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Default cell towers, RFID, tracking -- My observations

cell towers, RFID, tracking -- My observations

I watched last night a TV tech show in which they mentioned “true position” technology http://www.trueposition.com/ that can track and position your cell phone even if the cell phone is powered off.
This is of course because cell phone is never off unless you yank the battery out of it. (good luck you iphone users taking battery out of your phone without destroying it)
What was interesting about “true position” technology is that cell phone positioning is done NOT via GPS but via signals that surrounding cell towers receive from the cell phone and signal triangulation.

Of course, this technology was ‘sold’ in this show as beneficial for emergencies/saving lives (locating 911 distress calls) and number of 5 million 911 calls from the cell phones was mentioned and implied meaning was that that many lives were potentially saved because emergency services were able to locate those people in distress very quickly.
They also mentioned that 'landlines are not very reliable' as far as locating the distress calls (only 93% accuracy) and that cell phones are lot more accurate in locating those distress calls. And, since just about everyone has the cell phone this technology works exceptionally well, they said.

And, of course they showed those ugly cell towers so that they ugliness can be transmuted inside people’s brains as something that is there for peoples safety and convenience.

This morning I read that Lucent has the technology that can use single cell tower to locate the cell phone by measuring the speed/response of signal between a cell tower and a cell phone.

So, all of this made me think, as what is the real HIDDEN reason for those cell towers; is it maybe so that people can be tracked without them even being aware of it? maybe implants via biochip (injected during vaccination) or by cell phone/PDA/another WIFI device that are all associated with a user are all to be linked to a central database that would spy and track the people 24/7 all the time.
Add to this equation the push to install RFID water meter inside your house (BTW, there is no need to install it there, it could be installed outside your house) that would not only 'monitor your water use' but it would also be a RECEIVER for all RFID chips inside your home. So, effectively your appliances, your clothes and who knows else what, all of them would send data to the RFID water meter that would in turn send that info to a central database.
And, this database would be linked with cell phone database and yet another set of databases like the database of license plates that are scanned as your cars passes by the cameras on intersections/freeways/expressways. Or, the database of web site you go to, your IP address, your searches, your cookies..etc

Think about it, a microchip implant alone would never give out that much information about you as combination of surveillance and tracking technologies that we have today.

It is worth mentioning that I have observed that cell towers are always to be found where there are lots of people, be it neighborhoods, schools, churches, hospitals, large office buildings, baseball fields, playgrounds.
here is the picture of 3 antenna masts near a major high school. Note that cover on right mast is moved upward exposing the antennas inside the mast. Some children in this school complained that they can hear popping noises in their head. Btw, this is suppose to be water district building and it is definitely unmarked just like all rest of those places where cell towers are located, and
those cell towers are always next to schools.

I also observed that mayor intersections, even in middle of the desert, as well as on deserted roads like route 66 have quite a few of those towers and they are always secured really well and there is always a generator or generator/solar backup.
What really surprised me the most was that in middle of Mojave Desert not too far from the main road to Vegas there was a cell tower and there is no electricity for miles and miles around that area.
I cannot find that specific image but it is similar to this one:

Even on mountain roads in California you will find those cell towers that are pointing with dual, opposing antenna straight ahead in line with the direction of the road,

next to office buildings there are these monster antenna arrays

many of those antenna arrays have smaller mast-type or dish-type of antennas which I suspect is the backup/remote control via radio or microwave signals shell the main link fail. That built in redundancy tells me that those towers are very important for those that want to control the population in years to come.
And, we do not even know what devices that spy on us we carry every day with us.

potentially every product that we use could be spying on us without us being even aware.

anyways, those are my observations and I’d like to hear what you have to say on this subject

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Originally Posted by authority View Post
And, we do not even know what devices that spy on us we carry every day with us.

potentially every product that we use could be spying on us without us being even aware.

anyways, those are my observations and I’d like to hear what you have to say on this subject
This is an extremely good observation, and one that's only going to become more true as time goes by. With RFID "inventory" tags being implanted in virtually every product we buy, it's pretty trivial to have a cell phone read that data and combine it with your triangulation information to produce a detailed trail of where you are at any given moment, and what you're doing. Voice stress and vocabulary analysis software could also run on the phone to listen to what you're saying, make judgements about your state of mind and what you're going to do next, and transmit that data as well.

This is the sort of thing we need to be aware of - not obvious, overt surveillance, but rather integrated covert surveillance that can cover every aspect of our lives without us ever being fully aware of it.
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Arrow GPS my front door


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Why do they always hide mobile phone masts as well if they are supposedly safe In my area they are located in places where they can give money to the local companies, like cricket clubs, golf clubs, on top of council flats (poor peeps on the top floor) and petrol stations

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