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Default The Wailing Wall - a proto-Fax machine?

If you believe that there have always been scientists working in secret who are more advanced than their more public contemporaries, then it's possible that some old religious myths/traditions may be coded versions of that secret science. I'm intrigued by the old Jewish tradition in Jerusalem of placing pieces of paper (on which prayers to God are written) into cracks in the famous WAILING WALL, so called because of the crying of mourning Jews.

It sounds like fax machine! The electronic screeching noise of fax machines (wailing?) accompanies the insertion of paper-based messages into a slot in the machine. The message is transported over the electronic ether to another location. A message to HQ = a message to God?

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well whatever the wailing wall is one can only conclude that it is so powerful that it can attract many world leaders to don yarmulkes and prostrate themselves before it...is there anyone who doesn't worship the wall?

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Obama has a very womanly hand
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