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Default Caesar/Jesus - Yet another reoccuring theme

Could the story of Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar be part of yet another infinite spectrum of reoccuring themes the illuminati are feeding us?

- Both Caesar and Jesus start their rising careers in neighboring states in the north: Gallia and Galilee.

- Both have to cross a fateful river: the Rubicon and the Jordan. Once across the rivers, they both come across a patron/rival: Pompeius and John the Baptist, and their first followers: Antonius and Curio on the one hand and Peter and Andrew on the other.

- Both are continually on the move, finally arriving at the capital, Rome and Jerusalem, where they at first triumph, yet subsequently undergo their passion.

- Both have good relationships with women and have a special relationship with one particular woman, Caesar with Cleopatra and Jesus with Magdalene.

- Both have encounters at night, Caesar with Nicomedes of Bithynia, Jesus with Nicodemus of Bethany.

- Both have an affinity to ordinary people-and both run afoul of the highest authorities: Caesar with the Senate, Jesus with the Sanhedrin.

- Both are contentious characters, but show praiseworthy clemency as well: the clementia Caesaris and Jesus' Love-thy-enemy.

- Both have a traitor: Brutus and Judas. And an assassin who at first gets away: the other Brutus and Barabbas. And one who washes his hands of it: Lepidus and Pilate.

- Both are accused of making themselves kings: King of the Romans and King of the Jews. Both are dressed in red royal robes and wear a crown on their heads: a laurel wreath and a crown of thorns.

- Both get killed: Caesar is stabbed with daggers, Jesus is crucified, but with a stab wound in his side.

- Jesus as well as Caesar hang on a cross. For a reconstruction of the crucifixion of Caesar, see:


- Both die on the same respective dates of the year: Caesar on the Ides (15 th) of March, Jesus on the 15 th of Nisan.

- Both are deified posthumously: as Divus Iulius and as Jesus Christ.

- Caesar and Jesus also use the same words, e.g.: Caesar's famous Latin 'Veni, vidi, vici'-I came, I saw, I conquered-is in the Gospel transmitted into: 'I came, washed and saw', whereby Greek enipsa, 'I washed', replaces enikisa, 'I conquered'.


This is my first post by the way. Let me know what your thoughts are concerning this matter

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good post bro. they saw ancient kings as gods, bluebloods/divine right of kings.
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Re-occuring themes are throughout history from Greek Gods to Star Trek. Jesus and Ceasar... have the truths of the matter been manipulated for control purposes might be the link here???
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