for several reasons. An executive branch report of July 1990 noted that:

Baghdad has significant advantages in making this grandiose, but still substantial expansion of its defense industries a realistic goal:

1. It has cheap hydrocarbons;

2. Oil income is likely to increase long-term;

3. Large Iraqi military can absorb high levels of production;

4. Iraq has the most highly educated work force in the Arab world;

5. A potential supply of customers for exported arms exists.

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