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Default Musings on mind control

I am sickened, yes sickened, by adverts, especially TV adverts.
Advertising (AKA mind control), as invented by Edward Bernays, is the root cause of most of the problems that plague our society.
Even the authors of the ads don't understand the corrosive effects of their work.

There are many angles to shoot at this fish trying to hide in a barrel, but just to take one example - I was flicking through the channels tonight and saw a car advert: girl organises cars parking in works' car park to inform bf she's tubbed.
The following failsafe boxes were ticked: Female? check, Young? check, Fit? check, Non-white? check (yet), Not-quite-black-or-asian? check, Frizzy hair? check, 'Cool'? definitely check.
The same sort of thing pervades all ads (except the cool males have beards (more like semi beards really)).

The idea is for us to identify with the likeable person, and therefore to want the product. It's the same, depressingly-simple formula that Bernays employed in 1929 New York, when fit girls led the Easter Sunday parade whilst smoking!

In the end, it boils down to this: corporations do not have morals. People have morals. Individual employees of a corporation have morals. The corporation, however, does not. The ONLY thing it wants, is to increase its profits. In this way, individuals (or people, as they are sometimes known) are removed from the ethical decision-making process.
So what? you might ask. Well, think of all the creativity, the manpower (the 'Human Resources') going into selling you lies, like what really happened with the Exxon Valdez (AKA BP) oil spill, the disgusting results of Monsanto's milk-increasing yield experiments, the dangerous raw sewage being sold as 'fertiliser', the palm oil plantations (which totally destroy biodiversity in places like Papua New Guinea etc) that provide ingredients in nearly all main brands etc etc ad nauseam. Is this really the best that millions of years of evolution can do? As a species, can't we do better?

There is a link between corporations and goverment. The former want less of the latter.
Yet corporations (in the form of The Sun, The Mail, etc) control how we, the masses, think. Corporations run by billionaires tell (mostly) poor people that government is the problem. THAT IS A BIG LIE! Yes, the government is usually shite - but that's because of unaccountable influences (ie corporations, weapons makers, industrial polluters, the Israel Lobby, Saudi Arabia etc) who flood money to their government friends, thereby corrupting them (it's the very definition of corruption).

The truth is, the only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.
The NHS works much better when the various regions cooperate (they can work out the best prices for consumables, geographical coverage of bulk movement vehicles etc etc). The same goes for any nationwide body which is supposed to be a public service.
Therefore, should you listen to the people who tell you not to vote Labour? Why are they telling you that?
The 'businessmen', the 'wealth creators'? Whose profits are contingent upon the infrastructure they didn't pay for?
If they threaten to leave, let them bullshit. There's plenty of money left in this country, that's why they won't go anywhere.

I don't expect Labour to win. The system's crap anyway, as all UKIP and Green voters can attest from last time, when they got millions of votes yet no power.
In the absence of proportional representation, it's either Labour or Tory.
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