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Default ORME - reason Bush rushed to get into IRAQ

Why was Bush in such a rush to get into IRAQ?
ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

ORME - element with antigravity and DNA rejuvenation properties
What the NAZIs were after, now Bush Cheney luciferians are after ORME to control free energy. Nazis murdered Tesla for his free energy inventions (i.e., HAARP)

Another result for which the 911 mega ritual was staged--another reason to go to war with Iraq

To get to ORME, the secret of life before anyone else got it.
[Nothing is as simple as it seems, there is always one more reason of which you haven't thought]

Jim Marrs, NY Times best-selling author discusses in this lecture why Bush was in a rush to get into Iraq, get to the museum of antiquities to steal ancient secrets. Many people already know the story, now it is time that everyone listen to Jim Marrs. He and David Icke agreed on this subject, but Jim won't say the Queen mother is a flesh-eating reptilian. Listen to the whole series. In the lecture on ORME, Marrs gives the reason for the mad rush of luciferian George W. Bush and his luciferian buddies to get into Iraq's museum of antiquities and haul out what they could find, obtaining the ORME secret--monatomic element, of gold. Properties of monatomic elements are antigravity and DNA rebuilding (fountain of youth, so to speak).

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 1
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ORME - Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements
ORME = Hebrew for "the TREE OF LIFE"
Single atomic elements, monatomic elements.

This powder had an antigravity property.

This is information that the general public does not have. This is ancient knowledge. Make sure to watch the following videos by Marrs. There are 8 on youtube. Youtube has monatomic videos by a variety of authors.

Fuel Cell Technology, knowledge from the ancients. All of human history resides in Baghdad:

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 2
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Baghdad Batteries Sumerian Clay Tablets 80% still need to be translated.
Sumerian Clay Tablets (which remain from this prehistoric time) writings predate the Bible by 4,000 years. They tell of the HUMAN ORIGIN.

432,000 years before the great flood, the Annunaki came from Niburu to the Persian Gulf region to look for GOLD. To escape the hard work the Annunaki decided to engineer a colony of slaves from the species of inhabitants of the region by manipulating their DNA.

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 3
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This could solve the problem of the missing link.

Gilgamesh, the legendary Sumerian king, along with his non-human companion, Enkidu, sought to locate the the ancient god to learn the secret of immortality. The SECRET of the WHITE POWDER OF GOLD (This white powder of gold could be the manna on which the Israelites were sustained in the desert.)

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 4
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U.S. MILITARY looted Iraqi museum of Antiquities. 10,000 pieces were taken by U.S. military and only 600 were returned. Saddam said he was the reincarnated Nebudchanezzer of Babylon. Bush Cheney luciferians wanted to stop Saddam (Saddam was not killed. Saddam is part of the 11 masters who were involved in the 911 mega ritual. Perhaps, his knowledge of the GOLD Power is what the luciferians in the U.S. govt want above everything. Saddam considers himself the modern day Nebudchadnesser.)

Nebuchadnezzar had the arch of the covenant but could get it to make gold power. Neb. got an energy field going, but people died. 3 Hebrew priests, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were able to approach the arch of the covenant without dying.

Nebudchadnezzar was trying to contact the ancient gods & learn the secret of immortality.

The NAZIs were after the ancient secrets of ENERGY MANIPULATION. Nazis had FLYING SAUCERS ON THE TABLE. Operation PAPERCLIP got the NAZIS into the United States.

We are back again to the Bushes realtionshiips with the NAZIs.

There are other Jim Marrs' videos. GREAT INFORMATION. National Security is only controlled by the President-Bush. Listen to Marrs explain UFO techonolgy.

Was antigravity matter what let the U.S. get to the moon. UFOs are antigravity FLYING DEVICES.

There are 4 more videos in the Jim Marrs series. Many more videos on Youtube.

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I moved this subject from

http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=174177 Page 7
Video shows how easy it is to fake videos.
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Default ormusguide.com

After I posted the above comment re ORME, guess what advertising is showing at the top of the page?

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antigravity, dna rebuilding, monatomic element, nazi quest, orme

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